Can Dog Eat Dry Cat Food

Honestly, some dogs do love cat food. That’s why you may have seen them stealing the foods from your cat’s bowl or breaking into the food bags. In some cases, the shortage of food can also lead them to eat the cats’ food. But is it really safe for them? Can dog eat dry cat food?
Look, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, if they aren’t safe for your dog, it won’t be ideal for letting them eat the cat foods. Even though most of the cat and dog foods have similar scent and texture, they aren’t nutritiously the same. So, let’s sort things out.

Nutritious Needs of Dogs and Cats

Can Dog Eat Dry Cat Food
Both cats and dogs are considered carnivores, but specifically, cats are classified as “obligatory carnivores.” This means a cat will love to have more meat proteins in their diet like the true carnivores. It’s a better way for their survival.  
On the other hand, dogs prefer a healthy and balanced diet of meat proteins, grains, and vegetables.
This is why the standards of dog foods are relatively different than cat foods. Let’s have a look at AAFCO standards on dry foods. According to them, dog food should contain 18% of protein, and cat food should contain 26% protein for maintaining good health.
They have also stated that most of the actual amount of protein in cat food is around 30 to 35%. So, if a dog is eating those foods, they’re consuming twice the protein than they need. High protein diets aren’t actually bad for the dogs. This means they can consume a higher amount of protein as long as it’s acceptable for their stomach. But is cat food safe for dogs? Things can be quite different if your cat does so.

Can You Feed A Dog Cat Food?

Can You Feed A Dog Cat Food
Honestly, you can do that. But you should acquire proper knowledge about the item that you’re feeding your dog. As we’ve mentioned above, cat foods aren’t equal to dog foods, and they contain more protein than a dog need. In fact, some canned cat food has a greater amount of protein, and that ranges from 40% to 50%. Aww! That’s the triple of the amount of what a dog generally needs.
Is this really going to be good for your dog’s health? Of course, not. As the ingredients vary based on the manufacturer, they can have a greater impact on your dog’s health. So, all of the cat foods out there aren’t going to be a good option for your dog. They’re not even for cats either. Hence, if you’re about to start feeding your dog with the cat foods, you should be aware of the effects of high protein on them.

Can Dog Eat Dry Cat Food?

Can Dog Eat Dry Cat Food
Sure, they can eat dry cat foods. If you allow them, he’ll also chew your shoes, but he shouldn’t. He should eat food, which is ideal for him and not going to trigger any types of health issues. Some occasional or accidental bites may not be much harmful to them, you can allow them for that. But for regular eating, they are obviously not an ideal thing. 
Some of the dog breeds have a sensitive stomach, and they won’t be able to tolerate the amount of protein a cat food usually has. As a result, they can fall victim to several health issues like diarrhea, bloating, and much more. Although some of the dog breeds are more tolerant and less sensitive, long term consumption of cat food will be toxic for them. So, it’ll be better if you prevent your dog from stealing your cat’s foods.

Is Cat Food Good for Dogs?

As we’ve mentioned above, cat food is specifically designed for cats, not for the dogs. These foods are available with appropriate labels and guidelines that indicate how appropriate they are for every type of pet.

If you feed your dog with a cat’s diet, it can lead them to several long-term health issues. That’s why it’s recommended to ensure the quality of the food and ensure if they are good for your dog or not.

What Happens If My Dog Eat Cat Food?

Well, if this happens, you’ll notice some unwelcoming symptoms. According to Sharon Crowell (Professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia), the uncertain change to the diets of a dog can affect the stomach. As a result, they can encounter several types of gastrointestinal discomfort, namely vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, or even more issues. Others can handle these issues with their strong digestive system.

In addition to that, there are several other ingredients to make the situation worse. Usually, cat food contains vitamin A, Arachidonic acid, and taurine, which play a significant role in the well-being of a cat. On the contrary, these ingredients are harmful to a dog. Dog produces these naturally, and that’s why an overdose will bear adverse effects on their body.

Final Words

If you’ve had the opportunity to observe the puppies, you’ll probably notice that they may end up eating the cat food sooner or later. The case is the same with your dog too. Cat foods look delicious, and they may also taste superb for the dogs.

And yes, your dog can eat dry cat food occasionally. It’s recommended not to feed the cat foods regularly. The reasons are discussed in detail; hopefully, you’ve understood them. If you’ve got any questions to ask, let us know through the comment section below.