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Thousands of hunters end up in emergency rooms every year. Firearms injuries aren’t the only thing responsible for that; most of the accidents are caused by treestand. So, if you’re using a treestand, a safety harness should be a mandatory piece of your hunting gear.

Modern treestands are one of the widely used hunting equipment at present. They are incredibly useful for acquiring the best possible result during the hunting session. Yet there is typically some unwelcome risk at the time of getting into or out of the tree stand. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you fell from a relatively large tree? It can lead you to spinal or skull injuries and even death. Thus, your wonderful hunting trip may eventually end up into a distressful hospital trip.

You need to find the best safety harness for hunting if you want to avoid this situation. Nobody provides better than the Hunter Safety System in terms of quality, safety, and innovation. Their precision engineering and unique structure are preferable by many professional hunters out there. Okay, we’ll discuss the brand later now let’s help you to acquire the best hunter safety harness through our buying guide.

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Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter Treestand Safety Harness. Best Hunter Safety Harness
1. Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter Treestand Safety Harness​
Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite Tree Stand Harness
2. Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite Tree Stand Harness
Hunter Safety System HSS Lil' Treestalker Youth Tree-Stand Safety Harness
3. Hunter Safety System HSS Lil' Treestalker Youth Tree-Stand Safety Harness​
Hunter Safety System Pro-Series Harness
4. Hunter Safety System Pro-Series Harness​
Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex Safety Harness
5. Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex Safety Harness
Hunter Safety System Elite Vest Harness
6. Hunter Safety System Elite Vest Harness

Best Hunter Safety Harness Review 2020

For making the task more accessible, we’ve selected some of the best deals out there. Below you’ll get a comparison list of the best hunter safety harness that are sorted according to their popularity. Sounds interesting, right? So, let’s dive in!

At present, X-1 is the highest-rated and bestselling treestand safety harness from the Hunter Safety System. That’s why we’re going to start with this product first. Let’s see what has made this product extremely popular?  

X-1 is one of the latest models from the hunter safety system that comes with all the essential features. The harness is completely made from the highest quality of materials, which can offer you superior durability. It’s available in different sizes, and weight lifting capability varies with its size. So, you can easily pick one according to the sizing chart to incorporate with your weight.

Although it has a durable construction, it weighs only 2.5 lbs. This means you’ll get adequate mobility for a comfortable movement. That’s obviously the most crucial thing enjoying an excellent hunting experience. Besides, the harness doesn’t make any excessive noise and remains quiet throughout every operation.

The versatile design of this harness has made it a suitable one for all-season use. You can wear it under your hunting dress during winter and feel free to wear it over your clothing in the summer.

Hunter Safety System doesn’t compromise with the safety features. That’s why there will be no dangling straps and weaver-through buckles. Those are dangerous and confusing for bowhunters, indeed. Instead of that, you’ll get primary tree strap and suspension relief strap for securing the attachment securely with the tree.

The most fantastic thing about this harness is its price. Honestly, all of these features at this minimum price tag is literally unseen. So, don’t waste time and bring the harness home before it gets stock out.



With only 2 lbs of weight, the Ultra-Lite Flex is one of the lightest harnesses out there. It features the revolutionary lightweight design of the Hunter Safety System that blends appropriately with the maximum amount of sturdiness. And that’s what has made this particular harness stand out amongst others.

The harness features a unique HSS patented design, which is tired, tested, and proven to be durable throughout the usage. The Ultra-Lite Flex also avoids the use of dangling straps and weave-through buckles due to this design. Both of them are dangerous, indeed. So, you will remain completely safe on your tree stand.

Ultra-Flex Lite comes with a series of individual, padded hexagons. With the benefit of that, you’ll get the maximum amount of flexibility and unmatched comfort. A comfortable harness is obviously needed for enjoying an enhanced hunting experience, and you can surely get that with the Ultra-flex lite.

The trim design of this harness offers a snug fit without sacrificing mobility. That will be quite helpful for hitting the target with ease. Moreover, it includes a mesh cell pocket to keep you organized during every operation. You’ll also get all the essential things with the package along with an instructional DVD, which makes it ready to use right out of the box.



Taking your child to a hunting ground will obviously a great idea. In fact, if hunting is a tradition of your family, you would definitely like to do that. But as usual, you must ensure the utmost safety of your child before taking them into the hunting area.

Are you looking for the best youth treestand harness? Then you can undoubtedly pick the Lil’ Treestalker for keeping your child safe during the hunt. Let’s find out why?

Your kid will love to take some essential gears during the hunting period, right? Well, the harness has two safety pockets, which will keep your kid well-organized and allow them to take the gears with them. It’s one of the most impressive features of this harness.

The patented design of this harness has made it a durable one to take up to 120 lbs of weight. It’ll be way more enough to incorporate with your kid’s weight, isn’t it? By the way, its patented design avoids dangling straps and weave-through buckles, just like the previous ones.

Unlike others, it features ElimiSheild hunt scent control technology. As a result, the bodily scent will remain locked into the harness, and the animals won’t recognize the hunter’s presence. But that doesn’t make the harness warm throughout the usage. The heat will get wholly fused into the fabric so that the user can remain cool during the hunting session.

The amazing thing is that all these features are loaded in an extremely lightweight profile. The harness weighs only 2pounds and offers a trim fit for which the user will remain comfortable with better mobility. Its quiet fabrics will remain stealthy-quiet during the operation, and that’s why there will be no annoying sound to scare the prey away.



Animals can detect the human scent from far away, and that’s why the becomes aware of the presence. This might be a reason for which you aren’t getting any good results for a long time. In this case, you should choose something special that can lock your scent, just like the Pro-Series harness of Hunter Safety System.

In order to control the scent, every particular fiber of this harness is appropriately infused with scent-destroying Elimisheild technology. Its liners, straps, and tethers are also treated with the ElimiSheild. As a result, there will be no odor that can spread into the air and prevent the animals from coming near you.

The harness may seem to have a traditional look, but its efficiency will definitely amaze you. It blends all the latest technology that can provide you with unmatched safety and support. After all, it’s the pro-series, and you’ll expect some pro supports, right?

The harness is made uniquely with a lightweight fabric, which has made it 40% lighter than other models out there. Moreover, it’s designed with ventilated mesh to ensure adequate airflow during every operation. This means you’ll get excellent comfort to get an outstanding hunting experience.

A professional hunter will always take different types of accessories with them. With this in mind, the harness is equipped with dual binocular straps and eight convenient pockets. This means you can store all your gears and keep yourself well-organized throughout every operation.

The harness also has a built-in charging USB port that is compatible with a USB battery pack. So, simply connect a battery to recharge your smart devices on the go. Besides, it includes all the necessary accessories along with a safe-use instruction.



Well, if you’ve really liked the Elimishield technology of Hunter Safety System, we’ve got another model for you. But this one has got something more. You may have forgotten the cruciality of the lightweight feature, isn’t it? This where the Hybrid Flex Safety Harness has changed the game. Compared to others, this model offers a perfect blend of all the essential features in a very lightweight profile. Interesting, right?

The combination of its 1.25” upper-body webbing, shock-absorbing, and waist buckle has made it so light that you will hardly remember its presence on your body. Okay, let’s make this clear. With all the necessary accessories, it weighs only 2.5 lbs, and that’s why it is considered as the best treestand safety harness out there.

ElimiSheild is actually nanotechnology that is specifically designed to eliminate human scent. The good thing is every single fiber of this harness is treated with the ElimiShield; thereby, you’ll remain completely undetected on your stand.

The harness features individual, padded hexagons that are obviously the comfiest one out there. This means you’ll get exceptional comfort with the highest level of flexibility.

The Hybrid Flex also features the revolutionary patented HSS design of Hunter Safety System, which will give you the maximum amount of sturdiness. And of course, you won’t get any dangerous dangling straps and weave-trough buckles.

In order to keep you organized, the harness has six convenient pockets and binocular straps. So, feel free to take all your accessories to your hunting ground.



If you want to let your prey come under your treestand, you’ve to maintain the quietness. A little amount of sound can even scare them away, so you’ve to pay proper attention to choose quiet equipment. Most of the hunting gears make a lot of sounds, but if you’re choosing Elite Vest Tree Stand Safety, you won’t have to worry about that.

Unlike others, this harness is made of smart fabrics that have made it deadly quiet. As a result, you’ll be able to stay completely silent even in tough situations and at any temperature. At the same time, you’ll gain your desired comfort because of this fabric. Isn’t that great?

If you’re the one who takes a lot of accessories during every hunting session, then this item is only for you. Its unique six-plus-two pocket design will help you to stay organized with all your accessories. You’ll get two deep well pockets, two accessory pockets, and handwarmer pockets. Moreover, there will stowable bino straps for attaching your binoculars with the harness. What else would you need?

The harness features the Right Fit stretch panel to enable you with a tailor-fitt. And with the combination of its lightweight leg buckles, you’ll be able to dress up quickly in the field. Hunter Safety System always provides all the necessary accessories with their harness. So, you’ll get them with this harness too.



Female hunters always spend a lot of time for finding their desired harness. The designers of the Hunter Safety System noticed that and prepared a perfect harness for the women. Unlike the others, the Women’s Contour Safety Harness is specifically designed to fit the contours of the woman’s body. And within that, the Hunter Safety System’s precision engineering will be there to save your day. Okay, let’s see what it can provide.

The first thing that will attract you is its lightweight profile. Honestly, it’s soo light that you’ll forget its presence. The 1.25-inch webbing is provided with a shock-absorbing rope and a waist buckle that reduces the weight of the whole harness.

The harness is featured with Right-Fit zone panels to provide its user a snug fit without minimizing the mobility. That’s obviously one of the most beneficial factors of a harness. It even has two extended, zippered pockets that’ll maintain the warmness of your hand during the coldest hours. You can store your accessories in these pockets too.

The good thing is that the harness will also provide you with the scent lock technology of Hunter Safety System. So, you won’t have to worry about the smell that can prevent the animals from coming near you.  

The harness includes all the required accessories with the package. You’ll also get an instructional DVD and safe-use instructions. You can follow the instructions and ensure the adjustment securely.



Buying Guide of the Best Hunter Safety Harness

So, how to find the best hunter safety harness from the variety? Well, it’s not that much hard, you’ve to just ensure some key features before making any selection. Those features are required to fulfill all your requirements during the hunting process. Now that you’ve come this far let’s have a discussion on them.

Best Hunter Safety Harness


Aren’t you buying a harness for ensuring your maximum safety on the tree stand? Then it’s needless to say how important this feature is for you. That’s why you’ve to pay good attention to the safety features of a harness.

However, different harness uses different safety tactics. But when it comes to the Hunter Safety System particularly, you’ll notice that they always offer something exceptional. Most of the harnesses of this brand feature the latest technology and premium engineering. And that’s why you’ll remain completely safe on your tree stand.

Besides, they use the unique HSS patented design in their harness that will deliver your desired safety without the use of dangling straps and weave-through buckles. This type of straps and buckles is dangerous and confusing too. They are more dangerous for the bow hunters. That’s why hunters always want to avoid these items.

Moreover, the harnesses from Hunter Safety System includes Lineman’s climbing straps, adjustable tree strap, and suspension relief strap for securing the adjustment with the tree. With all these things, it can surely hold you securely on your treestand and reduce the possibilities of every unwanted accident. So, if you’re looking for the best hunter safety harness, don’t forget to ensure the safety features of the harness.


As you’re looking for something that can handle your weight and keep you safe on your tree stand, you must have to acquire a durable product. It’s because only a durable product has the maximum weight lifting capability and give all your desired support.

Once again, the construction of the Hunter Safety System’s harnesses has made it stand out. As we’ve mentioned above, they use a unique HSS patented design in their harnesses. This design is tested and proven to be durable in several conditions. Moreover, all of their harnesses are made from the highest quality materials. This is why you’ll get unparalleled durability from the harnesses of this brand.

With the maximum durability, they can incorporate with your weight even if you’re a bit heavy. So, if you’re looking for the best tree stand harness for big guys, we suggest you pick the best hunter safety harness. Only with them, you’ll get the highest amount of weight lifting capacity that originates from the outstanding durability.


Every hunter will prefer to have a lightweight harness. The engineers of the hunter safety system also know that. That’s why they use the revolutionary lightweight pattern in their harnesses. If you look close to the above list, you’ll notice that the harnesses’ weight ranges from 2 to 2.8 lbs. At present, these are the lightest harnesses in the present market. Therefore, it’ll be better if you pick one from there.


What is the best hunting safety harness?

We’ve got 7 best hunting safety harnesses on our list. That’s why it’s pretty hard to tell any particular product best. But according to the ratings, Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter Treestand Safety Harness has obtained the first position on our list. So, you can consider that one as the best hunting safety harness out there.

What is a tree saddle for hunting?

A saddle is suitable for hunters who wish to hunt high without having to stand a tree. It’s a modified steeple built out of nylon straps and a mesh “seat.” These straps are needed to be wrapped around your waist and upper legs for additional security.

How do you use a hunter safety harness?

Begin by putting the harness on as you would do any other piece of clothing. Insert the male end of the waist buckle into the female end and listen for a distinct snap. This tells you it is locked in place. Make sure no loose clothing has been caught in the buckle that might prevent it from locking properly. Tug on your buckle and webbing after securing it to ensure that your buckle is locked and secure. If your harness has a zipper on the front, never depend on the vest zipper to hold in the event of a fall.

Regardless of which harness model you have, you must use the waist and both leg buckles anytime, you are above ground level. Release each of your leg straps by pushing the tabs located on the buckles’ sides and bringing the webbing around your leg. Be sure to place the right leg strap around the right led and the left strap around the left leg. After simply wrapping it around your upper thigh, lock it back into place. Make sure you listen for that distinct clicking sound. After locking both leg straps into place, pull on the webbing for additional assurance that they are indeed locked before the harness can be used as a fall restraint device, all buckles must be used locked into place, and the webbing adjusted comfortably snug to the body.

How long are harnesses good for using?

In general, the harnesses have an average lifespan of five years.

Final Words

The idea of the Hunter Safety System was originated from the love for hunting and to keep all the treestand hunters safe. They are the trustworthy name and loveable by many hunters out there. And honestly, you’ll also love them after using their harnesses. However, if you want the optimum support on your tree stand, you should buy the best hunter safety harness from the market. Hope this article will be helpful for providing you what you’ve been looking for.