Where to Put A Humidifier

Humidifiers are great for increasing your comfort and keep you healthy. So, if you’ve bought a humidifier for this convenience, then first find the answers to these questions: 
There are a bunch of usabilities of a humidifier. It raises the humidity of your home, combat acne and dry skin, and enhance your sleep. Even you can get relief from your sinus problems through these. But why exactly do you need them? 
Humidifier models vary in the size of the room. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the size of the place where the humidifier is going to be used. So, big is your room or your entire house? 
If you’re bringing a large unit to cover the entire house, they might be a little loud. The loudness can be still seen in some cheap models. Is your humidifying system too loud? Can you tolerate them? 
You can get a perfect solution if you can acquire one from the best humidifier brands; the real problem starts with the placement. The task is quite confusing too. And finally, where to put a humidifier?
Come with us and let’s sort things out.
Where to Put Humidifier?
Look, the proper positioning of the humidifier is necessary to ensure the optimum efficiency of these machines. But where would you place them? In the living room (where you spend more time)? Or in your bedroom (where you want to have a pleasant sleep)? Quite confusing, right? Told you!! To be frank, you should place them where you need them most.
But first of all, you have to choose an appropriate humidifier that efficiently cooperates with your room size. So, let’s find out the accurate height of the placement of your humidifier. 


If you ask about the accurate height of putting a humidifier, every expert will firstly suggest to put it above the ground level. It’s the most acceptable height, indeed. So, it’ll be ideal for placing your humidifying system above the ground level. A humidifying machine removes the dryness of the air and increases the humidity level.

But its moisturizing output can eventually make it slippery and damp. Consequently, this can invite some unwanted guests like mold and mildews. And their development will also be visible on your floor, under your carpet and some other places near to the device. So, what to do then?

Don’t worry, as we’ve said; you should keep it above the ground level. Simply place the device on a small-sized table or any other place with at least two feet of height. In this case, putting a towel under the humidifier machine will be ideal for protecting your furniture from the moistures. 

Placing a Humidifier in Your Living Room

Placing a Humidifier in Your Living Room

The living room usually has got the largest area in our house. So, if you’re going to install a humidifier in your living room, you’ve got to choose something powerful enough to cover that wide area. After all, placing a humidifier in there will be beneficial for everybody. Well, if you intended to do that, you have to keep few things in your consideration. 

First of all, you’ve to look after your wooden surfaces because they may get ruined by the mists. Using a particular plastic table for the humidifier will reduce the chances. You can also follow the previous method by putting a towel under it. But sometimes the water may leak for which you can use a plastic tray under the humidifier. 

You can also follow the previous method by putting a towel under it. But sometimes the water may leak for which you can use a plastic tray under the humidifier. Most importantly, never place a humidifier near a register or a vent. You might distort the relative humidity reading if your living room is quite heated, and the humidifier is placed at the heated corner.

In most cases, the air from the ventilation or registry is very poor in moisture. The incorporated hygrometers of several humidifiers fail to understand this low humidity and start to operate even faster than needed. But if they are situated at the central point of a living room, this won’t happen.   

Where to Put a Humidifier in Your Bedroom?

To place a humidifier in your bedroom, you have to first ensure a specific position for the humidifier. Keep in mind that the positioning should be perfect so that the hygrometer can quickly figure out the location where your bedroom needs the humidifier most. 

In this case, you have to choose the size based on the people in your bedroom. If there are fewer people(two), you may operate with a small humidifier. But if you’ve got more, the humidifier should be large enough to supply its usability. Well, the corner of your bedroom is the best place to put a large humidifier.

Where to Put a Humidifier in a Baby’s Room?

A humidifier can work like a sorcerer in your kid’s room. It keeps them protected against the harmful effects of very dry weather. So, if you’re planning to place a humidifier in your baby’s room, that’s going to be an effective idea for their comfort. 

But first, some safety measures should be taken. We mean, you’ve to keep the device away from the reach of your baby. And for that, you can put the device on the top of a table or nightstand. Make sure to buy a plastic tray before putting the humidifier there. However, if you’re placing it on the mattress, don’t forget to put a piece of cardboard under it. Simply cut a piece from an unused box.  

Where to Put a Humidifier in the Office?

Where to Put a Humidifier in the Office

If your workplace is in a cubicle or open place, air might be really dry in there; then, you should carry a portable humidifier with you. You won’t have to buy a large device for increasing the humidity level of your private room.

There are several portable models of humidifiers available in the market. Some of them can even be powered through USB. They’re literally the best options for this type of usage. Although the portable version may not be powerful enough to humidify the entire office, they’re great for the small areas.

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Best Placement of Cool-mist Humidifiers

Best Placement of Cool-mist Humidifiers

If you have bought a cool-mist humidifier, it is a smart idea to put the humidifier next to the bed. These are ideal for keeping you comfortable and let you sleep better.

Best Placement of Warm-mist Humidifiers

You need to be very wary while putting a warm-mist humidifier in your room. While warm-mist humidifiers can effectively alleviate discomfort related to colds and allergens, keep them only near your bed when you’re not asleep.

In contrast to that, if you’re putting them near your bed while sleeping, make sure to put them at a safer distance in a stable place. It’s because a warm-mist humidifier uses boiling water for humidifying the air, and if you aren’t cautious enough, it can lead you to some unwanted accidents.

Final Words

Wow! That’s a wide discussion of where you can easily select the best placement of your humidifier. So, where to put a humidifier? Is it clear to you now? Hope things will be more convenient from now. However, if you find any other suitable places for the placement, feel free to let’s know in the comment section below.