How Fast Do Bed Bug Spread

Bed bugs are really the worst insects out there. If they somehow get a chance to invade your house, you have to face the worst nightmare. These little monsters breed at a very high rate and spread faster than you can imagine. So, they aren’t going to leave your house so easily. 
But how fast do bed bugs spread? Actually, a female bed bug can lay around four to seven eggs per day, and during their entire lifetime, they lay around 200 and 500 eggs. They also become mature faster than any other insects and get ready to lay more eggs within a short time.
So, if this cycle goes on, then you might be understanding a bit how fast they’re going to spread. Soon they’ll take over your entire house feeding on you and your family member’s blood. In fact, the spreading of bed bugs depends on several elements and environmental conditions. So, let’s have a look at them and make things more clear.

Albert Einstein certainly didn’t claim that compound interest was the most strong force in the world. But he also stated that there is a connection to this fact.  

Well, the reproductive cycle of the bed bug has a bit similar to this fact. Every bed bug has the potentiality to produce more than hundreds of new bed bugs. Therefore, the number of bugs will increase significantly with time.
But that depends on your action. Let’s imagine there’s only a single female bug who just entered your house. She laid only 200 eggs before she dies finally. 
During her four-month age, she would lay more, but we’re giving you an example with the minimum amount. Honestly, there can be more. The eggs are going to hatch depending on the temperature, and it’ll take around 100 days to become sexually mature. Probably, half of those 200 eggs will be female. 
Each of these female bed bugs will give birth to 100 daughters more by the end of their life cycle. It’ll extend their family though it’s quite small according to a bed bugs standard. 
After that, each of these daughters will lay more eggs, and before the year ends, they’ll have a large family of 10,000 female bed bugs. By the way, there will also be a similar number of male bugs to incorporate the growth.
How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread
This is how actually bed bugs spread in our house or anywhere else. You must act quickly to kill them if you don’t wanna suffer harsh consequences. Honestly, if we stop killing bed bugs from tomorrow, we’ll drown in them within a decade. Okay, now let’s see how fast they spread from one room to another.

How Fast do Bed Bugs Spread From Room to Room?

How Fast do Bed Bugs Spread From Room to Room
Bed bugs usually feed on blood, and if they find access to this food source, they’ll leave happily under your bed or somewhere they can remain simply unlocated. So, if you’ve found some bed bugs in your room, you should act fast to get rid of them.
How fast do bed bugs spread from room to room? It depends on two things, whether they’re using a carrier or heading towards on their own foot speed. These little creatures can move around 20 feet every five minutes, and at this incredible speed, they can travel from one room to another without any complications.
How Fast do Bed Bugs Spread From Room to Room

How to Bed Bugs Spread From House to House?

Do you like to travel a lot? If the answer is “yes” then congratulations, bed bugs may have selected you to travel from one house to another. Literally, the chances of the house to house spreading of bed bugs increases when people travel a lot.

They love to hide in dirty places and hotels, airplanes, cruise ships, or any public transportation are their favorite places. They can hide and ride back home easily. Bed bugs can move from one place to another through your luggage, clothing, boxes, bedding, etc.
They can easily crawl on these items when you’re sleeping and then travel all the way with you. You won’t even realize its presence. This means it can go anywhere you go and choose any house on the way. A bed bug will stay on your items until it finds a suitable place to live finally.

Final Words

Bed bugs need blood to live, and that’s why they travel all the time in search of a good host. They’re an opportunistic creature too. So, if you allow them the opportunity, they’ll always be there to turn your pleasant sleep into a nightmare. If the really invade your house, you won’t be able to enjoy a pleasant sleep any more, even if you’re using the best pillow or mattress.

In order to prevent them, you need to first target their carriers who are mainly responsible for inviting them to your home. Then take the necessary steps to kill them or keep them away from your house. Don’t worry; there are tons of effective measurements that can get you rid of this annoying creature. If you find this post helpful or need to know anything more, feel free to comment us below.