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Best Dog Urine Odor Remover Reviews-a Perfect Solution to the Nasty Odors

You love everything about your dog, except the messes they leave behind. Among them, the worst one is their urine smell that can spread into your entire house. Eventually, it can turn a tidy and welcoming space into a place that guests might want to avoid. And that’s obviously not an ideal thing.

If you own a new puppy, then no one knows better than you how frustrating it is to house train a dog. But that’s nothing compared to the joy they give during the whole day. They will learn the right thing sooner or later, so instead of blaming, you should focus on finding the best dog urine odor remover.

Unlike the ordinary cleaning products, these odor eliminating solutions are formulated with potent enzymes that can destroy every organic stain from their root and neutralize the smell left behind. That’s why it’s a must-have item for every pet owner who wants to get rid of the pungent smell.

As you love your four-legged family member, you need to be a bit careful while choosing an enzymatic cleaner for dog urine. Some cleaners contain harmful chemicals that are literally unsafe to use.

Don’t worry; in order to make the task easier, we’ve made the selection for you. In fact, they are made of 100% organic compounds and entirely safe for your dog. So, let’s provide you with the top 10 products through our best dog urine odor remover reviews.

Best Dog Urine Odor Remover Reviews 2020

Rocco and Roxie stain and odor eliminator have created a craze in the pet odor cleaners’ market. It’s one of the highest-rated products that is preferred by most of the pet owners. Frankly, that’s the reason for putting this product at the top of our review list. So, let’s see what it can provide.

This odor eliminator is free of chlorine and all other harmful ingredients, which makes it 100% safe for your pets and your children. After all, you’ll definitely prefer a safe item for your dog. Moreover, it’s color-safe and certified by CRI for being gentle on carpets. So, you can ensure a deep clean of your carpet without causing any harm to it.

This stain remover contains natural enzymatic bacteria that get activated when it comes in contact with stains and odors. These enzymes feed on ammonia crystals and organic matters until they are gone completely.   

This means you’ll get a perfect solution for all types of stinky messes. Its enzymes are effective on yellow pet urine, feces, vomit, and every other organic spill.

There is no particular space where this annoying situation can occur. That’s why it’ll be better if you pick those which are effective on every surface. If that’s the case, then nothing will be as ideal as the Rocco and Roxie. Its natural enzymes will allow you to use it in every area where stains can happen.

So, you can feel free to use it on your carpets, floors, furniture, litter boxes, carriers, clothing, and much more. You won’t even have to worry about the damages that usually happen for cheap products. Since it’s not like them, you can stay relaxed while using it.



Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator is specially made for eliminating livestock odors. Its excellent formula and commercial-grade strength can remove the toughest stains from every surface. Its effectiveness is not only bound to the home usage; you can even use this odor eliminator for your poultry farms, sludge ponds, kennels, and much more. So, if you’re bringing this product home, you’ll surely get a good value from your investment.

Angry Orange has proved that natural ingredients can also make a stain eliminator remarkably effective. Instead of the harsh chemicals, Angry Orange use naturally derived oil found in the orange peels. And that’s wholly processed without the use of toxic materials.

That’s why it’s entirely safe for use around your children and pet. In fact, it smells much better than the chemical-based products and fills your room with the maximum amount of freshness.

Because of being powerful, an odor eliminator can be harsh on the soft surface of the carpet, which can fade the color away. But that’s not going to happen with the Angry Orange. Their natural ingredient will remove the stains and its odors gently so that its color remains as good as new.

This product is available in two different sizes of spray bottles from which you can choose one that accurately suits your need. In case, if you face any issues with the product, the manufacturer will provide you with a complete replacement.



Sunny and Honey enzyme cleaner is a renowned name among all the pet odor elimination products out there. Its active and robust ingredient has made it one of the highly-rated enzyme cleaners in the amazon. That’s what has earned this product a sturdy place among the best dog urine odor remover reviews.

It comes with the multi-surface formula, which will allow you to use it on different surfaces. This is why it’ll be a suitable item for using on your carpet, hardwood floor, leather, rugs, and much more. It won’t harm any of those items where you’re gonna use them. So, stay calm and enjoy its usability.

The formula is also natural and 100% safe to use. You can use this around your pet and children without being worried about their health issues. Honestly, the ingredient will provide you with the safest way to clean up every type of pet made stains and odors.

Unlike other products, Sunny and Honey donate 10% of their profits for rescuing animals and providing shelter to them. This means when you’re buying this product, you’re also becoming a part of this contribution. That’s a pretty good way to show love to the animals out there.

The product is wholly manufactured in the USA and guaranteed to remove every pet stains. Notably, it’s effective on the pet’s urine, feces, vomit, drool, and much more until they get completely vanished with their odor. In case, if it fails, contact the manufacturer, they send you a full refund of it.  



Bubbas commercial enzyme cleaner is an outstanding solution for eliminating all types of pet stains and their odors. Its scientifically formulated enzymes are way more effective than most other cleaners out there, and that’s what has earned it a large number of satisfied customers. After reading this review, you’re also going to be one of them.

Bubbas natural dormant bacteria that become activated soon after hitting the surface of the stains. When you use this cleaner on that strong-smelling dog pee, billions of enzymes will be there to destroy the stains and odor.

Bubbas natural dormant bacteria that become activated soon after hitting the surface of the stains. When you use this cleaner on that strong-smelling dog pee, billions of enzymes will be there to destroy the stains and odor.

This top-rated pet stain and odor miracle of Bubbas is certified by Carpet and Rug Institute. This means you won’t have to worry about your carpet’s life while using it.

In fact, you can also stay relaxed while using it on other surfaces, either. This enzyme-based stain remover is suitable for use in any area of your house. So, feel free to use it in your kitchen, hardwood floors, laundry room, bathroom, and more.



Look, the harshness of a stain remover can be harmful to your carpet and any other fabrics. That’s why you should pick something unique that treats this type of cloth gently, just like the Bissell pet stain and odor remover. Its special formula is designed to be 2x more effective on the pet stains and their odor without being harsh on the carpets.

Bissell comes with high-quality carpet cleaning formula that combines with Scotchgard protection. As a result, you can ensure the deep cleaning of your carpet within a protective barrier provided by the Scotchgard. Thus, the fibers will stay protected, and your carpet will retain its youth for a long time.

Its patented odor control technology neutralizes the pet odors entirely until you get the maximum amount of freshness in the air. The formula also prevents your pet from ruining the same place again.

The formula of this odor and pet cleaner is safe for the environment too. Moreover, it maintains the standards of EPA for environmental certification. Not only that, but it’s also safe for your pet and children. This means when you’re using this product; you aren’t causing any harm to nature and your family members.

The good thing about Bissell is that the brand runs a pet foundation where they help the homeless pets. So, when you’re making the purchase of this product, you’re extending a helping hand to the poor pets out there.  



In order to remove every old and new stain, you have to choose something more effective and powerful product. So, about the 3x powerful formula of the Out! Advanced stain and odor remover.

This pet stain and odor remover are made from the combination of Pro-bacteria and high-quality enzyme formula. That’s why it can remove the toughest pet stain and odors from every surface around your house.

Unlike ordinary products, its enzymatic formula is completely safe to use. In fact, it’s entirely made of nature-inspired formula which can be used directly around your pet and children. Don’t worry; there aren’t any harsh chemicals that can harm them.

Most of the pet odor eliminator in the market just covers up the nasty smell rather than eliminating them completely. That’s obviously not an ideal thing. Well, instead of doing that, you can quickly neutralize the odor of the OUT! Pet odor eliminator spray. Thus, you can ensure a clear air and fresh air without a bit of those nasty smells.

The user-friendly formula of OUT also discourages the pet from repeating the same act once again. It removes the pheromones properly so that your pet won’t continue their bathroom visits at the same spot. Honestly, all of this has made it the best carpet cleaner for old pet urine, so hurry up before the stock’s out.



Pet stains and odors can bear a negative impact on your overall impression. After all, your guests aren’t going to like the pungent smell that comes out of your dog’s pee. But if you’re having the TriNova Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover Eliminator, you won’t have to bow your head in shame.

It features a blend of natural enzymes that can handle the toughest stain and its odor. The enzyme targets the stains at their root and works until their break-down. In addition to that, it neutralizes the odor and gives you clean air around your room.

TriNova’s pet stain remover is 100% natural and comes with a natural ingredient formula. The manufacturer also maintains the Green Standards strictly so that you can safer and better products to use around your family members. You can undoubtedly spray it anywhere, even though your children are playing there.

This natural pet remover is remover can be used anywhere around your house. You can even use it for small animals like hamsters and rats too. As there are no chemicals and toxins, you won’t have to worry about anything.

The natural ingredient can give your carpet a new look without causing any damage to it. But if you aren’t using any carpets, you can also use it directly on your hardwood floors. Don’t worry; there won’t be any types of damages.

Well, if you aren’t still satisfied after all these, you can contact the manufacturer; they promise a full refund over that. This is what has made this product stand out amongst this list of the best dog urine odor remover reviews.



Even if your dog has peed outside of your house, it can still smell worse than anything, especially if your living area has a little amount of rain. And that gives you nose pinching compliments when you’re hosting an outdoor party on your grill. In this case, the Simple Green Outdoor odor eliminator can save your day from this annoying situation.

It contains powerful and natural enzymes that can eliminate the odors from their source. This means you won’t have to cover the nasty smell for a certain time anymore. With this product, you’ll get a perfect solution to this problem.

It removes the odors quicker than any other product out there. The enzymes are way more effective for removing every odor caused by urine, stool, vomit, and any other organic matter, so you won’t have to worry about any of this.  

Due to the natural enzymes, it’s not going to harm the environment. You can precisely use it on grass, gravel, artificial turf, concrete, and much more.

The product has an orally non-toxic formula, which makes 100% safe to use around your pets. So, feel free to use this item even if your dog is playing in your yard. So, if you’re looking for the best enzyme cleaner for dog urine, you can stop right here and try this one out.



One of the most annoying things about the stain and odor eliminator is that they leave a strong smell around the room. Although the accomplishes the job with perfection, the smell isn’t preferable by the pet owners. In comparison to them, Amaziing Solutions has a discreet and pleasant scent that has pleased many users.

That’s pretty unique in this list where we have the best dog urine odor remover reviews, isn’t it? So, if you want this pleasant scent soon after the removal of the foul odor, you have to bring this item home.

The product is made in the USA and contains powerful natural enzymes that neutralize the pet urine odor and dissolve all types of stains from the carpet. You won’t even have to scrub your carpet to make it deep cleaned.

Its natural enzymes have made it a versatile pet urine cleaner that can be used on any surfaces of your home appliances. You can use it on your clothing, upholstery, car interiors, and even on the couches around your home. As it’s free of all sorts of chemicals, it’s the best pet odor eliminator for couch available in the market.

Like the previous products, this one also comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. So, you can purchase this product with the utmost confidence.



Frankly, you can remove your pet stains and odors with the best dog urine cleaner. But if your pet has chosen the place for continuous bathroom use, then things can be quite frustrating for you. That’s why you need to find a permanent solution to this problem. Well, you can surely get that with this 950-gallon of pet stain and odor remover of Genesis.

Its premium ingredients work for removing the pet stains and odors until they become completely invisible. Moreover, it prevents repeat accidents and stops pets from using the same place again. That’s how you’re going to get a complete solution with this product.

The premium ingredient of this product is not only suitable for removing the pet stains, but it can also remove any other spills and stains from the food items. You can simply use it in your preferred cleaning machine to use it as a spot cleaner.

It’s an all-purpose cleaner that can be used anywhere around your house. You can use it in your bathroom, home, and garage. Even, it’s also suitable for cleaning your car, RV and boat interiors. Its natural ingredient is ideal for cleaning the hardwood floors too. In fact, it’s considered as the best cleaner for dog urine on hardwood floors.

The green and chemical-free liquid of this cleaner are safe for you and your family. So, when you’re using it on your home appliances, you won’t have to worry about the harsh chemicals that can contaminate your food items.



Buying Guide Based on the Best Dog Urine Odor Remover Reviews

So, how did we make the best dog urine odor remover reviews? Well, we’ve selected the best dog urine remover and put them accordingly on this list. But the selection of the best items was actually made based on their key features. Don’t if you’ve noticed or not, most of the things are in common among the above items. Frankly, those are the key features; we’re talking about. Okay, let’s make this clear by discussing them particularly. 

Best Dog Urine Odor Remover Reviews

Natural Enzymes

It’s the first and foremost thing you should look for. You must have to choose those odor and stain removers that operate on natural enzymes. The chemical-based products can also make the job done, but they can harm your pet and your family members significantly. 

We also did the same while preparing the above list, where we’ve got the best dog urine odor remover reviews. Every product in the above list is 100% natural and safe to use around your family members. 


As you’re buying the dog urine odor cleaner for removing the stains and their odors, you should pay proper attention to the effectiveness of your product. Well, there are different types of products out there, and all of them use their own tactics for being effective on the stains and odors. But are they all actually effective? Honestly, they aren’t. 

You should check for the formula and what others are saying about the product. But that can be a time-consuming task. You can simply pick one from the above list because we’ve confirmed that before putting them on our list. The effectiveness places a product among the best items, and that’s what we’ve done exactly. After all, it’s a place where we’ve got all the best dog urine odor remover reviews. 


Pet stains can take place anywhere. That’s why you’ve to pick a versatile product that will allow you to use it on any surfaces of your home appliances. In this case, you also have to focus on the ingredients if they are suitable for them or not. It’s because the harshness of the stain and odor eliminators can damage the surface permanently. 

That’s why you’ve to pick those who are both tough on stains but gentle on the sensitive surfaces. Well, you can easily get one of them from the above list. 

Final Words

Your pet can give you some wonderful moments and fill your life with unparalleled happiness. This joy is far greater than the messes they do. So, stop blaming them and pick one of the perfect items from the above list. Hope you’ll find the accurate one from our best dog urine odor remover reviews.