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Best Humidifier for Sinus Congestion- Farewell to Illnesses! Say Goodbye!

Do you know, the dryness of the air can contribute to sinusitis problem and make it even worse than before? Yes, that’s why the sinus problem is usually seen during the dryness of winter. The initial symptoms of sinus congestion appear through cracked lips, coughing discomfort, and even dry eyes. Honestly, these are enough to extend the discomfort to the next level. But the sinusitis problem has something more to offer, namely, nasal discharge, sore throat, nasal pain and congestion, throat irritation, and coughs. What else would you need to feel the discomfort to the fullest, sinus congestion gonna provide you with all of them?

Wanna acquire a permanent solution to these annoying problems? Frankly, there is some specific type of humidifiers that are generally made for this purpose. These devices act as a magician, to reduce the dryness of the air and create the required amount of moisture.  You just have to pick the best humidifier for sinus congestion to reach the desired efficiency.

But is it really as easy as it sounds? Of course not. The wide variety of the present market won’t let you do that easily. As we’ve told you, all of them were not built to fight the sinus problem. So, what type of humidifier is best for sinus congestion? There are several factors which are needed to be looked for before purchasing the best humidifier. That’s really a time-consuming task, right?  

This is why we’ve completed the hardest part for you. Our team has just completed our research and managed to find out the top 10 best humidifiers. So, let’s dive in!

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Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier​

1. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier​

Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom​

2. Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom​

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier​

3. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier​

Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier​

4. Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier​

Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser​

5. Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser​

Levoit Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom​

6. Levoit Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom​

Vicks Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier​

7. Vicks Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier​

Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier​

8. Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier​

AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Humidifier​

9. AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Humidifier​

JZK Mini Portable Personal Cool Mist Air Humidifier​

10. JZK Mini Portable Personal Cool Mist Air Humidifier​

Top 10 Best Humidifier for Sinus Congestion Review 2020

Everybody wishes to acquire the best of the best that suits them accurately within their budget. You’re not an exception to this, right? This is why we dug deep and prepared this buying guide. Let’s check it out.

Where four-liter humidifiers can run only for 10 hours, this little with its 1.5-liter tank can run up to 16 hours. Yes, you heard that right, though it has a 1.5-liter tank, it can provide you with the required amount of support for 16 hours. So, just fill the tank and stay relaxed. Actually, this is why Pure Enrichment is extremely popular. This little device is one of the best-selling products in Amazon that has earned over twenty thousand ratings within a short time.

The design of this machine makes it look identical to a water droplet and can be conveniently placed wherever you want, whether on the top corner of your room or on a small booth or bookcase. It’ll easily blend with every house decor and make it more enhanced. On the other hand, the device creates a little amount of sound so that you can enjoy your favorite match without any disturbance.

Pure Enrichment will always provide you with the advancement of technology. And so, when you’ll turn the Ultra Sonic Mist Humidifier on, its power button will shine blue. In fact, you can also illuminate water the tank if you want, only by changing the setting. This means the humidifier can also be used as a blue night light. The lighting features genuinely would give you a more futuristic feel, as compared to others.

Thankfully, the humidifier features the automatic shut off feature. So, you can rest and relax while its pre-programmed function will automatically turn it off.



In dry seasons, allergens and airborne viruses present at a higher risk, which can lead you to sinus problems. So, it’s essential to find a quality humidifier. This is why we’ve chosen the Everlasting Comfort Humidifier to keep the humidity level at an optimal level and prevent all those issues from the air.

The humidifier has a built-in oil diffuser that creates aromatherapy to enhance the atmosphere naturally. This means you’ll be able to enjoy natural, fresh air throughout the usage of this humidifier. The good thing is that this type of oil is excellent for sinus congestion, and its properties improve our mood.

The humidifier has a built-in oil diffuser that creates aromatherapy to enhance the atmosphere naturally. This means you’ll be able to enjoy natural, fresh air throughout the usage of this humidifier. The good thing is that this type of oil is excellent for sinus congestions, and its properties improve our mood.

The best part of this humidifier is its 6-liter water tank. Yes, 6 liters, and you won’t have to refill the tank for up to 6 days. Besides, the device has 270 ml per hour mist output to keep the moisture above 43%. Moreover, it has an automatic shut off feature and a 360-degree rotating mist nozzle. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable night without any disturbance.   



If you live in a dry area where the humidity level is lower than the demand, then you need to find something which can effectively humidify your room. So, this time you’ve picked one from the best humidifier brands. In the competitive world of the humidifier, Vicks Warm Mist has made its successful debut due to its usability.

The features of this device will effectively humidify and fill the air with the required amount of moisture. So, you’ll be able to get frequent relief from sinus congestion, dry cough, nose irritations, or any other that is caused by the dryness of the air.

The humidifier will easily fit in every room because of its modern and elegant design. Besides, cleaning this particular device can be done most conveniently. Most of its parts are dishwasher safe so that you can bleach or soak them appropriately. Thus, ensure proper maintenance every week and make sure of its long lifespan.

Just like the above products, the Vicks Warm Mist also has an automatic shut-off feature, and you are familiar with the benefits of this setting. However, the unique thing about this little device is noticeable in its controls. Once you turn the switch on, its controls will light up and glow to give you a modern feel. Moreover, you can also use it as a soft glowing nightlight.  

Actually, the humidifier uses boiled water during the operation. And the advantages of boiled water into the mist will remove 95% of bacteria from the air. However, the boiling water procedure doesn’t make the device a silent one, but its sound slightly noticeable. So, there’s nothing to worry about.



If the air in your home is dry, it can somehow trigger the allergens, including different types of cold symptoms. In order to provide you with something to fight with this type of situation, we’ve picked the Honeywell HCM350W.  Mist nozzle is quite common in humidifiers, and most of the present company uses this. However, the uniqueness of Honeywell avoids such settings and uses fans instead of the mist nozzle. And due to its fan circulated mist, it fills the air with 40 to 60 percent more moisture. In fact, there will be no visible stream in this humidifier for this kind of technology.

This little device from Honeywell comes with a one-gallon water tank, and if you put the setting on low, it can run up to 24 hours. And it’s beautifully designed to suit every countertop of your shelf or table. This is why the humidifier will be a great addition for your bedroom, medium-sized rooms, and office. Just fill the tank and enjoy the crisp, fresh air provided by this humidifier.

The humidifier is integrated with UV technology, which sanitizes the water properly and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria. Moreover, it has a mist evaporating wicking filter. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the adequate humidity of the air with superior purity. Besides, this feature has made the device made it the best humidifier for allergies.  



You might be a bit picky and looking for something that has a unique design. Well, we’ve got good news for you. To provide you with a convenient yet stylish design, we’ve picked Homsay Cool Mist Humidifier. It comes with a one-piece top-fill opening design, so cleaning or refilling this device will be relatively more accessible than others in this list. You won’t have to follow the complicated process and remove the tank anymore. Simply twist the cover down and add water directly through its wide opening, it’s that much simple.

Another uniqueness of this device has enabled it with a multi-color mood light feature. Yes, you’ll get seven optional color mood lights available with this particular humidifier. So, choose your favorite color and change the mood instantly. However, don’t claim the manufacturer because the multi-color nightlight will immediately change the weather and fill it with irresistible romanticness. This is why the Homasy humidifier can also be considered as the best humidifier for the bedroom.  

The humidifier is compatible with essential oil. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet fragrance and acquire peace of mind; by merely adding some oils into the water tank. The humidifier is featured with two mist levels settings and sleep mode. 

So, you’ll have full control over the device and set the levels according to your needs. When you use the sleep mode, the mood light and indicator light will be turned off for enabling you with a disturbance-free sleep.



You might not be satisfied with the above products and looking for the best humidifier for a large room, right? If the answer is “yes,” you can undoubtedly choose the Levoit Humidifiers to quench your thirst. Its features have not only made it capable of covering larger rooms but also placed it with the top products of the best humidifier for sinus congestion. Let’s see what it can provide.

In comparison to others, this particular humidifier is integrated with a huge (six-liter) water tank. As a result, it can run up to 36 hours with a single filling of water. 

Besides, the water tank is entirely made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is durable enough to resist all sorts of cracks and leakage. So, you won’t have to worry about the leakage while using the device.

The best part of this humidifier is that you’ll be able to set the device into both warm and cool mist mode, and each of them comes with three different humidity levels. So, you can choose one of your preferred levels according to the requirement of your sinus congestion. Moreover, the device also detects the actual humidity level of your room and allow you to set the level as you want.

This humidifier from Levoit uses PTC heating technology and uses steam to humidify the room. Due to its steam humidifying system, it kills almost every bacteria in the air. Thus, you will get pure and healthy air to breathe in. Moreover, the device is relatively quiet, and there’s a particular aroma chamber for adding essential oils too. 



Dry air can lead you to several sinus problems, dry skin, nose bleed, and even asthma.  Yes, the dryness of the air is mainly responsible for your asthmatic problem.  So, this why you need to choose the best humidifier for asthma. And so, once again, our review list is followed by another best humidifier from the Vicks. The Vicks Humidifiers have maintained their popularity because of their enhanced products, loaded with a bunch of features. So, let’s see what you’ll get from this particular device.

First of all, the filter-free design of this device will undoubtedly amaze you. Honestly, the replacement of the filter can be a bit complicated, but if you are buying this particular device, you won’t have face the replacement problem anymore. Besides, the device is equipped with a 1.2-gallon water tank. So, it’ll provide you with continuous mist up to 33 hours.

The humidifier is relatively quiet so, there will be disturbance even if you put it in your baby’s bedroom. In order to provide you with a pleasant sleep, the device uses Vick’s special vaporizing system.  And due to the benefits of its steam inhaler, you’ll get relief from all types of cough and congestions.  As you result, you’ll be able to breathe more comfortably and better by using this device.

The design of this humidifier will appropriately blend with the style in your room. Also, its design has made the device easier to clean. In 2019, this humidifier was recognized as the best humidifier to relieve cold and allergy and as the best easy to clean humidifier too. So, there’s nothing to hesitate; you can entirely rely on this device.



You might be looking for a humidifier for your personal use. If that’s the truth, then the above products are worthless for you. So, leave all of the previous products and concentrate on the review of the Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier. The product comes with the most straightforward design to fulfill your personal needs.

For personal use, the portable feature is a must, right? This is where most other humidifiers fail. But the case is not the same with this particular device. Thankfully, it has a completely cordless design that enables superior portability. The device is actually powered by 3 AA battery, so; you can take the device anywhere you go and enjoy the cool mist.

The compact and lightweight design of this device makes it perfect to use in every place. Yes, it’s usable in your bedroom, car, office, and even on flights. Besides, the device uses regular water bottles and with standard-sized necks. So, there’ll be nothing complicated.

Like the above products, this one also capable of humidifying the air quickly. Moreover, the device is quiet too. It’s because of the ultrasonic technology of PureMist that operates under 15 decibels. You’ll also get the automatic shut-off option. So, adjust the time with its timer based on your need and relax.



Well, the previous products were only useful for medium or large-sized rooms. But this time we’ve got something more efficient. The Aircare EP9 800 is capable of humidifying the entire others. Yes, its humidifying system can cover up to 2400 square feet. Its wide area coverage has made it a perfect one for both home and office use. 

So, why you would buy a particular humidifier for a specific room if you can just make the job done by bringing the EP9 800 home.

This humidifier is featured with all the required features or maybe something more to amaze you from the first glance. Let’s find out!And the best part of this product is that the manufacturer of this device will offer all these features with a lifetime warranty so that you can ensure a secure purchase of the product.

Although this humidifier is pretty large than the others, its large shape has enabled with lots of advantages. It has a front fill door opening from the front part. And that’s why refilling will be much easier, avoiding all the complicated process.

The humidifier is integrated with digital controls to enable you with précised controlling capability. The unique thing about this humidifier is that it has nine-speed settings. This means you’ll be able to acquire your desired humidity level with an accurate setting.

Moreover, you’ll this humidifier will provide you with all the required digital notifications. It comes with the filter check functions that notifies you when the filter is needed to be checked or change. There’s also the automatic shut-off option—a totally convenient way to get perfect humidified air.



It looks like we’ve come to an end of our review list. So, you’ve chosen the JZK Mini Humidifier as our ending product. But as always, “last but not the least one.” This mini humidifier might be smaller in size but has everything that required for your desired support. Its compact and small size has made it a perfect one office, bedroom, or any other personal use.

This humidifier uses stream mist technology. Moreover, it’s capable of providing both warm and cool mist. This means both types of mists will be available for you; just choose one according to your needs and demand.  However, for pouring water into the humidifier, you just have to detach the lid and attach it tightly. It’s that much simple, no complications.

The humidifier runs by using a USB cable. So, you can use your laptop or any other suitable device to power on the device.  Apart from that, this little humidifier is featured with an internal nightlight, and thus it’ll be more attractive during your bedtime. Furthermore, it’ll also provide you with two premium cotton filter to eliminate all the pollutants from the air.

It might not be a big one to fill the large rooms with mists. But if you’re looking for something for your personal use and small area coverage, it can be considered as the best humidifier for sinus congestion.



Best Humidifier for Sinus Congestion- Buying Guide

Are you the one who thinks that all the products are the same? Actually, they aren’t. Each of the products is manufactured based on the needs and demands of several customers. Honestly, we didn’t just pick the above products randomly and put them in.  As you’re looking for the best humidifier for sinus congestion, we had to ensure some key features. Wanna know what those are? Let’s discuss them.

Best Humidifier for Sinus Congestion


A variety of specific forms of humidifiers have to be taken into consideration before making any particular purchase. However, each of them has its own advantages and usability.

When you dive into the humidifiers world, the ultrasonic humidifier is the one you’ll find among the most popular types. Actually, they use ultrasonic vibrations while creating both cool and warm mist. In this case, the cost of the unit differs based on its size. The best part of ultrasonic humidifiers is that they are relatively safer for the children. This is why these are the best humidifier for sinus congestion.

Next, there are the evaporates type. In order to increase the humidity level, this type of humidifier uses fans and transfer the humidity by its integrated filter.  However, they can sometimes produce too much water and ruin the furniture around them. This could also be a problem for people with asthma because mold development is likely to increase. 

The size also ensures that only one particular room can be moisturized appropriately, but because of its low price, it is inexpensive to buy. So, if you’re going to use them, it’ll be better to buy a few of them.

You can even select a single humidifying machine if you don’t want to bother with the smaller units. These are generally installed in the heater or air conditioner system of your house. Although they might be a bit more expensive, they will humidify the entire home. So, you won’t have to buy a particular one for every single room. Besides, they are completely safe for the entire family.

The Capacity of the Water Tank

The water tank capacity corresponds to the average water that can be stored within the water tank. Typically, the tank’s length is less than the unit size. The smaller humidifiers can usually hold just a few liters of water and have a smaller capacity. The bigger humidifier will hold a lot more. Therefore, the water tank’s size defines the length of the device. The availability of more water will generate more mist, and thus it’ll provide you with long time support.


If you’re looking for the best humidifier for sinus congestion, it’s crucial for you to ensure the area coverage capability of the device. To be frank, bringing a humidifier with limited coverage will not work properly in a large area. Fortunately, several companies include the specifications of their products with this information so that you can understand how much research is needed to be performed in the room in which you intended to use the humidifiers.

You should always keep in mind that the large size of the machine determines the wider area coverage capability of the device. For example, if you bring the JZK mini humidifier, it’ll be excellent for a small cabinet, office, or car. But they aren’t a suitable one for placing in your large bedroom. 

On the contrary, AIRCARE EP9 800 is efficient enough to moisturize your whole flat or your little house. The wider place you intend to cover, the better the humidifier you need. So, make sure to buy the best humidifier for sinus congestion based on the area you want them to cover.

Sound Level

The intensity of sound is another important thing to consider for every humidifier. Obviously, if you have a louder machine next to your room, you’ll not be able to sleep properly, so you’ll definitely want a setup that will not wake you up in the middle of the night. This is also relevant when you use the device in a child’s room. This might not seem like a huge issue in a public place, but if you have to turn your TV or shout for a chat, you’d like to have given more heed to this feature while searching for the best humidifier for sinus congestion.

Final Words

If you’re living in a dry area, then no-one feels the sinus problem more than you. Honestly, things can get worsen and unbearable if proper actions are not taken to solve this problem. Moreover, it can lead you to several skin and health issues. 

However, if you can acquire the best humidifier for sinus congestion, you instantly fill the air with the required amount of moisture. These small devices not only allow you to breathe properly but also cleans the air appropriately. So, hurry up and pick one from the above list to put an end to your sufferings.