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Best Cooking Oil for High Heat

So, what do you think, which one is the best cooking oil for high heat cooking? Is it the olive oil or avocado oil? Coconut oil or canola? Honestly, all the oils are not similar. They vary on different characteristics based on the requirements and demand. If you think that all the oils are same and you can use any of them for making the job done then you’re absolutely wrong.

So, which one is good for putting into your frying pan? Well, let’s find out! The blind option of choosing an oil can be distasteful. Oils can also guarantee you healthy diet in tandem with the nutritious food items. In contrast to that, oils can also have a significant impact on improving the condition of your heart. You can obtain heart-healthy fats with a reduced amount of cholesterol by choosing one of the best cooking oil for heart.

But are they capable of taking a high heat? To be honest, all of them aren’t made in such a way. “So, what should I do? Do I have to avoid eating the food I loved once?” you might be thinking this. Don’t worry. You won’t have to do that. We’re here to solve this problem. There are specific oils made for high heat cooking including all the required healthy elements. Okay, wait, How about if we provide you with a list of the best cooking oil for high heat? Sound good, naah! Let’s dive in!

Reviews of the Best Cooking Oil for High Heat

We know your importance. That’s why we dug deep to find out the best of the best.  Luckily we’ve managed to take out seven best cooking oil for high heat. These are the following. 

1. Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil

Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil

Are you in a hurry? You can then undoubtedly add this Pure Avocado Oil from the Chosen Foods to your cart. The oil includes all the ingredients required for your body and mind in order to keep you healthy. And the most important part is that the oil has a high smoke point of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, it’s an ideal one for high heat cooking.

Besides the oil is Non-GMO approved and naturally refined for which it has been rated to obtain the top place of our list. Let’s discuss more. Is avocado oil good for high heat cooking? Well, in this case the manufacturer has done a great job by featuring the oil with a high smoke point of 500 degrees.

As a result, this oil can be precisely used for high heat cooking, baking and dressings as well. So, cook whatever you want with the versatility of this oil. Besides, the oil is completely chemical free and extracted from the hand harvested avocados. That’s not all; it’s refined naturally to preserve all the beneficial nutrients.  It ensures that all the heart-healthy fats are included in the oil to maintain sound health.



2. BetterBody Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil

BetterBody Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil​

Okay waits, we’ve got another avocado oil as a comparison with the first one. It’s the 100% Pure Avocado Oil from the better body foods. This oil also comes with a high smoke point of 500 degrees F that makes it a perfect one for high heat cooking. In addition, the oil has a mild, smooth flavor to enhance the taste of your food.

So, fry sauté, boil and do much more with the BetterBody Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil. You may be familiar with the importance of monounsaturated fat. It plays a great role for the betterment of the heart. Well, this oil is preserved with the required amount of monounsaturated fat for being refined naturally.

Besides, the oil is Non GMO and Gluten free. Are you on a diet? Then don’t worry to use this oil. It can be a great addition to your whole30 and Paleo diet as it includes all the required ingredients. So, add some yummy taste to your boring diet, use the oil for either high heat cooking or cold on salad and enjoy the delicious taste pure avocado oil.



3. Hollywood Safflower Oil

Hollywood Safflower Oil​

Avocado oil may not be the only one who has perfected the high heat cooking characteristics. This is why our selection of the best cooking oil for high heat is followed by the Safflower Oil from Hollywood. Besides, some people don’t prefer the taste of avocado oil. If you’re one of them, then this Safflower Oil is for you.

The high smoke point of the oil has made it an ideal option for cooking with high heat. On the other hand, the oil is preserved with the finest natural ingredients to maintain the gradual improvement of human body. Let’s discuss them. The brand Hollywood has perfected the procedures for making high-quality foods and oils.

This safflower is no different from that. The oil is made by avoiding the use of all sorts of harsh chemicals or solvents. Moreover, it contains no artificial colors or flavors. Besides, it’s enriched with vitamin E and antioxidants to ensure the healthy facts in it.  The smoke point of this oil is slightly lower than the avocado oils, but it’s not that much. The oil has been made to be perfect for high heat cooking featuring with a smoke point of 450 degrees F. So, use the oil for frying, dressing, or broiling and cook whatever you want. 



4. Iberia Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sunflower Oil Blend

Iberia Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sunflower Oil Blend

How about adding some blended oil in this list? If you don’t like any of them from the above you can try the Iberia Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sunflower Oil Blend. Olive oil and sunflower oil, both are enriched with essential natural ingredients to keep you healthy and when they blend together you can ensure the maximized amount of benefits.

Thankfully, this particular oil will enable you with all those. In addition, the oil comes with a special formulation that makes it high temperature tolerant and suitable for frying with flavor. The quality combination of this oil comes from 80% sunflower oil and 20% extra virgin olive oil. It takes high heat properties of sunflower and rich flavor of extra virgin olive oil. It ensures that you do not have to risk the flavor to ensure high-temperature adequacy and the requisite ingredients.

The combined functionality of this particular oil makes it a perfect one adjacent to satisfy all your cooking needs. As a result, you can use the oil for baking, grilling, on salads for making sauces or blending into a vinaigrette or marinade. In fact, this oil is also ideal for pan coating, crispy frying and non-stick sautéing. What else you would need?



5. Argan Oil for Cooking

Argan Oil for Cooking

You can also try something unique for having a better taste. To do so, switch your regular oil to the Argan Oil. Morocco’s Argan Oil is one of the purest oils in the world that renders it to be safe and quality cooking oil. Cooking oil? Yes, you’ve heard it right. The oil consists of high-heat components to make it perfect for all forms of cooking.

Besides, the oil has healthier omega 3’s including more vitamin E and antioxidants than before. Let’s find out more. Generally, the oil comes from the kernels of the Argan tree, found in Morocco in North Africa. Thankfully, the oil is 100% eco-certified organic which means it has a tested and proven certification for its limitless benefits. You might be thinking about its flavor, right? Well, the cold pressed Argan oil is preserved with rich flavor to make the foods tastier. 

Moreover, the oil adds a toasted nutty flavor to every dishes. The food grade Argan Oil has the accurate texture to enable the user with versatile use. So, use it on salad, soups and much more and make your boring diet more delicious.



6. Chosen Foods Organic Chosen Blend Oil

Chosen Foods Organic Chosen Blend Oil​

The high-quality oil from Chosen food can’t be overlooked if the word ‘ blended oil ‘ comes up. That’s why we could not avoid putting the Chosen Foods Organic Chosen Blend in our list. But is it worth high heat cooking? It is, obviously. The oil has a high smoke point of 490 degrees of Fahrenheit which allow versatile use in almost every type of cooking.

Besides, the combination of three oils together makes it healthy enough for ensuring the utmost benefits. There’s combination of three essential oils which makes this particular oil unique from others. The blend contains organic safflower oil, avocado oil and coconut oil. These are precisely considered as the healthiest fats available out there.

Besides, the oil contains the required amount of heart healthy fats including omega 9 fatty acids. And for ensuring more reliability the oil is Non-GMO certified and there’s no use of any artificial preservatives. So, what do we leave? Oh! It the taste. Well, as the oil is blended together there’s no need of saying how delicious this oil will taste. So, cook precisely with whatever you like. 



7. Guidry Organic Farms - Pecan Oil

Guidry Organic Farms - Pecan Oil

Last but not the least. Pecan oils can be also used for the ensuring the natural ingredients with an enhanced taste. That’s why we’ve selected this Guidry Organic Farms – Pecan Oil to complete our list. The oil is certified to be organic from the USDA and the most important part is it comes with a high smoke point of 470 degrees.

This means you can have all those healthy ingredients from this oil without eliminating your lovable foods from your list. So, what makes this special, let’s find out Purity is the thing that everyone searches for. The 100% virgin pecan oil is featured with limitless healthy ingredients. Besides, the oil is completely cold pressed and extracted naturally avoiding the use of any sorts of chemicals. And we’ve already said that the oil has a certification of that.

Moreover, the oil is completely heart healthy that contains the minimalist amount of saturated fat. How does it taste, right? Well, as we’ve already said that the oil is naturally packed, it will surely enable you with beautiful flavor to make your dishes more delicious.



Best Cooking Oil for High Heat

Best Cooking Oil for High Heat- Buying Guide

Now that you’ve come this far, you should know what makes the above oils unique from others. Honestly, all of the products in the market are not made equally, they varies depending on the requirements and demands. However, there are certain factors in common to ensure the utmost usability and obtaining the desired result. Let’s discuss them. 

Smoke Point

You’ve been searching for the best cooking oil for high heat, so, it’s crucial for you to ensure the smoke point of a cooking oil. Only to prepare every meal using the same amount of heat. This is the beginning of the real problem. Various cooking techniques involve various levels of heat, such as frying and grilling. But are all the oils able to take too much heat? Not at all.

So, if you don’t want to have a burnt dinner, you must have to ensure the smoking point. You’ll be pleased to know that all the oils which are used for heat cooking have been added to the list above. Therefore, if you love to cook at high heat, you should grab one of them.

Essential Ingredients

In all cooking oils, there are three various kinds of fatty acids. These are saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and monounsaturated fats. The most common form of fats is listed in each oil. Olive oil and avocado oil has a common thing and that’s they generally contain monounsaturated fat, while other items often include unsaturated fats. They are all effective in keeping the heart healthy while ensuring a balanced diet. In fact, these oils also contain important vitamins. Therefore, before buying the best cooking oil for high heat, it is advised that you ensure these ingredients.


Oils can significantly work to keep us healthy. Then it is not necessary to say that it must be natural and free of all the toxic components. We have completed the above checklist in this regard. Luckily, all of the above items are 100% natural and sustainable, and most importantly, they have no toxic or other hazardous ingredients. Try to bring the organically produced stuff, when you’re out there searching for the best oil for high heat searing.


Cooking can be fun, if you can ensure some essential ingredients in your usable oil. But the oils vary on for high heat cooking. That’s why we’ve placed all the best cooking oil for high heat together to provide you with what you’ve been looking for. However, it’s now your job to find out, which one is best of all?