Honestly, there is nothing as exciting as the bleep bleep sound of a metal detector. It allows people to discover the hidden treasures and give them a taste of buried history. At present, millions of people are out there with their metal detectors to take this most excellent taste.
The modern metal detectors are featured with all the latest technologies, enabling them with the same capabilities as the one used in military and security services. You can simply get one of them from our buying guide where we’ve reviewed some of the best metal detector brands.
Anyway, a high-quality metal detector can find out the valuable relics from a good depth. They usually operate on the science of electromagnetism. But do you know how does metal detector work? Come with us and let’s find out.

How Does Metal Detector Work?

A metal detector usually works by the transmission of an electromagnetic field that generates from the search coil. If any metal objects come within this field range, it becomes strengthened and retransmits their own magnetic field inside the ground. After that, the search coil of the detector receives this retransmission and alerts the user by creating a certain response.

Some of the metal detectors are even capable of producing a different sound for different types of targets. With the benefit of that, you’ll be able to distinguish between the metal types.

Sounds a bit complicated, right? The modern technology has made all these things possible. And due to that soil, dirt, or water, nothing affects them a bit. Now, let’s what are the things that you will get with a metal detector.

1. Battery

It is the primary power source of a detector. Usually, it’s located at the of a metal detector, but sometimes the location may vary with the design.

2. Control Box

The control box contains all the electronic joints and equipment of the detector. This is the main place where the signals are generated and receive.

3. Search Coil

How Does Metal Detector Work

As we’ve mentioned above, a search coil is used for creating an electromagnetic field and detect the targets within its range. It’s placed at the bottom. See that round disk-type design, that’s where the search coil is placed.

4. Handle and Screen

The modern metal detectors are equipped with a user-friendly viewing screen, where you can see the exact information. And the handle will provide you with the easiest way to hold and locate the treasures from the ground.

Okay, now let’s see how they work with the combination of all these things.

Breaking the Codes


The frequency level of the machine indicates how well they can detect the targets. If the metal detector operates on high-frequency, it will be more sensitive to the small targets. On the other hand, if the metal detector operates on low-frequency, it will add more depth for the large targets.

Ground Balance

Ground Balance is one kind of setting that improves the extent of detection in mineralized soil. There are usually different types of minerals inside the ground like salts, wet beach sand, or iron particles. These are natural elements, but they are really a great obstacle when working with metal detectors.

These minerals create similar responses like the targets. In fact, the small items can be easily masked by these minerals and prevent you from locating them. But when your machine is featured with Ground Balance Setting, you can easily avoid those misleading signals.


This feature is only available in the modern metal detectors, and honestly, these are way more useful to acquire the exact targets. It enables the machine to distinguish the targets into conductive and ferrous properties.

As a result, you’ll be able to identify your desired metals and take them out from the ground. When your metal detector has this discrimination feature, you’ll also be able to avoid the junks and identify the real metals.

How Deep Can a Metal Detector Go?

Well, it actually depends on the diameter of your metal detector. With the larger coils, you can detect the metals deeper. The simple answer to this question is that “as deep as the diameter of the coil.” So, if you want to take out the treasures from deep in the soil, you’ve to select those devices that are featured with a large coil.

On the contrary, the depth of operation also depends on the technology and different environmental factors. So, you’ve to pay proper attention to these factors. You can get’em easily through our article, we’ve given the link at the starting, make sure to check’em out.  

Final Words

So, how does metal detector work? Have you got your answer? The technology used in these devices is confusing, but we hope the above factors will be helpful for you to understand. If you got any questions, let’s know through the comment section below.