What to Put on Either Side of Fireplace

You probably didn’t think about the fireplace too much when you moved in, right? And now, you’ve got irritated as you attempted to furnish things around them. So, the time is now to fix things up and enhance the look. Let’s discuss what to put on either side of fireplace.
A Fireplace is actually the heart of every home. It keeps you warm and cozy during the coldest hours. Would it be okay to keep them ordinary? Well, there are many ways to decorate and upgrade the look of your fireplace. These decorative ideas will dress up the mantle so that you can always ensure the best look all year long. So, let’s dive in!

What to Put on Either Side of Fireplace

It does not have to be difficult or expensive to decorate a wood-burning stove. Simply, if you know the basics, you can create a DIY fireplace. Below there are some simple steps to enable you with that.

Stone Veneer Fireplace

What to Put on Either Side of Fireplace​

Have you seen a stone veneer fireplace in some high-profile houses? Stone veneer can completely change the look of your fireplace facade by using a conventional, textured-rich stone stacking technique. The design is used both in contemporary and rustic houses in walls and in the fireplace. Generally, the stones used in this form of decoration had to be one to three-inch-thick, depending on the variety of their shapes and sizes.

Entertainment Centre

What to Put on Either Side of Fireplace​

How about making your fireplace an entertaining place? You can set up a flat-screen TV above the fireplace and experience dual-purpose recreational time. In fact, sitting before the chimney and watching TV is indeed the warmest and the most comforting thing. You can also free up some space too if you’re having this type of arrangement. Well, you can switch to the wall-mounted electric fireplace if you want to get rid of the messes from the original one. They work great to enhances your room’s design innovatively.

Beautifully Off Balance

What to Put on Either Side of Fireplace​

A streamlined and breezy asymmetrical mantel layout may also be a subtle and clever style tactic. The artwork of the mantel obviously attracts the gaze towards the peppy pillows of the couch on both sides of the fireplace. Besides, putting some simple accessories by the side of your fireplace will attract the focus on its artwork.

Adding Some Consoles

What to Put on Either Side of Fireplace​

You can put some stylish console table on either side of the fireplace. It redefines the room and apparently makes it a place of art and sculpture. In addition, it enables you with some extra sitting place which is easily accessible.

Make It Rustic

Think about a great living room with a sleek sofa next to a large stone fireplace. Isn’t that great? Wanna ensure that look in your living room, then bring a perfect sofa to accommodate your fireplace and make the corner cozy enough. 

Low Bespoke Fireplace

What to Put on Either Side of Fireplace​

With a low bespoke fireplace, you can showcase the array of homeware and books from the homeowner.

Some Other Tips

  • Besides, there are some other ways to decorate your fireplace.

  • Inspire yourself to use the space as a mini-bookcase or to hide a TV from the fireplace probably.

  • Since your fireplace is the center of attention throughout the entire area, make sure you display favorite artworks or antiques.

  • The redbrick painting will modernize your cooking, or offer a fresh wood coat in a new color. However, keep this in mind that the fireplace should display the dark as well as the bright colors similarly.

  • You can also fill the empty spaces of your fireplace with some logos too.

  • Show the guest your aesthetic zeal with some books, plants, and paintings.

  • How about putting mirrors, placing vases? Yes, you can also do that. Get some of them and put them on your fireplace. You can even add some candles to them.

  • Redbrick painting can modernize your bottom or offer a fresh coat in a new color to a wooden table. You should wear bright, neutral colors and also try something new on your fireplace.


Are you prepared to roll up your sleeves and finally start a DIY project this weekend? Then start with your fireplace first and bring something initiative on it. So, what to put on either side of fireplace? Hope it’s clear to you now. Follow these simple steps, and yes, obviously, don’t skip the other tips for a makeover in the living room.