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Best Plants for Bedroom Oxygen

Every one of us is fascinated with figuring out how to change our patterns of sleep. But when we learned that better sleep in the night would become so simple by bringing a little more to our bedrooms, we were enthusiastic about it. Yes, you heard that right. Houseplants aren’t the decorative accents anymore.

It reduces all specific contaminants, including carbon dioxide and dust. And that’s how it provides you with a suitable climate inside of your room to enable a pleasant sleep. Don’t believe it? Just pick one or two of the sleep-promoting plants and see if a little greenery gives you a more relaxed night. Wanna try? Then let’s find out the best plants for bedroom oxygen.

We researched deep to know the truth and found that NASA has already revealed this factor in 1989. They found that some plants had decreased indoor air contaminants such as benzene and formaldehyde in at a minimum amount, in a regulated laboratory environment. In fact, recent research has shown that plants can make you less depressed and creative. Household plants naturally produce oxygen through photosynthesis during the day while there is natural light.

Though this cycle fails without light, it can contribute to enhancing the air quality in your home for the whole day. So if you’re planning to bring some greenery for your home to improve the air quality and oxygen, then you need to choose the best plants for bedroom oxygen. Let’s take you a review list of them.

Reviews of the Best Plants for Bedroom Oxygen

We know the importance of your search. And it doesn’t mean you can put any plants in your bedroom. So, we’ve searched for some unique plants for you. So, let’s dive in!

1. Costa Farms Snake Sansevieria Floor Plant

The snake plant is another stripped leaf plant with bold upright leaves that can create a stunning structure. This remarkable plant has spectacular, sword-like leaves. And at some angle, it looks like your mother in law’s tongue. Lol !! Yes, users have given such a name. Besides, these plants are available in different species on the market.

Some grow around a foot high, but some can grow to a height of up to three feet. Taking care of these plants is very easy.  You just have to place it in a sunny window or place with indirect light, that’s all you have to do. Even the plant does not need daily watering and keeps growing in dry soil. Actually, over watering is one of the most significant problems for snake plants.

Besides, bringing Snake plants are a very effective way to remove formaldehyde from the environment in every room at home. The plant releases fresh sprouts from the internal rhizome so that if you are not careful, it can outgrow a bowl. In this case, just split the growing parts or replant into a larger container to the size you like.

2. Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant

Generally, rubber plants grow about 100 feet tall. Wait, wait, don’t stick right there, this especial species won’t grow that much. It remains in a manageable height around 1 to 8 feet tall, and as the plant grows slowly, it can be stored as a house tree for the long term. The Burgundy ficus plant has been named based on its rich burgundy brown color leaves.

Besides, its leaves are large and oval-shaped. Well, it is not very difficult to look after this plant. It needs an environment that gets strong sunlight of at least half a day in order to keep the plant growing. So, ensure such a place to keep them for indoor greenery. It’s not that complicated, just put it beside the window of your bedroom.

Do you know the plant also has another name? Many people call this plant in the name of the Indian rubber plant. Although its size may still be modified, you have to accept that it is likely to take some space when needed. The burgundy ficus is an outstanding plant that can bring color to any household decors if you give adequate love and care.

3. Boston Fern Hanging Basket by Costa Farms

We’ve got another plant from Costa Plants, and it’s the Boston fern.  Usually, ferns are found to be grown in shady and moist areas. But this particular species of this green foliage can also be grown inside of your house in a hanging pot. These are versatile and provide an elegant look wherever you place it. Their lush looks blend precisely with any style of your home decor.

Do you know what the best part of this plant is? NASA has proved that the Boston ferns are incredibly effective for cleaning the air. Moreover, it eliminates hazardous VOC particles from the air and cleans it naturally. This means you’ll get premium freshness to have a pleasant sleep.

However, you have to prepare yourself to take care of the plant like its parent. It’s because these plants require a maximum amount of light, and you have water them every day. They prefer moist rather than dry soil. So prepare yourself before selecting them.


Multiple heads in a sleek fan design make this a lovely plant, regardless of your style. Lady Palm is not only beautiful but also functional. Wanna know what type of functionality it has? The plant extracts ammonia and formaldehyde from the air and makes it properly clean. Don’t believe it? It’s listed in NASA’s Clean Air Survey as one of the top air purification facilities. The Lady Palm needs extremely low maintenance, and house plants are easy to handle. The plant only appears to require low to medium light.

So, you can precisely put it anywhere inside of your bedroom. Only if the topsoil is dry, you must water them properly. Moreover, Lady Palm is more climate-resistant and adaptable than most other house plants. The Lady Palm has bamboo-like stalks that lead to large hand-formed fringes with thick, brilliant green leaflets.

5. Peace Lily

Costa Farms always works on creating new collections of plants that make selecting the plants you want easier. And Peace Lily is another plant that carries its popularity. The word “Peace” was named because it can create a peaceful environment across your room.

Like others, this plant also eliminates VOC and provides a peaceful environment with a better sleeping. And not only that, the plant removes hazardous contaminants like benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde and much more. In order to ensure these factors, the plant has a proven certificate from NASA.

Well, to be frank, only a handful of plants are appropriate for low light, medium light and bright light. But the Lily Plant can withstand all of those. That’s why these are suitable for indoor planting. There are varieties of colors available with this plant. They are fun and stylish that gives an elegant look to every decor at your home. Besides, the plant comes in all shapes, sizes and colors to accommodate your living place.

Final Words

Plants are always being our best companions. So, they are great to keep in our houses. It not only significantly adds to the charm of the place but also gives them a sense of relaxation. And probably every one of us requires that after a long day of work or school tension. Therefore, choose the best plants for bedroom oxygen from the above list and ensure a peaceful sleep.