Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 2000

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Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 2000

“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind” -Modest Mouse.


Music is life and who doesn’t like to enjoy movies and music all day. And, if you can acquire a decent pair of floor standing speakers, it’ll upgrade your Hi-Fi system instantly and provide your room with filling sound. Thus, music will be more fun with the added treble and improved bass. Only for getting the preferable music taste people always tend to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. Are you one of them and looking forward to getting the best floor standing speakers under 2000 dollars? 

Honestly, there are plenty of options that come within 2000$, and so, it’s natural to get overwhelmed to find an appropriate choice. Besides, if you bring something unpleasant without ensuring the required features, all your invested money will be in vain. But don’t worry. You’ve landed in the right place. We’ve prepared some latest deals of the best budget speakers which are available in fewer than $2000. So, let’s dive in!

Reviews of the Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 2000 Dollars

We know what exactly you want. That’s why we’ve completed the hardest part for you and accomplished our intensive research on the best options available in the market. It wasn’t an easy journey, but somehow, we’ve managed to find out the top 7 best floor standing speakers which are available under 2000 dollars. These are the following. 

Klipsch is not a stranger to the ever-growing market demands for speakers. And the speakers that you have seen in the college parties will certainly appear like babies before its performance. All respect the name of this brand because it has been perfecting its art for more than 70 years. RP-280F is one of the best tower speakers of Klipsch that has maintained its popularity in the competitive market. This is why we’ve kept this speaker at the top of our list. 

Therefore, you can feel free to choose this one to satisfy your musical desire. Let’s find out more about it. 

These speakers of Klipshch comes with a stylish and stunning design that blends with every decor in your house. Its design is quite similar to its previous models (R-28F and RF-82). But the manufacturer has made pretty much modifications in this model. That’s why this 2.0 system is capable of handling all types of music genres. 

It has a square, circular-necked mouth and is covered with rubber coating. The RP-280F is loud enough that delivers premium music experience. The volume control of this device has a 98dB capacity, which works great together with its huge and incredibly well-handled bass. This ensures that the initial sound will not be interrupted even if you play the music at the highest volume


  • Integrated with hybrid tractrix horn
  • Titanium tweeter
  • Bass reflex design
  • Magnetically attached grille
  • Durable polymer veneer finish
  • Built-in MDF


  • Customers only complained about the shipping and packaging system

The fluence brand is renowned for offering a wide range of home theatre speakers and music systems. 

At present, they are one of the most reliable brands in the market. Do you know why? The fantastic thing about its manufacturer is that they offer a lifetime warranty to ensure a secure purchase to its users. Yes, you heard that right, and this unbelievable offer is almost unheard of all other brands out there. Their lifetime warranty is still available with this Signature series Hi-Fi three-way Floor-standing Speaker at only 699 dollars.

Don’t know how the manufacturer has maintained the price level this kind of high-quality speaker?  However, its affordable price has made it stand out amongst the best floor standing speakers under 1000. 

These speakers are more than four feet tall, and each of them weighs around 60lbs. The boxes are made from a black and natural vinyl veneer of MDF finishing. The front portion of the speakers comes from 1.25” MDF. And from the backside, the speaker is integrated with dual ports with flare exists. Its dual 8″ woofers are powerful enough to meet up the low frequencies and fulfill the demand. 

Thus, your music experience will be far better, and you’ll hear every rumble from the most profound bass beats to the most intensive explosions. 

The lows start at 35Hz and keep them up all over. The large expansion of the woofer’s bass creates powerful, undistorted, and straightforward sound to offer you unparalleled music experience. 


  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Lifetime-warranty
  • Dual 8” drivers
  • Powerful handling
  • Four outrigger speakers’ stabilizers
  • Two front magnetic grills


  • Customers wish to have more basses.

We’ve got another high-quality from the MartinLogan, the American speaker manufacturer. It’s also a renowned brand that has a rich history from more than decades. 

Unlike others, this particular speaker features Folded Motion tweeters, and the advantages of that will provide you with a better and impressive performance at high-frequency. 

The Folded Motion tweeter needs 90% less excursion in comparison to the standard one-inch dome tweeter. This is why it’s capable of delivering more precise and detailed sound by eliminating all sorts of distortion.  

The double bass and mid-range drivers are appropriately crafted with premium aluminum, which enhances the stiffness of the cones. This lightweight, yet stable architecture gives a smooth sound with the lowest possible distortion in low frequency. In conjunction with the rear bass ports, the over-sized aluminum drivers offer an unbelievable and powerful, reliable performance. 

Martin Logan Motion 40 has a sleek case with soft edges and a little angled rim. The case of these speakers is well constructed with low resonance and sound coloring. This Tower speaker offers 5-way connecting ports for one- or two-wire / bi-amps. You can also choose either spiked or rubber dome hands, but we suggest that spiked feet be used for maximizing the performance.


  • Folded Motion tweeter
  • Stylish and flawless high-gloss finish
  • Easily blends with every house decors
  • Advanced topology Vojtko crossover
  • Premium quality
  • Aluminum cone woofers
  • Superior sound quality


  • It needs to be connected with an amplifier to improve its bass quality

Three-way speakers have great usability and work as a better hi-fi system by itself. In fact, its components work in three different ways to produce bass, midrange, and treble separately. This means each of the frequencies will have their particular driver for delivering enhanced music. This is why we have picked the SVS Prime Tower Speaker. 

Honestly, there is a lot more complication in the construction of this type of speakers, and not every company can break through this.  However, the SVS company has managed to do that. That’s why this specific speaker is gaining a lot of buzz in the world of floor standing speakers.

The speaker comes with a beautiful finish that suits perfectly with every house decor. The cone material of this device is extremely light and rigid. Besides, it maintains a flat frequency response with the mid-range frequencies and blows of it. It has a 4.5-inch midrange driver, mounted in a dedicated and sealed compartment of its own. Its  driver delivers a color-free, smooth, and clear sound. 

Hence, this speaker offers an effortlessly efficient and balanced bass with double 6.5-inch woofers to calm moods and hit the low-end effects of musical components and movie sounds. Furthermore, the 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter of this device is also small, powerful, and rigid that creates crystal clear sound even at the highest volumes.


  • Mounted with the 4.5-inch midrange driver
  • Dual 6.5-inch woofers
  • Delivers deep and articulate bass
  • Light and rigid cone material
  • Refined topology
  • Delivers high-quality sound in 3.5 way


  • The mid and treble could be better

Sometimes the loudest screamer isn’t always the best thing. This is not entirely the case, but although our favorites are far from shy and retreating, there is certainly room for more suitable options to enter the high table. While others may need consideration, the Debut 2.0 F6.2s doesn’t need any special recognition. These are designed to give clear and descriptive points and give a wide-eyed interpretation of each story. Let’s find out more about it. 

This particular speaker is integrated with the newest technologies. It’s actually the upgraded version of its previous version. That’s why it has a new 25mm silk dome tweeter with wide-dispersion waveguide. Moreover, it has a new woven aramid-fiber woofer, which will be responsible for producing high-quality basses. 

Besides, these speakers feature black vinyl cabinets that come with wrapped MDF. This type of design has made its cabinets durable enough. In addition, its design perfectly blends with every house décor making them more stylish and beautiful. And due to its premium build quality, the device produces well-matched surrounding sounds with the maximum amount of basses throughout the playback. 


  • Sleek design
  • Black vinyl-wrapped MDF cabinets
  • Durable
  • Includes a pair of floor mounts
  • Latest tweeter with wide dispersion waveguide
  • Woven aramid-fiber woofer


  • Some of the customers complained that these speakers have too much treble

The devices of the KLH brand were first founded in 1957, and from then its popularity rose beyond the limit. Generally, they focus on producing high-quality sound systems at an affordable price. The Kendal Floor standing speakers aren’t an exception to this. At present, this particular model is one of the best budget speakers available in the market. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you’ve to sacrifice some features due to its affordable price. Actually, the manufacturer of this speaker has maintained a perfect balance of all the essential features within the price limits. Let’s see what it can provide. 

The unique build quality of KLH Kendall produces more detailed and balanced music throughout every playback.  It’s integrated with Woven Kevlar drivers that combine with anodized aluminum dome tweeters. The production of its high-quality music generally comes from this type of design.  

Besides, it has a solid MDF plinth with chrome-plated floor spikes to keep the speaker stable on the floor. This speaker features wood veneer cabinets in black oak. In addition to that, it has low profile magnetic grilles that provide beautiful appearance of the box. With the advantage of its sleek appearance, you can have an enhanced look in your house. 


  • Produces high-quality sound systems
  • Stylish and real wood veneer cabinets
  • Solid MDF plinth
  • Rubber feet
  • Woven Kevlar drivers
  • Anodized aluminum dome tweeters


  • No fashionable esthetics at all

We’ve come to the end of our review list. And this time we’ve got another product from the Kilpsch. The speaker has a silicon composite hybrid tractrix horn, which increases the efficiency of the speakers. 

Moreover, it provides detailed music focusing on the high-frequencies. The compact silicone phase plug and face ensure that every response remains smooth in high frequencies. As a result, it’ll offer the cleanest and natural sound during every playback.

This speaker comes with exclusive liner travel suspension that minimizes the distortion. You’ll be able to have more enhanced performance because of that. The speaker features a vented tweeter design. And with the benefit of that, the speakers will have a reduced amount of standing waves that are responsible for unwanted harmonics. 

Apart from that, it has Cerametallic woofers, which are pretty much rigid and lighter in weight. And when this woofer combines with its tractrix horn, you will have superior sound quality that will fill your room. The best part of these speakers is that these are available at a very affordable price. This is why this particular speaker is also considered as one of the best speakers under 1500 dollars. 


  • Hybrid tractrix horn
  • LTS titanium diaphragm
  • Cerametallic woofers
  • Distortion-free detailed sound
  • Less turbulent air


  • The connectors are poor in quality

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 2000 Dollars- Buying Guide

Before putting the above products on our list, we had to ensure some key features which are needed for the required support. So, what are the key features based on which we’ve selected the above products? Wanna know? Now that you’ve come this far. Let’s have a discussion on them. 

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 2000 Dollars

The Type of Driver

The specific number of drivers ranges from one to another. Moreover, the unique features of each type are applied to the driver. For high-quality, high-frequency tweeters are needed, which can provide more than 20000Hz sound. 

The tweeters may have different types, but the bell, the cone, and the dome styles are the three primary variations. The woofers and the subwoofers endorse the frequency on the edges. On the other hand, the middle frequencies are done by intermediate drivers. If you can choose the best floor standing speaker under 2000 dollars, you’ll definitely get the premium drivers. So, make sure to choose one of them. 

The Classifications

The floor-standing speakers can generally be classified into three different categories, likely two-way, three-way, and even four-way speakers. This depends on the number of drivers. The two-way versions come with a tweeter and a subwoofer. In contrast to that, the 3-way variants are provided with a tweeter, a midrange, and a woofer. 

The woofers and the subwoofers endorse the frequency on the edges, while the intermediate drivers do the middle frequencies. However, it completely depends on you. Besides, you’ll get all of these speakers within your 2000 dollars budget. So, make sure to choose the best floor standing speaker under 2000 dollars that accurately suits you.

Stylish Cabinet

Not only its appearance and longevity, but also the sound quality is needed to be decided in a large way by the case of a floor-standing speaker. The cabinet must be anti-resonant so that the sound output removes the unnecessary noises produced by the driver. Since the speakers are a large unit, it should also blend into your room’s overall design and look the right way. 

Wooden or wood-like speakers have a decent choice when it comes to the exterior configuration. Therefore, ensure the cabinet with the aid of the right type of foot padding which is protected on the floor or tapestry. You can easily get those simply by purchasing one of the best floor standing speakers under 2000 dollars.

Final Words

You can easily turn your room into your desired musical environment simply by acquiring one of the best floor standing speakers under 2000 dollars. It’ll be better if you make your choice from the above list as we have ensured all the required features before selecting them. So, choose one from there that accurately suits you. By the way, ensure the correct positioning of your speakers to enjoy the crunchy taste of music.  

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