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Best Trash Can for Diapers

Are you looking for trash can for diapers? If you ask me, Can you just throw the dirty diapers of your kid into the ordinary household trash cans? I will say, yes, of course, you can. Besides, it ensures that you don’t have to spend additional money on diaper pail or trash cans like that.

But if you don’t clean the trashes very often, it won’t prevent you from the awful smells that can saturate your home gradually. That’s the thing for which you should be concerned about. Don’t worry; we are here to save your days with the best trash can for diapers.

Every baby-room has some of their own requirements, but parents sometimes skip them because they think that a DIY substitute is enough. Whenever it comes to disposing of the baby’s diapers, this type of decision will be the reason for your great regret. It’s because poppy diaper stinks a lot.

And their odor becomes intolerable during a warm night or if you put them somewhere close to you.When the kid gets older and starts to wander around, more nutritious diets are required. In this case, their diet varies with their age, and their bowel movements typically get bigger- thus, the smell gets more worst.

When they’re around a year old, their poop smell will become very terrible. In fact, this discussion is also getting stinker, so it’s time to find a solution to this problem and that is a trash can for diapers.So, what are the best trash can for diapers? At present, the diaper pail market is overflowing with numerous options.

Those are enough for making you puzzled. That’s why finding an accurate product from them is not as easy as it seems. But thankfully, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve just completed our research and gathered some of the latest deals of the best items. So, let’s dive in!

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Product Name


1. iTouchless Stainless Steel Diaper Trash Can​
UBBI Steel Odor Locking Trash Can​
2. UBBI Steel Odor Locking Trash Can
Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail
3. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail
4. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail
4. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail
Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail​
5. Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail
Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail​
6. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail
Munchkin Step Diaper Pail​
7. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

Reviews of the Best Trash Can for Diapers

1. iTouchless Stainless Steel Diaper Trash Can

Everybody wishes to have the best of the best. And the easiest way to get the best item is to ensure one of the top brands. That’s why we’ve selected this automatic trash can from the iTouchless brand. iTouchless is one of the best trash can for diapers. It is an well-known suppliers of high-quality garbage bins for both home and commercial usage.

Well, the DZT13 is no exception to that. Its fancy tech has maintained the popularity of this brand to the fullest.The trash can come in a rectangular shape that fits in almost every corner of the house. It has a stainless-steel body with plastic made top-cover. Its stainless-steel body is completely fingerprint-proof.

This means you’re going to get a hassle-free cleaning without any smudges or stains.There is no inner bucket, so it can take 25% more garbage than others of similar size. Besides, its 13-gallon garbage holding capacity will provide you with enough space to store more of those stinky diapers.Speaking of its cool techs: it’s featured with pretty good sensors.

Simply wave your hand to open the lid automatically. However, if you want to open it manually, you can also do that. There are two manual buttons for that. Note that the automatic opening will keep the lid open up to five seconds and the manual for five minutes.When it comes to preventing odors, this trash works like a sorcerer. It’s integrated with an active carbon odor filter from the inside.

So, there will be no pungent smells to bother you. Its carbon filter is removable and refillable too.This trash can is powered by 4D batteries, and you can also plug it directly in your switchboard. All these reliable features are packed at an affordable price, and that’s why the DZT13 has made its debut among the best touchless trash can for diapers.



Having a diaper pail doesn’t mean that you may have to sacrifice the look of your room. You can also get some enhancement with them. So, if you really want to maintain your stylish appearance, the wide color range of UBBI will be the perfect complement for you. Its stylish colors will easily blend with every house decors, and that’s actually the thing a decorator dreams for.

The specialty of UBBI is packed in a simple, efficient, less sophisticated design than its competitors. That’s what has earned this diaper pail much reputation and made it one of the best trash can for diapers.UBBI diaper pail has plenty of functionalities to keep your room smell free. It’s integrated with rubber surrounding around the lid and opening.

As a result, the trashes inside of this pail will remain completely airtight to seal the odors inside of the pail.Some smells will still get released when you’ll open the lid. The UBBI took little care of its art to reduce this release of smell. It has a sliding door on the cover, meaning you won’t have to open the entire lid for putting the diapers into it.

Actually, the plastic construction of a diaper pail isn’t efficient enough to keep the odor lock inside it. It’s because the pores of plastic fail to stop the odors from coming out. That’s why UBBI diaper pail features a steel body rather than the plastic one. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

Another good thing about the UBBI diaper pail is that it can be operated with the standard refill bag available in the market. Yes, it doesn’t need any special trash bags to function correctly. This means you can save some additional costs and the time to find them through this specific trash can.



If you’re looking for something enhanced to provide you with a luxurious look then the Playtex Diaper Genie is only for you. Its unique shape and elegant design will easily blend with your room’s design and provide you with the appearance that you’ve always desired to have. In fact, it offers outstanding efficiency that will clear all your hesitations and make you buy this diaper trash can for sure.

This trash can for diaper is featured with all the necessary features to seal all types of bad odors inside of it. Let’s sort them out one-by-one.The Complete Diaper Pail includes double Air-Tight clamps, which operate with 7-layer pail refill bags. This type of combination creates an airtight seal to lock the odors inside of the pail.

Moreover, it also has carbon filters that work as an additional layer for maximum odor-protection.When you dump dirty diapers into a pail, the chances of bacterial growth expands. But Playtex won’t allow bacterial growth with its built-in Antimicrobial. So, you can feel free to upgrade your nursery with the Diaper Genie; there is nothing to worry about.

Although the diaper trash can uses its own specialized refill bags, it can hold up to 270 diapers at a time. It might sound a bit costly, but actually, they aren’t. Besides, its refill bags are easy to change so that you can enjoy a hassle-free changing every time.



As we’ve intended to provide you with the best products from the top brands, we couldn’t ignore this diaper pail from the Dekor. Dekor was specially created for the North American market in 2000. Since then, they have successfully created a buzz in the market with their high-quality household products.

Dekor Plus is one of their first-class products that are designed to fulfill the requirements of its users. Let’s elaborate on its functionalities.The best thing about the Dekor Diaper Pail is that they’re completely hands-free. Yes, you won’t have to bend a bit to toss the diapers into the pail, simply step on the foot pedal and drop them conveniently. It’s that much easy.

Most of the users loved its food pedal design due to its smooth one-handed operation.The foot pedal is convenient for the parents, but kids would also love to explore it. That’s where the problem starts. In this case, you can use the child lock feature of this pail. Just twist the knob to enable the child lock feature. By doing that, you may lose the hands-free function, but it’ll remain completely safe from your children.

The foot pedal is convenient for the parents, but kids would also love to explore it. That’s where the problem starts. In this case, you can use the child lock feature of this pail. Just twist the knob to enable the child lock feature. By doing that, you may lose the hands-free function, but it’ll remain completely safe from your children.

The construction of this diaper pail comes from high-quality ABS plastics. This type of plastic similar to metal and have no pores to let the odors come out. The advantages of plastic construction won’t tend the pail to catch rust or scratches like the metal one. That’s also a good thing to consider.

The pail uses a specific garbage bag to locking all the odors effectively. Don’t worry; these bags are one of the most cost-effective alternatives in the market. And its triple odor controlling system will provide you with a satisfactory completion.



We’ve got another product from the Dekor. It’s the Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail. The classic design of this diaper pail has a better odor controlling system, easy refill bags, safety features, and much more to earn the utmost user satisfaction. Actually, this is the reason for its award-winning contribution to the competitive market. 

This pail has got enough space to hold up to 35 diapers of a newborn baby. That might be quite disappointing to you. But you also have to consider its compact design. Its small size is almost unnoticeable, and you can easily hide them under your bed. But you can also use its classical look and five different colors to add some enhancement in your room.

Like the plus version, it also uses genuine décor refills. And with the benefit of that, you’ll be able to ensure maximum odor-protection. Although the pail has a triple odor controlling system to seal the odor inside, the refill bags will provide you with some added benefit with that.

Thankfully, this one is also made from ABS plastic material. So, there’ll be no leakage of odor out of its body. Besides, this type of plastic won’t rust during its whole lifespan. It’s rust and scratch proof too. This means it’ll remain usable for a long time providing with all the supports you need. All of these features have made it the best trash can for baby diapers.



You might have been looking for something that suits perfectly in your lower budget. Then leave all those high-priced products because we’ve got something special for you. In the competitive market, Safety 1st did an excellent job by offering this wonderful diaper pail at a very affordable price. And within their limited price tag, they provide the users with all the supports they need for an odor-free environment.  Don’t how the manufacturer has maintained that. Let’s find out.

This trash can is only 18.5 inches tall and 14 inches wide. Actually, this is the shortest diaper pails that we’ve tested before, but this type of compact design is pretty much useful when you’re looking for some space-saving models. Due to its small size, you can easily place it in a suitable corner of your room under your desk or bed.

This diaper pail uses standard plastic diaper disposal bags, so you won’t have to buy additional bags for operating it. It also saves you money and time. However, the diaper pail is wholly made of high-quality plastic and designed for one-hand use. That’s may not be the thing you want but consider its price too. 

When it comes to odor-resistant features, this diaper pail works great. It includes a specific deodorizer disc on the underside of the hatch to reduce all sorts of foul odor and keep it sealed inside of the pail. So, you won’t have to worry about that.



Last but not least. This time we’ve decided to provide you with something more satisfying. Well, if you’re willing to spend some more on your pail and get those annoying odors out of your site, you can undoubtedly choose the Munchkin Step Diaper Pail for your satisfaction. It’s one of the best odor-controlling diaper pails that we’ve tested yet. Let’s see how functional it is.

In order to provide the user with superior odor containment, this pail comes with a continuous bag design. It uses specific refill bags for the operation, but it’ll effectively prevent the pungent odor. The Munchkin Pail is featured with a special deodorizing baking powder jar that sprinkles a little amount of baking soda every time you’ll deposit a diaper. It maintains a nice smell throughout the opening of the pail.

The design of this pail has made it more attractive to the customers. The Munchkin STEP has a smooth appearance with white plastic paired with chrome highlights. Besides, the pail is adequately tall, and that’s why you won’t have to bend a bit to insert a diaper inside. This one is also a sturdy pail, and it features easy to use foot pedal design. This means you can easily put the dirty diapers inside of it by a complete hand-free operation.

The foot pedal is also an enjoyable thing for growing toddlers. But don’t worry; it has a childproof locking system that prevents unwanted opening from a baby. You just have to press out of reach button for that.



Regular Trash Cans Vs. Diaper Pails

best trash can for diapers

What is the need to buy a particular  trash can for diaper at all? Can’t I just toss them inside a regular one? Or throw them in an outdoor garbage chute? While these are definitely the alternatives, but a special diaper bin is built to reduce the pungent smell that is generally found near the diaper changing area. That’s why these are preferred by most of the caregivers.

The sealed-lid structure of the pails is what separates them from ordinary trash cans. Including sealed covers, some pails feature built-in smell masking technology, such as the Munchkin STEP baking soda container and the Safety 1st deodorizer disk.

While other products include two odor blockers, such as the Dékor – Plus and the Diaper Genie-Expressions lid-plus-trapping door system, though, some of them are constructed of odor absorbent materials like the Ubbi. All of these functionalities are highly effective for keeping the odors sealed in one place. And that’s what you would want while disposing of the diapers.

This means a diaper pail is specifically designed to seal the unpleasant odors of a diaper. And the best diaper pail for cloth diapers is often built to open it with a step pedal or with a flip of the cover so that you can drop the diapers with your one hand while carrying your wiggly baby on the other hand. So, now you might be familiar with the difference between a trash can for diaper and a regular trash can. 

Buying Guide of the Best Trash Can for Diapers

best trash can for diapers

You can choose anything, but only a hermetically protected container or the breeze could avoid the pungent smell of a soiled diaper. Diaper pails aren’t actually a miracle staff; they just give you a few moments before you’ve got to adjust the dreaded bag with a new one.

It’s because every time you’ll open the diaper trash can, you’ll get the smell coming out from a pooped diaper. So, you can’t just wish to have a diaper pail that makes all the odors disappeared. Keep this in mind before making the purchase of the best trash can for diapers.

However, you’ve to make some consideration before picking any products from the market. It’s because all the products in the market are not equally made. They vary on the requirements and demands of the users. So, you’ve to pick one that can fulfill your demand. Of course, we had ensured these factors before putting the above products into our list. Wanna know what those are? Let’s have a discussion on them.

Odor Containment

The first and foremost function that’s needed to be ensured is the odor containment capability. You’re definitely purchasing a trash can for diaper for locking the odor and preventing it from coming out. Well, the odor containment capability usually depends on the construction of the diaper trash can.

In this case, a steel diaper pail is the perfect one. They are free of pores from which odors can leak out, so if you buy the steel diaper pail make sure to buy the best stainless steel trash can that has been specially designed for keeping the diapers.On the other hand, some diaper pails are made of plastic material.

The greatest drawback of a plastic trash can for diaper is the small pores that fail to stop the odors from coming out. But in this review, we’ve seen some high-quality plastics pails that are similar to metal. They also work efficiently to seal the odor inside as they don’t have such pores. The choice is completely yours, but don’t forget to choose the best trash can for diaper.

Hands-Free Operation

At present, most of the diaper pails feature hands-free operation so that you can easily toss the diaper inside of it. Frankly, it’s good to ensure a hands-free operation of diaper because only then you’ll be able to hold your baby in one hand and put the diaper into the pail with another hand.

Moreover, you won’t have to touch the surface of the pail where the development of bacteria can take place. This is why ensure the hands-free operation with the step pedal when you’re looking for the best trash can for diapers. 

Easy Replacement of the Bags

The replacement of refilling bags can be a bit complicated to some trash can for diaper. And bringing one of them home won’t be a good idea. Since you’re going to lock the odor for a while, you must accomplish the replacement as soon as possible. Otherwise, the odors will get burst out and fill your entire room. Therefore, ensure the easy replacement of the refill bags when you’re looking for the best trash can for diapers. 


The longer you’ll keep the diapers inside of the pail, the more bacteria will grow inside of it. These bacteria can spread in your room through the pail. Thus it can lead your entire family to some unwanted diseases. That’s why the antimicrobial feature of a diaper pail is also essential. So, don’t forget to this feature while making the purchase of the best trash can for diapers. 


Diaper pails are available in a wide variety of sizes. Each of the sizes has its own capacity. Some of the trash can for diaper are tall to ensure ease of use. If you bring one of them, you won’t have to bend while putting the diapers inside of it. Moreover, they can intake a good number of diapers at once.

While some of the diaper trash cans are small in size, you have to bend to keep the diapers, and they come in a limited capacity. But the good thing about the small pails is that they can be placed anywhere. You can also keep them under your bed or table if you want and keep them unnoticeable to the guest. 


It doesn’t mean that a diaper trash can is just a trash can that should be kept out of sight of the visitors. Things have changed nowadays. Diaper pails are now available in a sleek design with a variety of colors. So, they can easily blend with every decorative initiative of your house and enhance its look. That’s why make sure to choose one of them when you’re out there looking for the best trash can for diapers. 

Kids Safety

Growing kids love to explore new things and the opening of the lids of the diaper pails can become their favorite item to play with. It’ll allow all the odors to come out. Besides, they can also take out the garbage from the trash can, which is unhygienic too. For this reason, most of the trash can features a childproof locking system to keep the lid secured from your child. It’ll be better if you bring one of them. 


What is the best diaper trash can?

Each diaper pail has its own features and build-quality, which are beneficial in several aspects. So, it’s hard to tell any particular product best. But according to the customer reviews and our test iTouchless Stainless Steel Diaper Trash Can has got a perfect combination of all the required things. So, we’re gonna honor iTouchless for offering the best diaper trash can.

How do I dispose of diapers?

  1. First of all, dump all diaper contents into the toilet.
  2. Then wrap up the diaper.
  3. Next, place the diaper into a diaper pail/trash can and seal it properly.
  4. After that, wash Your Hands.

How long does Diaper Genie refill last?

They last for around 4 weeks.

How do you stop diaper pails from smelling?

Sprinkle any Castile or some dish soap all over the diaper pail. You can also add some baking soda and sprinkle them all over the inside of the diaper pail. Let them sit for five minutes, and then the odors will be neutralized within a short time.  

Final Words

Bringing a diaper pail is one of the most efficient ways to keep all the odors sealed in a particular place. But for enjoying the optimum usability, you have to first find out the best trash can for diapers. Actually, we’ve completed the hardest part for you and reviewed some of the best trash cans for baby diapers. So, if you choose one from the above list, you’ll definitely get a pleasant and odorless sleep on your favorite pillow beside your baby.