Best 50-inch LED TV Under 700

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50-inch TVs would give you everything you’ll get in a 55-inch model but in a smaller size. You may find a 55-inch or 65-inch model too big and costly; you’ll find a 50-inch model much cheaper.

If you want to buy a 4k smart TV but find that a 55-inch model would be too big or a little expensive,you can easily get the appropriate size without compromising the features or quality.Even though you may miss out on some fantastic features usually found in a large tv set, you’re going to save some extra dollars.

Here we’ve come up with a list of 50-inch LED TVs under 700 dollars to prioritize the features and quality. Go through the whole review to choose the Best 50-inch LED TV under 700 for your living room.


What are the best 50-inch LED TVs​

Over time technology is getting updated so fast. Where once people used to consider a 45 or 50-inch LED TV as massive, now some manufacturers and even some customers think of them as small and backdated. But what if a 50-inch screen is a full-size TV that will fit in your room, and you are left with no options? Don’t worry. We’ve got good news for you.

Generally, product reviewers don’t test 50-inch LED TVs; instead, they focus more on 55-inch or 65-inch LED TVs with similar performance. So, when we see a manufacturer is making great 55 or 65-inch TVs, we can quickly expect that the smaller version will be as good as the bigger one.

If we consider the picture quality, we’ll find that almost every TV set of this size has 4k resolution. So it’s not a must to have a full HD model as these 4k models are already affordable. You can also expect HDR, at least in HDR10 form but often in the more advanced HLG, Dolby Vision and HDR10+, ensuring the best possible 4K pictures.

Before Review

There are so many 50-inch LED TVs available in the market. Here, we have gathered a list highlighting some of the Best 50-inch LED TVs under 700 according to the amazon product review you can buy in 2021. Let’s Read and find out which 50-inch LED TV will suit you best.

6. Sony X800H TV

With every passing year budget, friendly TVs are getting better. Thus deciding which one we should buy is getting harder. The Sony X800H Tv is one of the best mid-range Tvs for people who don’t wanna spend much on their next purchase. Sony X800H TV is also known as the X80H or XH80. It is a decent TV.

It has a nice upgrade over its predecessor, the Sony X800G. Its picture quality is excellent as it gets bright to overcome glare. This TV isn’t that suitable for a bright room as its poor colour contrast ratio makes blacks look greyish. But that won’t affect much in a dark room. Gamers would be happy knowing that it has a fast response time and low input lag.

But unfortunately, it has no variable refresh rate (VRR) technology; thus, its refresh rate is limited to 60Hz. It has an android tv interface that runs quite smoothly. The Sony X800H TV has a microphone built into the remote control, so anyone can control the TV through voice using the Google assistant




5. Samsung Q60/Q60T QLED TV

Samsung Q60/Q60T QLED TV is a decent tv for users. The picture quality is pretty good, and you can comfortably watch tv in a bright room during the daytime as it has a great reflection handling system.

Although it doesn’t have local dimming, its fantastic contrast ratio and black uniformity still help users watch movies in a dark room. It has a low input lag. For this gaming in this tv becomes more fun and responsive.But unfortunately, this tv doesn’t support a variable refresh rate (VRR).

So the response time becomes limited. Despite having some cons, this Tv will be a good choice if you’re searching for a great mid-range tv for your home.



4.INSIGNIA NS-50DF710NA21 Smart TV

The INSIGNIA NS-50DF710NA21 Smart Tv is one of amazon’s smart fire TVs, and if you’re searching for a budget-friendly smart tv for your living room, then we will highly recommend this tv.

Its low pricing makes this tv affordable for everyone, and its decent performance makes it unique among other amazon’s smart fire TVs.The Insignia NS-50DF710NA21 is an excellent entry-level 4K TV. It has a 50-inch display with a 60-Hz refresh rate. But it has a limited HDR capability. This Tv will surely amaze you as you are having more than you’re paying.

The INSIGNIA NS-50DF710NA21 Smart Tv offers the customer adequate colour accuracy to watch a movie or series comfortably. With voice with Alexa feature makes this tv more special as you can quickly launch apps, search for music or control tv over voice.



3.Toshiba 50LF621U21 50-inch Smart TV

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, decent 4k smart TV , then Toshiba Fire TV 2020 will be great. You’ll get unique experiences while watching movies, tv shows or sports on this tv. The narrow-angle viewing and high contrast ratio make the Toshiba Fire Tv an excellent option for dark room viewing.

Besides, it has fantastic gaming features. With low input lag, fast response time, it will give you outstanding performance. But unfortunately, the refresh rate is limited to 60Hz. It doesn’t support variable refresh rate technology. However, you can use The Toshiba Fire TV 2020 as a PC monitor as it has low input lag, fast response time. Its VA panel is immune to permanent burn-in.

Compared to other TVs in its price range, it’s one of the best options for watching TV shows and gaming. We will highly recommend this Toshiba Fire Tv 2020 for your next purchase.



2.TCL 4K Smart LED Roku TV

The TCL S425 is an overall budget TV with built-in Roku TV. It is an excellent TV for watching movies.  It has decent picture quality, and thanks to its VA panel’s outstanding contrast ratio, it displays deep blacks. But unfortunately, it doesn’t get very bright. Thus this tv isn’t that suitable for a well-lit room. It lacks a local dimming feature.

Because of lacking a wide colour gamut and low HDR peak brightness, it can’t deliver HDR content with vivid colours and bright highlights. With the low input lag, It offers responsive gaming performance. You should enjoy a responsive gaming experience while the response time is fast and delivers crisp motion. Last but not least, you can use this tv as a monitor.

So if you’re looking for an affordable TV while not ready to compromise on features, we will recommend you to buy this TCL 50S425 50 Inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV for your living or bedroom.




If you are searching for a budget-friendly smart tv without compromising the quality and features, then the SAMSUNG Crystal UHD Tv will be the best option for you. Samsung has always been a great go-to brand for tech buyers. Samsung never failed to satisfy its customers.

The Samsung Crystal UHD Tv is an excellent tv with decent performance. Samsung’s Crystal LCD UHD panel technology has been used in this television. With a minimalistic design and built-in voice assistant, this tv is the best option for under 700 dollars. Although the tv frame has been made of plastic, it’s a well-built television.

We will highly recommend this television if you want something unique at a low price and use on-demand apps on your tv. This tv is amazon’s top-rated tv. So you can purchase The Samsung Crystal UHD Tv as it is the Best 50-inch LED TV under 700.



TV buying guide quick tips

Before purchasing any tv, you need to know some qualities and features of that tv. Here we are giving some quick buying guide tips. These will help you to choose the Best 50-inch LED TV under 700 and make the best deal out of it.

  • First and foremost, never buy a tv less than 4k resolution. Also, try to avoid tv sets at full HD or 1080p.
  • If you are looking for a good quality TV, you need to spend at least 500 dollars on a 50-inch LED Tv.
  • Before purchasing a new tv, you need to look for a 60 Hz or 120 Hz refresh rate. A higher refresh rate provides smooth motion for everything.60 Hz refresh rate is reasonable, but 120 Hz refresh rate is excellent. You can watch movies, tv shows to play games with a fantastic performance.
  • While buying an intelligent television, go for an HDR-compatible tv. It will offer you more realistic pictures with better contrast.
  • While purchasing a tv, buy a soundbar with that. Television speakers are the worst. So we will highly recommend you to buy a soundbar along with the television.
  • Buy a television with more HDMI ports, at least four HDMI ports.
  • To pay the right price, bargain with the dealer before purchasing the tv.


All products have their flaws. We can’t find any product without any cons. We need to appreciate the honest reviews on any products and choose products wisely before purchasing them. So if you are searching for a mid-range tv for your living room without compromising on the features, we believe our review might help you.

Among all the TVs we will highly recommend you the SAMSUNG Crystal UHD Tv. This got the most buyer reviews on Amazon. Besides, you can go for TCL or Toshiba Tv. Lastly, this review will enable you to identify and eventually buy the Best 50-inch LED TV under 700 that satisfies your needs and preference