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Best All Round Metal Detector

Detecting metals and bringing out the gems from the underground fascinates every enthusiast’s heart. And who doesn’t like this task? In fact, it will be a great way to enjoy your weekend with the utmost fun. But where would you start detecting metal first? In a Beach or your backyard? Or somewhere special? It doesn’t matter where you’re gonna start finding treasures; the first thing you’ll need is a metal detector that can operate precisely on your chosen location. We meant the best all round metal detector, indeed. And if you can acquire one of the best items, you’ll be able to use them on both dry and watery lands.

Look, you can’t ensure a particular place for locating the hundred years old treasures of “Jack Sparrow.” He was smart enough to keep his treasures out of sights. And as he sailed over the seas, you shouldn’t ignore the beaches to relocate his treasures. After all, the waves create enough current to move the underwater treasure from one place to another. Who knows the great treasure may lie in your nearest beach?

Therefore, it’ll be better if you can ensure the best metal detector for water and land. But how to get one? You won’t have to struggle to get your desired product because we’re here to help you. We’ve prepared a list of the best all round metal detector from where you can compare each product and pick a perfect one for you. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

Reviews of the Best All Round Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter is one of the best metal detector brands for offering the highest quality of products at an affordable price. Their metal detectors from the 80s still perform well today. So, what could be their newest models? At present, the TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector has occupied the strongest place in the metal detector market. It’s easy to use features, and pinpoint accuracy has beaten most of its competitors. Its simplicity and functionality are trusted by many users, including treasure hunters and gold miners too.

What! Looking for a waterproof metal detector? The Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Tk4 Tracker Iv Metal Detector has enhanced this feature to the fullest. First of all, thanks to its 8-inch waterproof search coil, which has made this device completely submersible. Yes, you heard that right, this machine will allow you that. So, feel free to detect the metals in shallow water in the swamp area.

This device operates on 6.7 kHz frequency, which can detect all kinds of metals. It creates a particular tone for specific metal forms so you can easily avoid the unwanted metal forms. It can detect smaller things like coins from up to six inches deep. And for the larger targets, it can detect from up to 3 feet deep. Isn’t that great?

This machine is integrated with an easy to use controlling interface. It enables the users with précised control of the depth, metal type, sensitivity. You can quickly change the setting, and you use it your own way. Its user-friendly settings have made it perfect for both children and adults.    



Honestly, waterproof metal finders offer great convenience for finding the treasures on any surfaces. And Canway extends this convenience with the combination of their enhanced features. The ergonomic design, excellent depth of detection, and ease of operation have made this device stand out amongst others in the market. This is why it has a large number of satisfied customers.

This device is integrated with a high-performance American chip. And with the detection depth of 7.1 inches, it offers unmatched usability and performance. Not only that, but the device is also equipped with a large LCD backlight display that shows all the required information accurately. If you can see the depth of your target, the type of metal, operating mode, battery indication, what else would you need? Its LCD monitor will provide you with all these things.

Its high-efficiency chip can detect up to seven different materials. With a distinctive audio tone, you’ll be able to identify what type of metal you’ve got underneath. The most useful feature of this device is that it avoids junk metals during every operation. So, you won’t have to be frustrated by finding the wrong things.

Its high-efficiency chip can detect up to seven different materials. With a distinctive audio tone, you’ll be able to identify what type of metal you’ve got underneath. The most useful feature of this device is that it avoids junk metals during every operation. So, you won’t have to be frustrated by finding the wrong things.

The retractable poles of this metal detector offer height adjustment feature. You can increase its height from 33 inches to 40.6 inches. That makes it suitable for the people of all heights. Moreover, it has an armrest design to keep its users comfortable throughout the finding process. This type of design is also responsible for saving most of your efforts.



Who doesn’t want a superfast retune speed in their metal detectors? But it’s generally unseen in the budgeted models. But the manufacturer of Fisher has made that possible in their minimal price tag. With the Fisher F22, you’ll surely get superfast retune speed with the combination of excellent target separation capability. So, if you’re buying this particular model, you won’t have to wait long before another operation.

This machine is integrated with a 9-inch triangulated concentric elliptical waterproof search coil. Wow! That’s a huge name. However, like the previous models, this machine is also usable in damp surfaces. Not only that, but its high-quality search coil will also allow you to use it in all weather conditions.

This metal detector can run up to 25-30 hours with only 2 AA batteries. That’s literally a useful feature of this machine. Many top models will fail to provide you with this amount of support.   

It also has a large LCD screen to enable you with a clear view of all the required information. The display will allow you to use its feature conveniently too. The unique thing about this machine comes with its Fe-Tone adjustment. With the benefit of this feature, you’ll be able to customize its tone and set it according to your own preference. Moreover, there will be discrimination, sensitivity, notch, and pinpoint features to help you while detecting your favorite metals from the ground.  



Although Ricomax is a new brand in the market of metal detectors, they are highly rated for providing high-quality, inexpensive models. With this in mind, we’ve incorporated the GC-1037 on our list. It’s featured with all those features which are generally found in the top range models out there. In contrast to that, the price tag of the GC-1307 is lower than those models.

This metal detector comes with an IP68 waterproof rating, which is literally the best thing for enabling you with underwater searching. Its 10-inch search coil has a plastic cover, and its shaft connection features aluminum construction. This the secret that lies behind its maximized waterproof feature. So, if you’ve planned to perform an underwater treasure hunt, this particular item will be perfect for you.

Unlike others, this metal detector comes with a 20% larger LCD screen. Moreover, it has nine different levels of brightness, which allows you to adjust the brightness in your preferable way. This machine is powered by two AA batteries and offers a long-time backup through them.

In order to locate the different types of metals, the machine operates on three distinctive modes. These are all metal mode, disc mode, and pinpoint mode. This means you will be able to avoid the garbage and unwanted metals throughout every operation. And this is why this metal detector has made its debut as the best metal detector for beginners.



The humanity design of a metal detector is really very essential. It makes the device accessible to all types of users. Probably the OMMO maker also decided to make their product accessible for people of all heights, and that’s why the height of its base is fully adjustable. You can easily raise its height from 30 to 41 inches according to your height. The height adjustment feature has made it suitable for both kids and adults.

In comparison to others, this machine is integrated with a ten-inch waterproof search coil. It’s bigger than other models, and due to that, it offers high-accuracy during every operation. In order to increase its accuracy, the machine offers three strong modes. As a result, you’ll be able to take out your desired metals, avoiding others. As it has a waterproof coil, you can also perform underwater searching through this device.

Its large intuitive LCD display provides you with a clear view of all the required information. Moreover, it offers the utmost convenience while operating the machine. Besides, you’ll get a carrying bag, a headphone, and two 9V batteries with this metal detector. That’s obviously a good value of your invested money.



Garrett AT Pro has taken the waterproof feature to the next level. This machine can be completely submerged up to 10 feet. Yes, you heard that right; you can dive underwater with this machine to relocate the hidden treasures. Its précised machinery and high-quality electric components have enabled it with such capability and made it one of the best metal detectors for water.  

At present, Garrett AT Pro is the best mid-range metal detector that offers all the required features with it. Its premium design can handle all types of terrain land. It generally operates on 15 kHz frequency, which makes it perfect for finding a wide range of materials, including small coins and jewelry.  

The device will allow you to operate in two different modes, Pro and Standard. With the “Pro” mode will enable you with detailed audio feedback (Proportional audio). You can also customize the depth and target size through this mode. On the other hand, the “Standard” mode will be ideal for beginners through simple audio signals. This means the device will be perfect for both the professionals and the beginners. Besides, the machine is also an easier one to control through the easy to use touchpads.

Sometimes the sound level of the metal detector may not be as loud as you want. In this case, you can use its premium land headphones to ensure your desired volume level. These headphones are waterproof too. So, you’ll be able to enjoy its usability to the fullest.



Buying Guide of the Best All Round Metal Detector

Look, all the products in the market aren’t built equally. They vary with the needs and requirements of several users. So, if you pick anything randomly, that won’t be going to be helpful to acquire your desired support. 

The case is also the same with the metal detector. You can’t wish an all-around usage from every metal detector. That’s why you must have to make the selection based on some key features. We also did the same before selecting the above products. Now that you’ve come this far let’s have a discussion on them.

Best All Round Metal Detector


Accuracy is obviously the essential factor of a metal detector. If you can’t get accurate indications, you won’t be able to acquire your desired metals from the ground. Well, the accuracy usually depends on its search coil. The larger its coil is going to be, the higher sensitivity it’ll gain. And you’ll be able to detect the metals more accurately. 

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Besides, there are some user-friendly modes to increase the accuracy of a metal detector. With the help of them, the machine will efficiently distinguish each metal and help you to locate a particular one from the ground. They can even help you to avoid unwanted metal forms. So, you won’t have to take out the garbage or trash cans from the soil anymore if you can acquire one of these products. Therefore, it’s recommended to ensure the accuracy of the device to get the best all round metal detector.


With the display of a metal detector, you’ll get adequate information for précised usage. That’s why most of the high-quality metal detectors come with a large LCD display. These displays are way more helpful to see a bunch of information and control the device easily. So, make sure to acquire the best all round metal detector that comes with a large LCD display.


The adjustment of the stem is really very helpful for making the device readily accessible for people of different height. Sometimes the length of the machine isn’t suitable for the shorter people, while sometimes they fall short for tall people. For avoiding this type of situation, the tool should allow its users to adjust the height of its base. They are suitable for all users, including kids and adults. This feature is only available with the best all round the metal detector. If you can acquire one of them, you’ll be able to use them with the maximum amount of convenience.


Metal detectors usually operate on drylands, but do you know some models can run on both dry and watery surfaces. Among them, the waterproof models are gaining much attention nowadays. It’s because they are more versatile and handier than ordinary models.  After all, you can depend on a small piece of land only. So, your metal detector should be capable of operating on the watery surfaces along with the drylands of your hunting ground.

Well, if you look close to the above list, you’ll notice all of them are waterproof metal detectors. Some of them are entirely submersible and maintains IP64 ratings too. Those are great for using in all types of environments and on extreme land conditions also. So, it’ll be better if you make your purchase from there.

Final Words

Explore new things and make every moment memorable with the best all round the metal detector. You might not be a professional, but still, they offer great fun time with your kids and family. After all, exploring the hidden treasure is fun, and with these machines, you can share the fun with your kids too. It’ll encourage a detective to feel in them. So, pick one from the above list that accurately suits your needs.