How to Wash a Dog Bed

We love our dog as they love us back. They’re the ideal housemate, always welcoming us home with a depth of happiness and exhilaration that a human can’t give.
They care about their master more than anything else, and that’s why if you own a dog, you should also ensure their comfiness at the maximum level.
Your lap is the only comfortable place for a dog to take rest. After that, their favorite place is their own bed. But just like your bed, you also need to maintain your dog’s bed properly. Eventually, it’ll become dirty and sometimes more than yours.
How to Wash a Dog Bed
Well, that’s the hardest part for a pet owner. Some of the beds and their cover may allow you to clean them in a washing machine, but the case isn’t the same for every item. In fact, you won’t be able to remove the hairs properly when you are going to use your washing machine or vacuum cleaner for cleaning.
So, how to wash a dog bed quickly and efficiently? What are the easiest ways to accomplish the entire cleaning process properly? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. In this article, we’re going to discuss five simple techniques to clean your dog bed and make it as good as new. So, let’s dive in!
How to Wash a Dog Bed

Step 1 – Vacuum the Cover

First of all, you’ve to get rid of the hairs that usually stuck into the cover. So, start vacuuming the cover and remove as much hair as possible. In some cases, vacuum can’t take out all the hairs efficiently; we’ve just stated that earlier. Due to that, the pet hairs can stick in the wet fabrics in the washing machine and create clogs in the drainage system.
In this case, using a pet hair remover or lint roller will be an ideal solution. These user-friendly items are specifically designed to take out pet hairs from the deep. Anyway, use it primarily on the sleeping surface, most of the hairs are found in there.

Step 2 – Remove the Cover

Most of the dog beds are available with removable covers. Hopefully, you’re using those. If yes, then remove the cover and wash put it in your washing machine separately for better cleaning. Make sure to follow the above step and remove all the hairs from the cover.
However, if your dog bed doesn’t allow you to remove the cover, check for the manufacturer’s washing instructions. If it assures that you can put the entire bed into your washing machine, then feel free to put the entire bed into the machine. Pet owners usually have to take a large dog bed to the laundry, since we don’t have high-capacity washers in our house.

Step 3 – Use a Stain Remover

Usually or unusually, a dog bed can have some stains on it, and you can’t remove them only by putting into the washer. If you’ve found these annoying stains on your dog’s bed, too, you need to use an effective odor and stain remover. These items can neutralize every type of stains that occurs from urine, feces, food items, muds, or anything else.
How to Wash a Dog Bed
So, before putting them into your washer, make sure to spray your preferable stain remover on the surface of the bed, especially where you’ve noticed the stains.

Step 4 – Wash the Bed

Now, it’s time for the final action. Take the entire bed and put it into a front-load washing machine. Add some hot water so that you can kill every germs and insect. It’s recommended to avoid the use of chemicals; dogs are very much sensitive to chemicals, and using the chemicals can cause them irritations.
Instead of those items, you should use a mild detergent. Make sure to clean the bed properly and rinse all the detergents from it before drying.

Step 5 – Dry It Up

You can quickly dry a large dog bed in your dryer. Use a dryer sheet for tumbling dry and air fluff the dog bed properly. It’ll reduce the static of the bed. This process will help you to extract the remaining pet fur from the bed. By the way, you can air-dry the cover that you’ve washed at the first stage. In order to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, make sure to dry them up in a well-ventilated area. That’s all you’ve done.

Wrapping Up

These are the most straightforward steps to clean your dog bed properly. Hopefully, you won’t have to search for how to wash a dog bed anywhere? But have you provided your dog with a comfortable bed yet? If not, then hurry up and bring one of the best beds for your dog. You and your dog both will be benefited through their enhanced features. In fact, they are more effortless to clean too.

So, ensure the specifications and acquire the waterproof metal detectors from the variety. If you still have any confusion, let us know through the comment section below.