How High Should My Tree Stand Be

Determining the right height for hanging your newly bought treestand can be a bit difficult.  Even though your treestand has got every necessary equipment with an instructional manual, things can still be a bit confusing to you. In fact, the problem extends to the fullest for the novice, for which they often search “How High Should My Tree Stand Be?”
Don’t worry; we got your back. Let’s provide you with some simple techniques to simplify the overall process so that you can enjoy an excellent hunting experience.
Dears have great eyesight, and they can detect any movement from a good distance. That’s why every successful bowhunters covers their treestands inside of the leaves and keep themselves hidden as good as possible.
In this case, they use the nearby trees that can work as a back cover for them. These setups will allow you to conceal your shadow with a better coverup from the front and backside.
Honestly, that’s the key to become more fruitful during your hunting session. So, if you want to become more successful, you should also follow these setups. Okay, now; let’s see exactly at what height you should hang your treestand!

How High Should My Treestand Be

According to most of the bowhunters, the ideal height for hanging a tree stand is from 17 to 20 feet. Although it’s a general rule, it doesn’t work out in every situation.

Size of the Tree

First of all, you have to ensure the accurate dimension of the tree on which you’ve intended to hang your tree stand. If the tree isn’t sturdy enough to hold your weight, you may face some unwanted accidents. In an instant, your pleasant hunting session can end up in a hospital’s bed.

You should look for those trees that have 18 inches of diameter, at least. This size trees are sturdy enough to hold your weight and wide enough to cover your shoulders. So, whenever you would have to stand on the platform of your tree stand, you can use some back supports with them.

Moreover, you can minimize your outline by pressing your back against the tree whenever a dear approach near you. As a result, the chances of being shot by a deer will get reduced significantly, and you’ll be able to wait for a perfect shot.

The Height

Once you’ve found that tree, you’ve to determine the height now. As we’ve mentioned above, you can do that from 17 to 20 feet like most other bowhunters, or you can use a little bit more height as you required. It usually depends on the situation and the cover to conceal your movements.

As long as you’re visible, keep going higher. However, don’t go higher than 25 feet. If you’ve got abundant covers, you can easily camouflage yourself by staying at a lower height. You can simply use some cedar or pine for covering yourself instead of climbing tall walnut trees.

On the other hand, if you can acquire a good tree stand harness of your safety, you’ll surely get a good camouflage. There unique colors and designs blend with the tree so that you can remain completely invisible in the eye of your prey.

The perfect season for bow hunting usually starts with autumn when the leaves begin to fall and change its colors. This means you’ll have less cover to hide. But still, there are some trees that hold their leaves during this time like the Red Oaks, Pine, Cedar, etc.

How High Should be My Tree Stand Be

Those trees are best for hanging your tree stand. They can cover you up and hide from deer. If possible, then mount your tree stand on them to get appropriate coverage. Otherwise, hand it on the normal trees in frosty mornings.


Make sure to mount your tree stand where the sun stays right behind you. Its because if your facing west and have completed the setup early in the morning, the direct sun rays can blind your vision. Thus, it’ll hinder you from getting the perfect shot.

How High Should be My Tree Stand Be

In order to prevent that, you should ensure the mounting opposition to the sun. It not only ensures less light but also hides your shadow in the shade of the tree.

After you’ve completed all these, maintain minimal movements at the time of executing a shot. It also depends on the appropriate mounting of your tree stand. So, mount it tightly with the tree for reducing the movement.

If you’re a right-handed bowhunter, keep your deer trails at the left. With the advantage of that, you can pick up your bow and shoot needless of the readjustment of your feet. And if you’re left-handed, do the opposite.

It’ll be better if you keep your stand 15 to 20 feet away from your primary shooting ground. Remember closer isn’t always better, especially when you’re hunting with your bow on your treestand.

If you’re too close to your prey, the shot angle reduces significantly. Instead of doing that, let the deer walk in front of you even though they are at a good distance. It’ll allow you to have a great shot with the utmost confidence.

Final Words

Tree stands can make your hunting more fruitful in a smart way. But never forget to use your safety harness when you climb higher the chances of getting injured increases because of the lack of adequate safety. What was your question, How High Should be My Tree Stand Be, right? So, have you got your answer? Follow the above instructions and enjoy every hunt with the greatest fun.