How to Store Dirty Cloth Diapers?

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How to Store Dirty Cloth Diapers

How to Store Dirty Cloth Diapers?

As you’ve intended to use the cloth diapers, you’ve to now ensure a suitable place for storing them. So, where would be the perfect place to store them until the washing day? Is it a wet bag or a pail? How to store dirty cloth diapers in an appropriate way? Okay, before you get puzzled into them, let’s sort things out.
Look, if you don’t take the job seriously and leave those diapers anywhere, the pungent smell can possibly spread inside of your entire house. What will happen if your guest arrives at that time? That would be the most awkward situation; you’ve ever faced.
It’ll be better for you if you follow the solutions to eliminating this situation. So, let’s start with some simple methods for doing this.

Methods of Storing Cloth Diapers

How to Store Dirty Cloth Diapers
As we’ve are here to discuss the simplest methods of storing your diapers, we’ve picked the three most acceptable ideas for doing that. These are:
  1. Dry Diaper Pail
  2. Wet Pail
  3.  And a combination of both of them

1. Dry Diaper Pail Method

Frankly, this type of storage system is the most common method and preferable by many parents. These are specially designed to lock the odors inside of it. Generally, they feature a special type of water-proof dry bag, which makes them suitable for both wet and dry diapers. And yes, you can simply toss those diapers into these pails until your washing day if you can acquire the best trash can for cloth diapers. But don’t forget to secure the lid on its to top to prevent the spreading of odor.   
How to Store Dirty Cloth Diapers

Some Useful Information for Storing Diapers in Dry Diaper Pail

  • First of all, you’ve to remove the solid poop from the diapers (if there is any). Once you have done that, you can put them into the pail. If your baby feasts only one breast milk, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the cloth diapers. The washing machines are capable of cleaning those stains easily.
  • It will be a good idea if you’ve intended to use a pail liner. With the help of them, you’ll be secure the bag on the top of your diaper pail. It’s because there is an elastic around the top, which will allow you to do that. As a result, they won’t slip down and fit more snuggly with the can. If you’re unable to find one, you can follow the DIY process for making your own pail liner.
  • You can enjoy the best usability from the flip-top models too. They are inexpensive and easy to use. But this type of model is the favorite playing item for kids and pets. So, if you’re familiar with the situation, you can switch to the step-on pedal design. You can easily acquire all these things from a perfect trash can for storing cloth diapers.
  • Ensure two diaper pails to get the best usage. When you’re gonna wash one of them, the other one will still remain usable.
  • If your bag is made of nylon material, then avoid drying them in the machine though you can wash the PUL and dry them with the diapers.
  • Make sure not to line the pail with the woven fabrics, especially cotton, because moisture is absorbed, which will be responsible for retaining smells.

2. Wet Pail

The wet pails usually contain a little amount of water, which soaks the diapers whenever you’re gonna seal them inside of it. Moreover, this water also pre-treats the diaper before you wash them. That’s why the amount of odor and stains will be reduced.
If you want to increase its effectiveness, you can add some vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, or Borax in its water. But don’t forget to change the water regularly. Otherwise, it won’t remain as preventive as needed.
The problem with the wet pails is that they aren’t suitable to work with modern cloth diapers. However, if your kid’s diaper allows you to work with them then the wet pails are the best item to work with. Besides, they perform well with the top-load washing machines as the material can be quickly poured in the unit. It’s considered to be another useful factor of the wet pails. Now, let’s see how to store dirty cloth diapers in the wet pail!

Some Useful Information for Storing Diapers in Wet Pail Storage

  • Most of the people usually make a mistake by adding detergent and bleach into the water. But honestly, these are harmful, and there are way many possibilities of chemical reaction with the urine. That won’t be suitable for your kid’s health. Moreover, these are the harshest material which can bear a negative impact on the diaper’s material.
  • Another crucial factor that should be taken into account that wet diaper pail contains hazardous components for kids and even your pets. So, you must have to be careful when you’re using them. Make sure to use it inside of a lidded container and obviously the water-proof feature of this bag. And don’t forget to seal it properly soon after you use them.
  • When a wet diaper gets filled, it becomes relatively heavy. So, don’t get tempted to purchase the larger pails.

3.The Combination

How to Store Dirty Cloth Diapers
So, how about a combination of these two? That would be quite helpful to get the best usability. And that’s why most of the parents prefer this combination much more than anything else. However, the combination method can be hard on most of the diaper fabric. That’s why it’s recommended to store the covers and shells in dry storage.

Some Useful Information for Storing Diapers in Combination Storage

  • If you’ve wished to dry the diapers, it’ll be better if you put them inside of a high-quality pail that comes with a liner. Then you can wring them dry. Wet diapers become heavier, and due to the excessive weight of these diapers, the bag can stretch to tear. So, keep this in mind when you’ve hung them with the doorknob.
  • When you’re using a combination, you have to wash the diapers within a couple of days. Otherwise, the growth of mildew may be visible to you.

Final Words

How to store dirty cloth diapers appropriately? Have you got your answer? Look, these are the most straightforward way for storing your diaper. If you find something easier, make sure to comment us below. Hope the information will be helpful for you. Don’t forget to clean the diaper pail within a couple of days.

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