The joyous feeling of finding the hidden treasures is literally indescribable. In fact, hobbies have their own benefits, and detecting metals is one of those hobbies that can fill your heart with the highest quantity of pleasure.
Underwater treasure hunting is one of the most exciting experiences. You can relocate thousands of years buried treasures from there. Who knows if you can get the hidden treasure of Captain Jack Sparrow?  But the question is, can this be done with a metal detector? Are metal detectors waterproof? Let’s find out.

Are Metal Detectors Waterproof?

Are Metal Detectors Waterproof
The initial answer to this question is Yes, most of the modern metal detectors are waterproof. These metal detecting machines are equipped with a waterproof search coil. That’s why they are entirely free of all types of water caused damage.
But the case isn’t the same with the entire metal detector. With the advantage of a waterproof search coil, you can submerge it into the water, but immersing the whole metal detector is completely a different thing.
Metal detectors usually work on different factors and several types of electrical equipment. That’s why when you’re gonna submerge the entire machine, its electrical parts can be damaged significantly. Thus, your newly bought metal detector can get ruined.
If you wanna be more clear, you can check our article on “How a metal detector works?” We’ve cleared every factor there, and that will be quite helpful for you to understand.
Anyway, some parts of a metal detector are waterproof, indeed. On the contrary, some other parts may not be as waterproof as needed.
In fact, each metal detector has different construction, and the answer to your question mostly depends on the build-quality. There some renowned brands of the metal detecting machine that will allow you to submerge it completely. But some can be partially submerged.

Depth of Water

In this case, the depth of water is a great factor. The manufacturer of a metal detector ensures a certain depth, depending on which the machine can be submerged. This means your metal detector is suitable to survive up to that depth, and you can submerge the machine based on that.
If you look close to the specifications of your preferable machine, you’ll clearly notice these types of information. So, if you’ve intended to buy a waterproof metal detector, you must pay proper attention to its specification.
Well, you can easily acquire one of the best options from our article where we’ve reviewed some of the best metal detector brands. You’ll get both types of machines and pick one of your favorite items without any hassle.

Is A Metal Detector Becomes Damage After Getting Wet?

Metal detectors usually come with a control box. This control box will provide you with different types of settings like discrimination, pinpoint, sensitivity, and much more. The control is equipped with batteries and essential electronic circuits.
Actually, the battery is its original power source of the machine that supplies adequate power to the circuit and makes the entire machine work.
But the thing to worry about is that when you’ll combine all these electric parts and batteries with water. It’ll surely cause several types of damages or complete failure to your machine.
Therefore, you must keep the control box out of the water every time. Even if your device is marked to be waterproof, it’s always recommended to keep the control box away from the weather.
In fact, water-resistance and waterproof are two different things, but we usually become confused and mix both of these terms with one another. Let’s find out the difference.

Difference Between Waterproof and Water-resistant Metal Detectors

Well, waterproof indicates that the electronic components will remain protected from water. This water will not be able to penetrate inside and damage the electronic parts.

On the contrary, water-resistant means a smaller amount of water won’t impact the device’s electronic units. This means you’re allowed to use the machine in the rain, the rain shower is okay for the machine. But you can’t submerge it entirely underwater. Doing that can cause failure and damage, as we’ve mentioned above.

You’ll quickly notice if water gets into your metal detector. There will be continuous beeping, additional noises, false reading. These are the initial signs when your metal detector gets damaged. Due to that, your device will stop working when you’ll expose it to the sea.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t put the coil inside of the water. If your detector isn’t waterproof, but its coil is, you can feel free to submerge it inside water. Just make sure to save the control box from water.

What to Do If A Metal Detector Gets Wet?

In case, if the unusual thing happens and water gets into your metal detector, turn the machine off instantly. Then take out the battery from the control box, it’ll reduce the chances of further damages. Now, follow these simple steps:

Final Words

So, if we come to the appropriate answer to the question, “Are metal detectors waterproof?” The answer depends on the build-quality. If the construction of your metal detector stops water from going inside, then you can submerge them. This is what makes the device waterproof.

So, ensure the specifications and acquire the waterproof metal detectors from the variety. If you still have any confusion, let us know through the comment section below.