When you hold a metal detector, there will be a whole new universe under your hand. From your garden or backyard to the beach or forest trails, it opens a new landscape that needs to be explored. And that’s all up to you!!
A metal detector can relocate a thousand-year buried treasure, and that’s obviously the most exciting thing. Anyway, gold detectors and metal detectors have some differences we all know. In fact, gold detectors are specially made for locating golds, but can metal detectors detect gold?
Well, a metal detector usually operates on a specific type of electromagnetic field. When any object is being caught in this field, it gives the user sound alert. You can check how metal detectors work for more details.
But the technology has changed considerably, and the capabilities of a modern metal detecting unit are far greater than you can imagine. They are loaded with essential features that will allow you to figure the metal type, their depth, and much more. So, let’s see if you can use them for detecting gold or not!

Can Metal Detectors Detect Gold?

Can Metal Detectors Detect Gold
The simple answer to this question is “yes,” they can. In fact, all modern detectors can detect gold if they’re in the ground. This means the gold detectors aren’t only the game-changer here. Your newly bought metal detecting machine is also going to find some riches for you, cheers!  
As we’ve said above, a high-quality metal detector comes with lots of special features, and they’re specially designed too.
These metal detectors mineralize ground and reduce false indications to detect tiny targets. Moreover, they’re featured with a discrimination feature that enables the machine to distinguish among the metals.
With the advantage of this feature, you’ll be able to set a specific metal type (gold obviously) and acquire the desired result. When you change the setting into this, the machine will only give the indication when there is gold underneath.
So, you can avoid the false reading and get the exact indication if there is any gold presence. Isn’t that great?
Remember, there several types of metal detectors, and all of them can’t detect gold. A metal detector must have special capabilities like mineralization, discrimination, depth, metal size, etc.
You can check out our article, where we’ve reviewed some of the best metal detector brands if you prefer to buy something special (for detecting golds, especially).
Okay, things are quite clear for you now, aren’t they? But maybe you’re wondering why most of them can’t detect gold? Let’s find out the reasons!

Can Metal Detectors Detect Gold?

Can Metal Detectors Detect Gold
If you’ve read our suggested article, you’ve learned how a metal detector actually works. A metal detector actually operates on a few factors, and based on those factors; they provide the response you get.
The accuracy and functionality of the machine largely depend on them. The imbalance of these settings and features is the main reason for their inability. Let’s have a look at these features.

Diving In!

The frequency level of a metal detector plays a significant role in finding the gold or gold nuggets. In this case, the detectors that operate on low frequencies aren’t going to deliver pinpoint accuracy while finding the golds. 
Due to the size of the gold and their low conductivity, those devices can’t detect the golds most of the time.
Alternatively, metal detectors with higher frequency are suitable for identifying small materials and golds. In reality, the conductivity of gold works better with higher frequency waves. At least, they’re far better than lower ones. 
Higher frequency is more responsive and gives accurate readings for small objects. So, if you’re going to target the smaller materials, then keep this in mind before buying a metal detector. 
The specific metal detectors for finding gold comes in two types, multi-frequency and PI-type. These are the two most expensive metal detectors, indeed. But they can offer you the best features you’ve always desired. 
The places where Golds are mostly found are high mineralization. This means your metal detector’s signals have to go through a lot of minerals like salt and many other things.
These minerals create a great obstacle to acquiring adequate conductivity for detecting metals. In this case, the machines that are optimized and can penetrate through these materials will give you the gold’s accurate location.

Will Metal Detector Find Gold Ring?

Can Metal Detectors Detect Gold

What do you think? Can your metal detector find them? Look, if your metal detector is capable of finding gold nuggets or gold coins, they can surely find your gold rings. So, the answer is yes; metal detectors can find a gold ring. You’ve to ensure the above factors to use them to find gold rings.

Final Words

Is gold detected by a metal detector? Can metal detector detect gold? Are you still confused? Hopefully, not. We’ve covered all the factors, and if you concentrate on them, things will be clear for you.

Even you can use the metal detectors for finding golds and hidden treasures underwater. How? Check out the article written on waterproof metal detectors for details. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to comment us below.