How to Replace A Two Handle Bathtub Faucet

Actually, there are different types of bathtub faucets, and each of them varies on their functionality. You can bring one from the best faucet brands and acquire the elegant bathroom design. But the real problem starts when you’re about to replace the older one. You can seek the expert’s help, but if you want to complete the task yourself, we can help you out. So, let’s see how to replace a two handle bathtub faucet with some simple tactics. 
The functionality of the faucet generally depends on its valves and handles. These things are responsible for controlling the temperature as well as the flow of water. In certain circumstances, one of these elements creates faucet issues. It is not complicated to install or replace a bathtub faucet, but the procedure depends on the plumbing and the complexity of the issue. So, let’s sort things out. 

Replace A Two Handle Bathtub Faucet

How to Replace A Two Handle Bathtub Faucet?
What do you think? Nah! It’s not that hard. Honestly, the DIY method of replacing a faucet is easier than you imagine. But first of all, we’re gonna need some tools:

Step 1: Turn Off the Water Supply

How to Replace A Two Handle Bathtub Faucet?
At first, you have to shut the water supply off. If the valves are separated in your bathtub, just turn that off. 
Most of these valves are usually placed outside (in the basement or outside of the house), you should start looking there. But if you are unable to find the valve or are confused about its position, ask a plumber for advice.
Make sure to pick a time when there is no need for water. It’s because when you turn off the valve, it’ll disable all water supplies in your house. So, it’ll be better if you start the process when you’re alone. 

Step 2: Drain the Faucet

When you detach the faucet, there will be a water mess around you. In order to avoid this mess, you should drain the faucet completely before disconnecting it.

Step 3: Removing the Handle Cover

Did you notice the small piece of plastic in the center of the handle? Yes, that’s the cover. It usually sits in the center of the handle. It covers the screw that keeps the attachment secure. 
To remove the cover, use a flathead screwdriver and then slide it under the plastic cover gently. 

Step 4: Remove the Screws

Before you start, make sure to cover the drained case because these little things always run through it. That’s literally the most annoying thing. 
Now, take the screwdriver and remover the screw under the cover. Make sure to use to counterclockwise. Actually, the model varies, so; you may find multiple screws. If you have found these, then use the same process to pull them out. 
Keep the screws at a secured place near to you so that you can easily find them. 

Step 5 Remove the Stem

The thing that usually sticks out of the wall have you noticed that? Yes, that’s the stem of the faucet. Actually, it’s similar to a pipe and regulates the tap. It can be detached by using both pliers and socket wrench. You can choose one based on the setup.
In this case, if you find that the nuts are outside of the wall, simply use the pliers for quick operation. On the contrary, if you’re unable to find the nut, then use the socket wrench.
Drive the hollow wrench across the stem. After that, use the pliers and rotate the stem counterclockwise until it gets loosen. When it gets loosen, take it out from the wall. For two-handled faucets, do the same for both.

Step 6: Removing the Spout

To start the process, you’ve to first check the spout and figure out the screws of the faucet that has secured it. Oh! Wait wait! Wrap a cloth across the faucet before starting the process. It’ll help you to avoid the scratches during the operation. 
Still, looking for the screws? Look underneath the faucet. That’s the place where these are usually located. Got them! Good! Now, take the Allen Wrench and use it counterclockwise until it gets loosen. After removing the screw, you’ll be able to detach the spout from the pipe easily. 
If there isn’t really any screw, then what?  Okay, stop looking for one, your spout has inside thread design. This type of faucets avoids the use of screws. So, you just have to rotate it counterclockwise. 

Step 7: Measurement of the Pipe

As you’ve removed the faucet, it’s time for the measurement of the pipe. For that, you can simply use your regular tape and then measure the distance from the wall of the tubing. It will be better if you write down the measurement on paper. 

How to Install a New Faucet

How to Install a New Faucet
Okay, we’ve finished the detachment. Let’s see how you can install a new faucet. 

Step 1: Choosing a New Faucet

 First of all, you’ve choose a new faucet from your nearest store. While choosing a new faucet, most of us struggle to find an accurate size. That’s why it’ll be better if you take your previous faucet with you.  And then bring the best modern bathroom faucet that perfectly matches with the older one.
If you can acquire a facet that includes the essential kits like handles and stems, it’ll make the whole installation process an easier one. 

Step2: Installation of the Stem

Okay, now that you’ve bought a perfect faucet, place accurately by using the threads at the previous place. After that, start tightening clockwise. When you’ll finish tightening it by your hand, use the socket wrench and pliers to make secure the connection further. 
And for two-handles or more, make sure to screw each of them with a particular stem.

Step2: Installation of the Stem

After the installation of the stem, now you’ve to attach the handles. 
Well, to prevent further leakage of water that may enter the wall, you can use the caulk sealers. These are the handiest items for closing the unusual gaps. You can easily find them at your nearest store.
That’s all; you’re done. Your new bathtub faucet is ready to use. 

Final Words

Honestly, these are the simplest tactics for replacing your bathtub faucet. No matters if it’s single or two handles, you can apply these methods on both of them. Hope the fact is clear now. If you got something more, then let’s see “How to replace a two handle bathtub faucet with your techniques?” However, if you need to replace your old spout that has stuck, then you can visit our complete guide about that.