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Best Pet Hair Remover for Clothes

Pets are our most magnificent companion. They somehow bring the most joyous moments in our life. They are responsible for making us laugh when we’re sad, provides us with some hilarious memes, and with some perfect Instagram pics too. But they cause us some trouble also. Aren’t you familiar with the furry problem with your little friend? That’s literally the most annoying thing, isn’t it? But that won’t be going to last for long because we’ve got the best pet hair remover for clothes to save your day!!

We usually love to snuggle our feline friend. But it always ends up with a massive amount of unwanted hairs in our clothing, floors, furniture, and so on. Look, it’s a natural thing for the pets, and sometimes they shed more fur than usual. Unfortunately, the pet owner falls victim to it. They usually have to collect the hairs from the surface of every particular item around the house. It would be nice if the problem ends here. Things get worst for those who suffer from pet allergies.

As the pet hairs aren’t easily removable with your regular vacuum system, you’ve to think about something special. Even your washing machine will fail to take out those hairs from the cloths. All you need to do is to find a perfect pet hair remover that was specially designed to remove the hairs from clothes, we meant the best pet hair remover for clothes, indeed. Wanna acquire one of them? Then check out the list that we’ve specially prepared for you below.

Reviews of the Best Pet Hair Remover for Clothes

There are tons of hair removers in the present market. That’s why it’s quite hard to select the best products from them. But we’ve completed the hardest part for you. After testing dozens of pet hair removers, we’re able to take out the top 10 pet hair removers that were explicitly designed for clothes. So, let’s dive in!

At present, Chom Chom is one of the most satisfactory names for many pet owners. Its unique patented brush design offers unmatched efficiency for cleaning all the furs with a breeze. It doesn’t matter where the hairs are; it can remove all of them from clothes couches, beds, and more. That’s why it has a large family of many satisfied customers. You’re also going to be after reading this review.

With the benefits of a patented brush, it’ll collect all the pet hairs from clothes with a simple rollover. You won’t have to roll it over and over again, like the cheaper version. Besides, it has a temporary built-in holder to store the hairs and lint temporarily inside of it. This means you can clean the brush properly until you’re completely done. It actually offers a more excellent way for effortless cleaning. That’s what for which we’ve called it an efficient cleaner.

Another good thing about its design is that it promotes single-handed use and provides an easier way of cleaning. You don’t have to spend the entire day by rolling it over your clothes and furniture; with just a few strokes, you’ll get what you’ve desired for. And for acquiring that, no battery or power source is required.

You’re probably a little worried about the price. It’s a pricier pet hair remover, indeed. But the roller is completely reusable, and that’s why it’s going to pay every time with a fur-free house. That’s a pretty good way to get the real value of your investment, isn’t it? By the way, the roller is made of sturdy and eco-friendly plastic to provide you with long-time support.



Scotch Brite is one of the reliable names for offering a convenient way to keep your home and kitchen clean. Their high-quality products have earned much popularity from many users. Well, their magical craftwork is also visible in this Lint Roller. It’s fitted with a patented scotch brand adhesive that sticks hair, fur, fluff quickly, and freshens up your entire space before your special meeting. This sticky material is reliable and safe to use on different surfaces. So, you can use it on your pants, suits, coats, sweaters and any other dresses. It’s suitable for your furniture, car seats, mattress, carpets too.

The roller has a plastic made ergonomic handle. It easily fits on the palm of the hand and makes it easier to use. By the time you are using, this handle will be responsible for keeping you comfortable all the time. This is what has made this product a best pet hair lint roller in the market.

Each of the rollers has 95 sheets, and with this value pack, you’ll get 5 of these rollers, this means a total of 475 sheets. Isn’t that great? Even you can share one of these rollers with your best pals or coworkers to enjoy its usability. So, what do you think? Is it really a high-priced product? You can extend the lifespan of the rollers with the Scotch-Brite Lint roller refills. 



Even if you brush your pet hair all the time, you won’t be able to stop its hair from getting stuck in your furniture and clothes. In this case, nothing works as great as lint rollers. And when you’re in search of a perfect lint roller, the Degbit lint rollers will be the first item that can offer you with your desired usability. Its sticky material can easily pick-up all types of shards, dirt, and furs from every surface, including the tight spaces where your vacuum cleaner will fail to reach.

It’s a multi-purpose cleaning tool that can be used on any surfaces. So, if you’re looking for the best pet hair remover for clothes, this item will be perfect for you. You can also use it for your couches, blankets, furniture and many more places. This roller has two reusable handles, which are ergonomically designed to fit with every palm size. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable operation every time.

Like the previous one, you’ll get five rolls with a single purchase and a total of 300 sheets at once. And as all of the rollers are portable, you can take one of them in your bag at the time of travel. That will be pretty helpful in maintaining a fur-free environment. In comparison to the previous one, its adhesive is entirely eco-friendly. It’s obviously a good thing to ensure safe usage.     



The adhesive-based products aren’t the only game-changer here. The remover brushes are also here to provide you with what you’ve desired to have. The Evercare Magic Lint remover brush has proved that. The unique design of this brush can easily remove all the furs from your furniture, clothing, and tight surfaces. Besides, the combination of blue and black color has also made it a stylish one. An elegant pet removing brush, isn’t that great?

Unlike the usual hair removers, its brush is equipped from both sides’ brush. That gives you additional convenience for cleaning the furs and make your space clean. This multi-purpose brush can be used on any items around your home. So, feel free to use it on your clothing along with any other utensils in your room.

Looks like most of the products in this list give a great value of its purchase. With a single purchase of this product, you’ll get three of these brushes. This means you’ll be able to use these brushes for a long time one after another. Its compact size has also made it a travel-friendly product. So, if you’re planning to travel with your pet, the Evercare will provide you with a clean and fur-free environment.



Does your furry-friend spread the hairs a lot? Is unwanted fur taking all over your places? Don’t worry, with the Oxo Good Grips FurLifter, all that messes will be cleaned up with ease. Unlike others, it’s designed with micro bristles that attracts the furs and ensure a clean surface with every single swipe. Honestly, these micro bristles are proven to be more effective than any other brushes out there.

This type of brush design will enable you with the maximum amount of versatility. So, you’ll be able to use them on any kind of surface. Your struggling days are going to be ended soon. With a simple swipe of this brush, your clothes will be as cleaned as before. By the way, don’t hesitate to use it on your couches, pillow, car seat, and every possible area where your pet loves to rest.

Its ergonomically designed handle is a comfortable one to hold. Moreover, it’s adequately gripped to provide you with a non-slip performance every time. The essential thing is that this item is completely reusable, and you won’t have to refill it anytime.

The hair remover comes with a particular disposal compartment. So, whenever you find the base filled with debris or hairs, simply remove the cap and wipe it thoroughly; it’ll clear the debris and make it ready for another operation. That’s a pretty innovative way to use a brush, indeed. You’ll gain a completely hands-free operation from start to finish. All of these have made it the best pet hair brush for clothes.



Gonzo is one of the renowned names for producing odor-eliminating solutions. Their first-class products were able to satisfy many users. This pet hair lifter is not an exception to that. Gonzo claims that it’s the most effective hair lifter in the present market. Let’s find out.

This sponge type hair lifter was explicitly designed to show its effectiveness on any surfaces, even more effective than a lint brush and vacuum. It instantly removes all types of hair from your clothing, furniture, bedding, carpet, and much more. The best part is that this sponge is completely reusable and leaves no residue once after cleaning the surface. So, no need to buy new hair lifter every time, you can use this hair lifter over and over again.

Its effectiveness isn’t limited to only providing you with a clean surface. It can also keep your home free from unwanted odors and stubborn stains. This means it’ll clean your house wisely and refresh the environment in a brilliant way that has never been seen before.

You can even use this sponge to clean the dust and dirt from your tv, window screens, and many other places around your room. Apart from that, the sponge material of this item is ultimately environment friendly and 100% safe to use. So, you won’t have to worry about anything.  



With the Lily Brush, you can stay furless forever, just like the way it has been titled. How? Well, it has been engineered with nylon bristles, which can take out all types of hairs from the fabrics without damaging them. Actually, the dog’s hair, which is soft, straight, or wiry are more challenging to remove. They often become woven into the fabrics. But Lily has shown its expertise on this point. Its nylon bristles are designed to roll over the fabrics smoothly and take out those hairs from the deep of every fabric.

The brush comes with an ergonomic handle that keeps you comfortable throughout the usage. With the help of this handle, you’ll acquire more grip, and thus it’ll be easier to operate. You’ll be able to sweep it in any direction without any difficulties.

Like the previous models, no refills are required. This brush is completely reusable, and its durable construction will make it last for years. Just make sure to clean the residue after every use and vacuum the bristles occasionally. That’s all you’ve to do to enjoy its usability for a long time. The gathered furs will be at the top of the bristles, and that lifts off easily with zero mess and zero wastes.



The hair remover brushes may work great, but the real struggle starts when you’re up to clean them. Are you also familiar with this problem and looking for something that can offer you hassle-free cleaning? Then the Delomo’s hair remover brush is only for you. It comes with a self-cleaning base to make the brush clean easily. Simply put the brush inside of this compartment after every use and then pull it out. Your brush will be good as new and ready for the next use. Cleaning a pet hair remover brush has never been easy like this one.

The unique design of its bristles can effectively take out the furs and hairs from all types of fabrics. Simply swipe the brush against the grain and ensure a fur-free and clean area like you always wish to have. The double-sided design of this brush will enable you with double cleaning power. Thus, you’ll be able to clear up all the messes within no time.

The compact and lightweight design of this device makes it perfect to use in every place. Yes, it’s usable in your bedroom, car, office, and even on flights. Besides, the device uses regular water bottles and with standard-sized necks. So, there’ll be nothing complicated.

It is a reusable brush so you can use this brush as long as you want. Its premium construction will allow you to use it over the years. This means it’ll save your money and time both. Besides, the brush is completely ECO friendly, so you won’t have to worry about the safety part either. Honestly, all these features have made this product stand out amongst the best pet hair remover for clothes.



You would definitely prefer something trustworthy, right? If that’s the case, then you can undoubtedly pick the PETDOM pet hair remover brush. It’s because of the usability and efficiency of this brush has earned it POCE certification. So, you can completely rely on this product. Okay, let’s see what else it can provide.

PETDOM has used stronger materials to make this brush stronger and durable than other brushes out there. As a result, you’ll be able to use this brush for a long-time. Besides, its handle has an ergonomic and anti-slip design on both sides. That’s why using this brush is more convenient than others in the market.

Like the previous models, this one also has a double-sided brush design. This type of design will boost up your work performance. Besides, you can use the brush as long as you want because it’s a reusable brush, just like the previous models.

It also has safe cleaning storage that will allow you to clean the brush easily after every use. It also has a pocket-size design for which you are allowed to take this brush wherever you go. However, it works great on any surface, but particularly on the smooth fabrics, nothing works better than this.



This time we’ve got something special. The Sealen pet hair cleaner is uniquely designed with high-density super fiber foam, which attracts all types of hairs and furs towards it. And that’s why with a simple rub of this foam will provide you with a clean surface.

It accomplishes the cleaning process in a unique way. It effectively takes out the hair from the fabrics, but it doesn’t stick the hair on its surface like the others. So, you won’t have to clean this pet hair remover every time.

The compact size of this hair remover has made it a perfect item to carry at any place. This means if you’re a frequent traveler and loves to travel with furry-friend, this is the item you need for ensuring a clean surface.  



Buying Guide of the Best Pet Hair Remover for Clothes

So, how did we ensure the best pet hair remover for clothes? Actually, we depended on some key features for taking out the best products from the market. It helped us a lot, and due to that, the numbers were reduced to ten only. Whatever now that you’ve come this far, let’s have a discussion on those features.

Best Pet Hair Remover for Clothes


Look, the pet hair removers aren’t pricey at all. You can buy multiple numbers of them if you want. But that’s not a smart thing. It’s literally a time-consuming task and can charge you a bit more than usual. Instead of those, you can switch to the reusable options. Frankly, they are extremely easy to use and doesn’t require any additional maintenance before the next use. These items can save both your time and cost. In this case, you can simply pick one from the above list. As we’ve selected the best pet hair remover for clothes, particularly, all of the above models are reusable and offer the utmost convenience for cleaning your spaces.


It’s true that you’re looking for the best pet hair remover for clothes, but would it be really idea to pick one that only works for clothes? Of course not. After all, your pet won’t only be going to snuggle in your clothes. There are some other places too where the pets love to spend more time, like your couches, car seats, blankets, and more. This is why it’ll be an idea if you pick something versatile. A versatile pet hair remover will efficiently remove furs from all surfaces and provide you with a clean area. If you pick this type of pet hair removers, you won’t buy a specific one for each purpose.

Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic design of the handle makes the brush easier to hold. That’s what will keep you comfortable throughout every operation. With the help of this type of brushes, you’ll be gain maximum convenience during the cleaning process. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure the ergonomic design of the handles. If you pick those which are difficult to hold, you may fall victim to hand blisters. Besides, they won’t be going to allow you to work further time due to the uncomfortable feeling. Well, if you can acquire the best pet hair remover for clothes, you’ll be able to ensure the ergonomic design for sure. So, make sure to pick those.


The durable construction of the brushes will allow you to use the product for a long-time. This is the manufacturer usually focuses on the material to make their products durable. On the other hand, if you ignore this face and select something randomly, you won’t be going to acquire the required amount of durability. They will only offer you a limited lifespan, which isn’t the purpose of your buying indeed. So, make sure to pick a durable product when you’re looking for the best pet hair remover for clothes.

Final Words

Everybody wishes to have a neat and clean house. And before the arrival of any guests, it’s your first and foremost duty to ensure the maximum cleanliness of the room. Your pet does make the room a bit messy with shredded hairs, but its nothing compared to the amount of pleasure they give you. So, don’t blame them and bring the best pet hair remover for clothes home. Your messy furniture and clothes will be clean as new within no time, and obviously, before your guests arrive.