Floor Standing Speakers for Surround Sound

Everybody wishes to have a unique creative environment with an immersive sound effect. You wish that too, aren’t you? Well, literally, a sound system that is mainly designed to provide you with that refers to the surround sound system. “Can I use floor standing speakers for surround sound?”- Frankly, the answer is “Yes,” you can. But how and why can you do that? Wanna know? Let’s find out!
Who doesn’t love to watch a football match in the widescreen of plasma and LED televisions? Honestly, there isn’t anyone that exists on this planet. With decades of innovation, these are now the most popular additions for home entertainment. And if you can add a modern sound system with them, your living place is going to turn into musical heaven.
In the movie theater, have you ever noticed what provides you the best possible movie-watching experience? Obviously, it’s the optimized and surrounding sound around you, inside of the theater. Well, the modern sound system of the present days comes with the capability to replicate that and deliver the most enhanced sound quality in your house.  
Can I Use Floor Standing Speakers for Surround Sound?
Well, if you really wished to add something with the new surround system setup, the tower speakers will be the best item, indeed. A pair of floor standing speakers are complemented by smaller, centrally placed speakers. That’s why it’ll be an ideal setup for enabling you with the best surround sound experience. If you’re a music freak or an action movie lover, the excitement you’re going to bring in the room through the floor standing speakers will be unparalleled.

But Why These? How Do They Work?

To be frank, the natural sound of floor standing speakers will really amaze you. First, let’s see how a sound is originated from a speaker.

How Do Speakers Work?

Actually, the movement of sound originates from the pressurized waves. And a sound is heard when air particles are squeezed and rarified rapidly. This means the more the air pressure increases, the higher sound frequencies we’ll hear.
Have you noticed the back and forth movement of speakers back and forth? When it does that, the air particles get pushed. As a result, the air pressure changes and sound waves are created.
Can I Use Floor Standing Speakers for Surround Sound?

Different Parts of a Speaker

A speaker generally converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy. And then the mechanical energy compresses the air (as mentioned above) where it gets transformed into sound energy.
When you plug the device in, the current is transmitted by a voice coil that creates an electrical field inside of the speaker. This electrical field responds with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet connected to the device.
Like charges, they repel each other and attract various charges. It becomes stimulated and repelled by the permanent magnet when an audio signal transmits by the voice coil, and the Musical waveform goes up and down.
This allows the cone to be pushed back and forth by the voice coil. The motion of the back and forth produces pressure waves in the air, and that’s the thing we hear as sound.

How Does a Floor Standing Works?

floor-standing speakers
Look, there are different types of cones and drivers out there. But basically, the driver pushes the cone forward and backward at a quick speed. Thus, air pressure is created, and the sound is produced, just like the way we’ve mentioned above.
In the small headphones or speakers, the construction generally uses only one cone or sometimes two; due to their small size.
It negatively influences the consistency and intensity of sound that the speaker is capable of generating as various cones are better when adjusted to specific ranges within the human hearing continuum.
But in this case, the large size of floor standing speakers works great. They’ve enough space to fit each of them with individual cones. That’s why modern electronics allows them to connect together in a comprehensive and nuanced manner. All these craftsmanship and innovations make it a high-quality sound system with every part of the frequency range that the human ear may perceive. 
So, if you want to hear the natural, crispy, and well-reproduced sound, floor-standing speakers will be an outstanding option.

Personal Customization with Floor Standing Speakers, Is It Possible?

Some smaller portable speakers, like headphones, will allow the customization of the sound they create to a certain extent. But due to their hardware limitations, there aren’t many variations in their sound. 
In this case, the floor-standing speakers are great. They can produce more accurate sound than other audio systems out there. They can create a wide variety of sounds with the capability of mixing the effects of their cones to bring unmatched complexity and intensity of sound to their production.
And the best thing about it is that all these things can be managed and controlled by the users, meaning you.
You can want to depart a bit from the faithful organic portrayal of natural sound, depending on what you listen to on your surround sound system. Even you can also choose to concentrate on high-frequency effects, opera, and jazz music, or low-frequency sound effects of action-and heavier-song genres. It really depends on you. 
But the smartest thing about floor-standing speakers is that they’re going to provide you with all these options. Simply by a press of a button of your music system. You can also do that with just a tap on your smartphone app.

Final Words

So, what was your question? “Can I use floor standing speakers for surround sound?”- Yes, you can obviously do that. In fact, adding them to your music system would be the perfect way to enjoy an unparalleled musical experience. Okay, now; stop searching for answers and bring some of the latest items for you. Make sure to place them in the right position for the outstanding results that you’ve desired.