Best In Wall Subwoofer

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Best In Wall Subwoofer

Best In Wall Subwoofer-Feel the Room-shaking Bass!!

So, you’ve bought the high-quality speakers, especially the floor standing one to upgrade your home theater system and acquire your desirable music taste, but there is still something missing, isn’t it? Oh! Without that deep bass, your sound system will surely remain incomplete.

In order to complete your sound system and get the bass boosted crispy sounds, you need to find the best subwoofers according to your need. Wait! Wait! Don’t rush; you’ve also to maintain the clean and classy look of the room, remember? In this case, picking the traditional sub-woofers (the desk versions) wouldn’t be ideal. Instead of that, you can simply switch to the in-wall models (of course, the best in-wall subwoofer). These are the latest item that can optimize your overall interior design and complete your theater setting in the smartest way. After all, they are the space-saving items too.

At present, many well-known brands such as Polk and Klipsch have taken the lion-share of the in-wall subwoofers due to its popularity. Whilst some lesser-known brands are also creating a buzz for their high-quality subwoofer. You’ve to maintain some considerations to pick the real gem from the market. And that’s where all the complication starts. Don’t worry; we can help you to decide. That’s why we’ve selected the top 10 in-wall subwoofers from the present market. So, let’s dive in!

Best in Wall Subwoofer Review 2020

One of the extraordinary things about Micca is that they pick every component carefully, and that’s what has made their home audio products exceptional. Well, M-CS is a beautiful example of their perfect craftsmanship. The precision engineering inside of its elegant in-wall box provides unparalleled performance for which they have gathered a large number of satisfied customers. That’s what has put this device at the top of our list, indeed.

The first thing that will attract you is the integration of 5.25 inches dual high excursion poly woofers. These woofers are powerful enough to give you deep and clean bass. But as we’ve said, Micca always thinks exceptional. That’s why they’ve combined these woofers with a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter to increase its efficiency to the fullest. As a result, you’ll get a natural and smooth sound to acquire an enhanced listening experience. 

Accurate integration of tweeter and woofer is accomplished by a 12dB crossover network with a compensation network. This type of configuration has made it a suitable one to get different kinds of audio taste. Its design also allows it to work with a wide variety of home entertainment products. So, it’ll be a perfect item to combine with your floor standing speakers and acquire a bass boosted surround sound in your room.  

The installation of this device is relatively more straightforward than others in the market. You can also paint it up to ensure a perfect blend with other decorative items in your room. 


  • Integrated with 5.25-inch poly woofers and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter
  • Suitable for different types of audio taste
  • Delivers smooth and natural with clean bass
  • Works with a wide variety of home entertainment applications
  • Easy to install
  • Can be painted up to match with every home decor


  • Lack of durability

Polk Audio is actually one of the leading brands in the market. So, the usability of this brand is needless to say. Well, the RC85i is one of their high-quality products that has maintained the brand’s popularity to the fullest. Its superior components come with the Polk’s excellent sound reproduction capability. That’s why you will experience a more balanced and lifelike sound that you haven’t heard before. 

This device is integrated with an 8-inch dynamic-balance woofer and a 1-inch tweeter to enable you with detailed music experience. Moreover, it has mineral-filled polymer cone and strong composite driver baskets to maximize the sound reproduction capability and adds more depth to the music. 

The durability of the previous product might have concerned you, but that’s not going to happen through this one. It features rust-proof stainless-steel hardware, which makes it a suitable one for using high-moisture areas too. Moreover, it has durable butyl rubber surroundings that remain covered under powder-coated aluminum grilles. So, feel free to mount in your bathroom or any other transitional spaces of your house. Its performance will remain the same even after years of use. 

This in-wall sound system doesn’t require any complicated assembly. Only in three simple steps, you’ll be able to complete the entire installation quickly. The front grill is also paintable so you can paint it to your own preference and make it blend with other home decors. 


  • Come with Polk’s excellent sound reproduction capability
  • Integrated with an 8-inch dynamic balance woofer, a 1-inch tweeter and a Mineral filled polymer cone
  • Adds more depth to the music and creates natural, crispy sound
  • Rustproof stainless hardware
  • Paintable powder coated aluminum grills
  • Superior components with maximum durability
  • Quickly installs in 3 simple steps.


  • Poor mounting material

Theater Solutions may not be one of the famous names in the subwoofers market. Still, its quality has beaten most of its competitors and occupied a rightful place among the best in wall subwoofer. Well, the subwoofer features 250 watts of peak strength, 24 dB per octave crossover, and 8-ohm impedance. Moreover, its frequency response ranges from 35hz to 150hz for which it’ll interact correctly with every low and high frequency. All these features are loaded in a slim case that has a 4.75-inch height only. Don’t know how Theater Solutions has maintained all these things inside of a slim case!

With all these capabilities, it’ll definitely add some more bass with every music and let you complete your desires with the theater system. The slim and sleek design of this subwoofer comes with a black ash finish on its surface. So, it’ll perfectly blend with your home décor and make it look more elegant. 

Are you willing to use a versatile subwoofer? Then this item is only for you. Its slim and sleek design will allow you to use this subwoofer in both standing and in-wall position. That’s going to be a pretty helpful feature when you prefer some upgrades of interior design. Besides, when you’ve got plenty of space in your living room, this black colored subwoofer will look more beautiful under your TV in a standing position, isn’t it?  

However, its wall mounting process quite more straightforward due to its specifically designed wall template. Besides, they have a mounting lock system which will keep the subwoofer secured in your wall.   


  • Offers multipurpose usability
  • Slim and sleek design
  • 35hz to 150hz frequency response
  • 250 peak watt power
  • 24db per octave crossover and 8-ohm impedance
  • Built-in digital drive high-efficiency amplifier
  • Black ash finish
  • Comes at a very reasonable price


  • When you place it on the tables, it will vibrate due to the plastic feet
  • Some of the customers complained about the connectors

We’ve got another high-quality in-wall speakers from the Polk Audio. It’s the 255c-RT from the Vanishing series. Wondering the reason for this peculiar “vanishing” name in the title? Well, its unique clutter-free look completely vanishes into the wall and enables you with a clean look. That’s pretty unique in this list. Due to its vanishing design, it will surely become the centerpiece of your room to catch your guest’s attraction. Let’s have a look at its interior components.

Polk’s engineering is literally praiseworthy. They equipped this device with two 5.25-inch woofer and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter. And these are powered by a combination of dynamic balance distance toggle and Polk’s patented power port technology. That’s why the 255c-RT is capable of delivering an authentic cinematic experience with added bass and superior sound quality. Frankly, this type of craftsmanship has made Polk one of the trusted names in the home audio system.

255c-RT features a perfect fit template that comes with pre-constructed brackets. So, you’ll have no complications during the mounting process. Besides, it has a patented rotating-cam system, which will help you to acquire a vibration-free installation. By the way, you can also paint its wafer-thin sheer grille as like as you want to acquire your desired texture.


  • Creates crystal clear sound with deep bass
  • Powered by dynamic balance distance toggle and Polk’s patented power port technology
  • Can be attached with most other sound systems
  • Easy to mount
  • Offers vibration-free installation with patented rotating cam
  • Gives a clean and clutter-free look


  • The bass is low compared to others.

What! Not pleased yet? You might be looking for something that can provide you with earth-shattering bass. Then it’s a job for a powerful subwoofer like the Caliber Series of Monoprice Fiber in-wall speaker. Unlike others, it comes with 300W peak power capacity, which means you’ll be able to fill your room with deep bass, of course, the earth-shattering one that you’ve desired to have.

The premium engineering of this subwoofer will work perfectly with your speakers or other small subwoofers. Don’t worry about the frequency gap that usually occurs during this type of pairing; this subwoofer will reduce those gaps. As a result, you’ll get a natural and crispy sound that will fill your room.

The subwoofer offers the easiest way to install. You can quickly accomplish that without any expert’s help. In case if you stuck, you can simply follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. It requires only a 3.6-inch space behind the wall, and that’s why you can mount it on almost any wall. You can also pre-paint its grill before the installation and make it virtually unnoticeable. 

Another good thing about the Caliber Series is that its drivers are made Aramid fibers. It’s actually one of the durable materials that can hold the entire construction sturdily. In fact, the fiber is better than polymers, which is widely used in the subwoofers. This material is also responsible for minimizing distortion and provide you with clear sound. 


  • Comes with 300 peak power capacity
  • Creates earth-shattering bass with clean, distortion-free sound
  • Includes easy to follow installation instructions
  • Can be installed into almost any wall that has 3.6 inches of space behind
  • Equipped with Aramid fiber driver
  • Durable


  • Users wished to have a better sound quality

The installation of the in-wall subwoofers is one of the crucial things to consider. When most of the company fails to provide the easy to install feature, Klipsch has shown its magic to accomplish the entire installation with the utmost convenience. The RW-5802 comes with 2- by 4-inch fitting design for which it can be conveniently mounted on any new or old framework with at least 0.5-inch wall thickness (dry-wall). Moreover, it has a sealed integrated enclosure to enable you with maximum flexibility during the installation. So, you can enjoy a completely effortless installation with zero complications.  

Klipsch is already gained vast popularity for its first-class music systems. Their premium craftwork is also visible in the RW-5802. Thanks to its twin 8-inch woofers that create deep-driving bass. Besides, its exclusive drivers are featured with stiffly well-damped cerametallic cones, and these are mainly responsible for delivering crystal clear, distortion-free sound. This is what has made it ideal for home theaters and surround sound systems. 

This subwoofer has a flat and magnetic steel grille, which can be painted in your own way. And that’s how you can make it fit any decors.


  • Features MDF baffle with a reinforced composite sealed enclosure
  • Integrated with dual 8-inch long-throw woofers
  • Cerametallic cones
  • Delivers 300 watts into an 8-ohm load
  • Extremely easy to install
  • High power handling
  • Flat, magnetic and paintable steel grille


  • The gold cones are visible through the grille which impacts the overall design

If you’re looking for the best budget in wall subwoofer, then you can undoubtedly pick the subwoofers from Monoprice. Their rugged design and rigid quality are literally unbeatable within this price range. Moreover, they offer a 1-year replacement warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee to enable you with a secured purchase. So, if you’re not pleased with this subwoofer, you can feel free to return it. However, let’s see what it can provide. 

The high-quality components of this subwoofer can be combined with a wide range of speakers. It efficiently converts them into a full range monitor and enables you with a crispy clear sound. That’s not all. It also minimizes the sonic gap that usually occurs between high and low frequencies. It reduces the pairing gaps with the small and high-powered subwoofers too. As a result, you’ll be able to hear a detailed sound to quench every music taste.

The humidifier is relatively quiet so, there will be disturbance even if you put it in your baby’s bedroom. In order to provide you with a pleasant sleep, the device uses Vick’s special vaporizing system.  And due to the benefits of its steam inhaler, you’ll get relief from all types of cough and congestions.  As you result, you’ll be able to breathe more comfortably and better by using this device.

In order to provide you with some added bass, it won’t take much space. Its in-wall design saves most of your room’s space and lets you complete your home theater system. So, it won’t be a problem anymore if you’ve got a small living room. You can enjoy your long-cherished bass-boosted sound with this in-wall subwoofers. Apart from that, the cut-out template is straightforward to install and looks elegant on every wall. 


  • Converts the smaller 2-way speakers and tower speakers into full-range monitors
  • Minimizes the sonic gap
  • Provides clean and clear sound
  • Can be integrated with most other speakers
  • Space-saving in-wall design
  • Available at a fair price
  • Comes with a year of replacement warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The sound quality is great according to the price, not similar to the other models in this list.

Wanna have some room-shaking bass from a subwoofer? Then the HDS10 subwoofer will be the perfect item for you. The finest Acoustic Audio engineers craft it. And that’s why it can provide you with an unbelievable performance by remaining out of sight because of the in-wall design. How? Let’s find out. 

The HDS10 has a frequency response range of 26HZ to 200HZ. This means it can handle every low to high frequencies and provide you with better sound quality. Besides, it’s integrated with a 10” woofer that features woven fiber bulletproof cone. And for increasing its overall performance, it has butyl rubber surroundings. With the max power capacity of 300 watts, your dream of room-shaking bass will surely become true. But for that, you’ve to first bring the HDS10 home. 

It comes with a paintable frame like the previous products and easy to follow mounting instructions. In addition to that, it’s integrated with the wall-lock mounting system. Thus, you’ll be able to accomplish the installation with a breeze. The design of this subwoofer is versatile enough to use in the wall or in the ceiling and complete your surround sound system. 


  • Designed and engineered in the USA
  • Can handle 300 watts of max power
  • Has a frequency range of 26Hz to 200Hz
  • Integrated with a 10” woofer that has woven fiber bulletproof cone
  • Butyl rubber surrounding
  • Offers outstanding performance and room-shaking bass
  • Wall-lock mounting system


  • The highest volume causes some distortion
  • Customers wished to have a box enclosing inside the wall.

The durability and précised craftsmanship in a price-friendly device were actually unseen before the OSD IWS88 arrives. Its premium components can literally compete with most of the expensive brands out there. However, it’s developed hardware has enabled it with 350 watts of power handling capability. As a result, it’ll reproduce every sound with deep and clean bass. 

Its power handling capacity isn’t only responsible for the room-shaking bass. You’ve to pay attention to the woofers too. Well, the IWS88 has dual 8-inch injected woofers that are perfectly fitted with a reinforced back bridge plate for which every bass gets optimized to the fullest. Its compact size and smaller enclosure increase its performance with a controlled vibration system.  

The device includes a dog-ear bracket system for which the installation will be as easy as the previous models. You won’t require any expert’s help for accomplishing the attachment. When you finish it up, it’ll offer you a low profile look on your wall. By the way, you also increase its beauty by painting the frame and grille into your own way.   


  • Features 8-inch injected woofers and a reinforced back bridge plate
  • 350 watts of power handling capacity
  • Offers room-filling bass with lifelike sound
  • Dog-ear bracket system to mount
  • Slim design
  • Paintable frame and grille


  • Doesn’t work well with low-frequency sound
  • Not as great as the other models in the list

Looks like we’ve come to an end of our list. But remember the last but not the least. That’s why we’ve selected something special this time. This little beast from Definitive Technology is featured with a 10-inch long-excursion woofer that combines with a 10-inch infrasonic radiator. That’s obviously a heavy-duty construction. This combination is efficient enough to give room-shaking bass with crispy, clear sound quality. 

Yes, it’s a single subwoofer but packed with unmatched power. Honestly, it’s powerful enough to compete with some premium brands out there. This compact subwoofer is completely enclosed with a non-resonant sealed medite enclosure, which takes its performance to the next level. It’ll surely fill your room with base boosted crystal-clear sound. 

The compact size of this in-wall subwoofer will allow you to install it conveniently. The user-friendly dimension of it cut out size will be responsible for making the installation easier than ever. However, if you can combine it with a 600-watt sub amp, you can enjoy the sophisticated crossover function in this subwoofer. Isn’t that interesting? 


  • Equipped with a 10-inch long-excursion woofer and a 10-inch infrasonic radiator
  • Single and compact size
  • Non-resonant sealed medite enclosure
  • Easy to install
  • Creates room-shaking bass with high-quality sound


  • Expensive

The Buying Guide of the Best in Wall Subwoofer

So, how did we find out the best in wall subwoofers from the variety? That’s a good question! Actually, we made the selection based on some key features. Don’t if you’ve noticed it or not, there are some common features in all of the above products. Okay, let’s make this clear. Now that you’ve come this far, let’s discuss them. 

Best in Wall Subwoofer


Aren’t you buying the subwoofers to get some added bass? Of course, you’re. Then it’s needless to say how important this factor is. Well, the base actually depends on the size of the woofer and its hardware. You also have to pay close attention to the frequency range and the max watt handling capacity. The bass increases with the capacity of all these components.

So, in order to get more bass, you’ve to ensure the integration of larger woofer and higher power handling capacity. You can easily acquire the perfect combination of these things by acquiring the best in wall subwoofer from the market. The perfect blend will deliver you lifelike music with some deep and clean room-shaking bass.  


As these are in-wall subwoofers, the installation may be a bit complicated, aren’t you thinking this? Naah! That’s not the truth anymore. In fact, the best in-wall subwoofer is really very easy to install. These models include the mounting brackets with the specific mounting system to provide you with the maximum convenience. You just have to ensure a particular place for them, in your wall, and screw them up. Besides, you’ll get easy to follow mounting instructions with them. So, there will be no complications for being worried. 


In-wall subwoofers are actually invisible, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need the elegant design. It’s obvious, after all, the subwoofers will affect your overall interior design. 

best in wall subwoofer

Well, most of the grilles and covers of the in-wall subwoofers can be colored in your own way. So, you can easily blend them with your room’s color or with other decorative items inside of your room. It’s up to you. Some of them come in a slim design, which makes them extremely stylish. 


Acquiring a durable in-wall subwoofer is the dream of every buyer. And frankly, most of the brands fail to make their subwoofers durable. In this case, we’ve put our greater effort to bring durable products in front of you. 

If you look close to the above list, they are constructed in a sturdy way to provide you with long-time support. Some of them feature rustproof hardware too. That’s definitely recommended. It’s because those products are suitable for use in different spaces, including your bathroom. The moistures in your bathroom won’t have any effect because of the rust-proof components. So, make sure to buy one of those when you’re looking for the best in wall subwoofer. 

Final Words

We all cherish our own musical taste. But for the failure of the cheap and non-brand music system, it remains incomplete. So, stop picking those, it’s a complete waste of money. Instead of that, make an investment on the best in wall subwoofer and complete your home theater system. We know that some of the products are in-wall sound system with subwoofer, but when you pair them with your theater system, you’ll get outstanding music experience. Therefore, it’ll be better if you pick one from the above list.  

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