Can Dry Dog Food Go Bad in Heat

The loyalty and love of a dog are literally incomparable. But due to some unhealthy and unpleasant foods, they usually become sick most of the time. Do they really deserve to be treated like this? After this much loyalty and love? Of course, not.
Just like you take care of your dog, you also need to treat their foods with optimum care. Due to improper storage, inappropriate packaging, and exposure to various environmental ingredients. We usually put the food items anywhere we want, but that’s obviously not ideal.
So, where do you keep your dog food? Is it near a heated place of your kitchen or in a cupboard above your stove? Then there must be a lot of heat, isn’t it? Now, the question is, can dry dog food go bad in heat? Let’s find out!
The simple answer to this question is ‘Yes.” Dog’s feed is actually packed with the required amount of moistures and contents. But when expose them or keep them in high-temperature, that moisture dries up. In fact, high-temperature is also responsible for oxidizing the fat content of the food.
As a result, the food becomes unhealthy and causes several harmful effects on your dog’s health. This means your dog food can get worse if you put them in a heated place.  
That’s why it’s always recommended to store your dog’s food in a cool and dry place where the temperature doesn’t exceed more than 100-degree Fahrenheit.
If the temperature rises more than 100-degree F, it can be harmful to the food. As the moisture dries up, the food loses its shape and mass fat. This reduction is visible, and you’ll notice that within a short time.
In fact, storing the dry dog food near to a heat source like gas cookers, the stove isn’t an ideal as the food loses its effectiveness because of the continuous heat of those places. So, it’ll be better if you avoid those places when you’re about to store your dog’s food.
Okay, we’ve encountered the heat, but what about the air? Let’s find out!

The Effects of Air on Dry Dog Food

Actually, the air is the reason for the growth of different types of bacteria, which increases the chances of decomposition in these foods. So, if you are unable to stop the air from penetrating inside the food items, the foods are going to be spoiled sooner or later. It doesn’t matter whether you store them in a can or in a polythene bag.
That’s we suggest you seal the food’s bag properly. In case, if you’re not going to use the foods for a while, it’ll be better if you put them in an airtight container.
The growth of bacteria caused by air will contaminate the food eventually. And the worst part is that you’ll never know if they’ve got contaminated or not. Consequently, when these leftovers are fed, it’ll lead your dog to several health issues.
Therefore, you must take appropriate steps to seal the portion from where you’ve taken the foods out. No matters what you do, just make sure to keep it airtight.

Exposure to Moisture

Moisture is one of the key contents that supports organic fermentation. That’s why when you’ll expose your dog’s food to moisture, there will be a noticeable growth of molds. This can end up with a foul smell, spoiling the entire food items. Even dogs will refuse to eat such types of foods, and you might be wondering why they did that. So, you’ve to keep your dog’s food from the reach of moistures too. 

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How to Know if Your Dog Food Has Spoiled

Can Dry Dog Food Go Bad in Heat

A proper and healthy dog food works for your dog’s well-being so, it’s the most important thing that needs to be ensured. Anyway, canned food usually has a lifespan of around 11-12 months. But when you open, they’re going to last for two months only.

Moreover, the above factors are there to spoil the foods and make them inappropriate. After considering all these things, we’ve gathered some symptoms that will indicate whether your dog food has got spoiled or not. These are:-

Final Words

Heat isn’t the only culprit that can spoil your dog food; there are several other elements too. We covered most of them through the above discussion. Hopefully, you won’t have to ask, “Can dry food go bad in heat?” again. 

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