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Best Single Stage Snow Blower- Let's Make Winter More Fun

Winter is full of fun, and if there’s a lot of snowfall in your living area, nobody knows more about its beauty than you do. However, this beauty can fade very quickly when you walked out of your house and found that a large quantity of snow has covered your walkway. So, now, it’s time to clean all those blockages. But, if you intended to clean that mess all by yourself, that’s really going to be a tiresome task, isn’t it?

Wanna accomplish the task easily and efficiently? Then let’s add a sparkle to your life with the best single stage snow blower. 

These little beasts are usually powered by heavy-duty motors. And that’s why they’ve got enough strength to make your road clean quickly. Besides, they are handy to use and can easily collect a lot of snow at a time. 

After all, when you would see your neighbor is cleaning their driveway with a snowblower in half the time than yours, it’ll definitely fill you with jealousy. So, it’s time to look for one of the best single stage snow blower for you. 

Actually, you’ve arrived in the right place because we’ve got good news for you. We’ve got some best deals on snow blowers and put them in a comparison list to make things more clear for you. Sounds interesting, right? Now, let’s dive in!!

Best Snow Blower Reviews

As you’re going to invest in a new product, let’s start with one of the best snow blower brands. In fact, to ensure a quality product, you’ve to assure the top brand first. Well, the Toro 38381 is entirely manufactured by one of the first-class electrical snow thrower brands in the US. So, you can entirely rely on this blower. 

The efficiency of this blower will definitely amaze you. It’s integrated with a 15-amp electric motor that combines with Power Curve technology. This is what has enabled this machine to move up to 700-pounds of snow per minute. Is that enough for you? 

This snow blower also works great for removing large blocks easily and quickly. For doing that, it has a mouth diameter of 18-inch and a height of 12-inch. As a result, it can easily cut through the large blocks and provide you with a clear path quickly. 

Besides, it comes with an adjustable chute that moves up to 160 degrees. This means you’ll be able to throw the snows into your preferable direction. 

Another good thing about this snow blower is its lightweight design. With the benefit of this, the movement of the machine will be much easier than others. Moreover, the device is extremely easy to assemble and requires no additional kits for the complete setup. You’ll also get zip deflector, full-bail handle, lift handle, and all those features which are needed for your desired support.  



Do you know that electric snow throwers are actually lighter than a gas-powered one? Yes, they’re, and for being lightweight, they are easier to push or turn. And when you search for the best electric snow blowers in the market, the first one to appear in front of you is the Snow Joe SJ623E. This particular machine is a renowned one because of its power, reliability, and of course, efficiency. 

Thanks to its electric design that won’t let breath in the toxic fumes. Yes, it’s an eco-friendly device that causes no harm to nature and requires almost zero maintenance. Moreover, you’ll be able to accomplish your cleaning task without causing any disturbance to others. 

It’s one of the efficient machines that can move up to 720 lbs of snow per minute. Actually, its efficiency originates from a 15-amp motor. Besides, it’s integrated with 4-blade steel auger that cuts ten-inch-deep and eighteen-inch-wide with each pass. 

It has 180 degrees directional chute that can throw the snow up to 25 ft. This means you’ll have proper control over your machine and throw the snows far away from your path, obviously, in your preferred direction.   

This Snow Blower has a 23W halogen lamp, that is quite exceptional in the snow blower market. So, it’ll light up your path and allow you to perform the cleaning process even it’s night time. Isn’t that great? 



Wait! We’ve got another product from Snow Joe’s. Hmm! But this one has something more to offer. Unlike others, the Snow Joe iON18SB features a completely cordless design. It’s powered by a 40 volt fully rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. So, if you’re tired of being wired, you can undoubtedly choose this one for the support. 

The battery has got enough juice to make the device run up to 50 minutes. It’s way more enough to clean up your driveway. After all, you’re not going to clean the highway, are you? Honestly, this little beast will also allow you to do that, but you might need to recharge the battery. 

The snow thrower comes with an 18-inch wide mouth that cuts the snow 8-inch-deep in one pass. As a result, you’ll be able to cut large blocks and clear your path within a short time. Moreover, it has a 180-degree rotating chute, which can throw the snow up to 20 feet away. 

The lightweight design of this machine will increase mobility to promote sidewalks, driveways, and much more. Besides, its cordless design has enabled it to perform quiet performance. So, if you’re looking for the best cordless snow blowers, you can try this one out.   



Greenworks is currently a new name for the home renovation market. But within this limited time, this brand has earned much reputation for offering enhanced products to its customers. The specialty of their products provides users with environmentally safe and quieter options. This is why we’ve picked the Greenworks 2600502. 

A 13-amp motor powers this electric snow thrower, and it has got 10-inch clearing depth. So, it has got enough power to remove small to medium-sized snow blocks within a short time. And due to its corded design, it’s quieter than others in the market. You won’t have to cause any disturbance while operating. 

It has a polyethylene plastic auger on the front of this unit. Now, you might be thinking that plastic auger? Really? Honestly, the sturdiness of this plastic auger can easily cut through the heavy blocks, offering you a flawless finish.

The snow blower comes with a lightweight design that weighs only 32 pounds. As a result, moving this machine will be really very easy without any complication. Moreover, it’s integrated with seven-inch tires to increase mobility throughout the operation. So, it’ll be simpler and more convenient to use for every family member in your house.

The blower is integrated with a 180-degree rotating chute, which makes snow throwing much manageable. Yes, you can easily change the direction to throw the snows into your preferable place. All these features have made it stand out among this list of the best single stage snow blower. 



5. Poulan Pro PR100

Looks like we’ve come to the end of our list. So, we’re ending our list with the Populan Pro PR100. And as always, last but not the least. It’s because this particular is loaded with many fancy features at its modest price level. Yes, you heard that right. Let’s describe them elaborately. 

This machine comes with a 136-cc motor that offers its effectiveness to deal with small driveways or sidewalks. There will be plenty of power to throw the snow blocks away from your path. Besides, the size of this blower is literally smaller than others in the market. So, operating this device will be much easier as you’ll get an improved amount of mobility.  

This snow blower has a 21-inch clearance width height of 13-inch. This is why it can intake a large amount of snow with a single move. Well, the larger the blocks, the stronger they are. That’s why this machine has an 8-inch auger at the front to break through those large blocks easily. 

Another good thing about this snow thrower is its electric starter. So, you’ll have a hassle-free startup even in the coldest weather. Once the machine starts, it’ll push the snow blocks away from your driveway through its exit chute. 



Different Types of Single Stage Snow Blowers

Single-stage snow throwers vary in different sizes and power according to the needs and demands of several customers. Depending on the area you’re going to use for clearing, there are generally three types of snow blowers, namely, electric, battery-powered, and gas-powered models. Each of them is useful based on the quantity of snowfall in your area.

best single stage snow bowler

Electric Snow-Blowers

The electric blowers are generally powered by an extension cord that connects to your closest socket. Electrical blowers also deliver a very strong punch and are sold in models engineered, especially for intermittent light snow to moderate. It also works for deeper snowfall, though this might be seen as a drawback.

Gas-Powered Snow-Blowers

A gas-powered snowblower uses the four-stroke engine. In this case, the motors in a single blower are strong and always capable of doing more than they’re actually credited for. Besides, variable motors are often provided to ensure adequate strength to cope with mild to moderate snowfall depending on the motor as well as the size and design. Nevertheless, they have small-sized motors than in a dual-stage snow thrower have.


As they run on gas, extra maintenance is needed, such as oil and gas, belt replacement, spark plug and carburetor too. Those are basics, but over time they contribute nothing to the total cost. The regular storage needs a bit extra time, and their larger variety of dimensions can not be kept as conveniently as smaller electrical models.

Single Stage or Dual Stage?

A single-stage snow thrower can be both gas or electric powered. Some even powered by battery too. These are generally designed for removing snow under 10-inch. Many higher-capacity models can also handle heavy snowfall because they’re integrated with heavy-duty motors. Usually, this type of snow blower features a plastic or rubber auger. It scrapes straight on the surface to start plowing, instead of having an extra scraper edge. 

It ensures that all snow that remains on the cleaned surface will melt quickly. On the other side, a dual-stage snow blower typically has robust wheels and integrated with powerful a fan such that pushes all the snow far away through its chute. These are built to move over gravel or soil so the auger will not come into contact with the earth.

You can consider something named a snow shovel as well. These are equipped with a smaller motor (often electrical) that is usually just suitable for narrow roads that stairs, while the main snowblower can accommodate a driveway or a wider deck area depending on the device.

Best Single Stage Snow Blower- Buying Guide

You need to ensure some key features before making any purchase. These features are of tremendous importance in order to guarantee your preferred service. Of course, we ensured them before putting the above products into our list. After all, they’re the best single stage snow blower; you’ll definitely get your desired usability from them. However, now; that you’ve come this far, let’s discuss how to choose the best single stage snow blower? 

Size of Area

Single-stage snow blowers are built for cleaning small to medium-sized areas. So, make sure to bring the best single stage snow blower that comes with an 18-inch cleaning swath. It’s because 18-inch is enough for cleaning your driveways or sidewalks.

Intake Height

Some blowers won’t go further than six inches, although some will go up to thirteen inches deep. Which one is best? Note that the potential to remove several layers of snow without clogging determines costs. When you do not suffer extreme declines, you don’t have to invest in a large-capacity system because you don’t need it.

Chute Type

The chute of a snow blower can vary in terms of how it eliminates the snow and how it actually works. In this case, the two styles are common: automatic chutes and manual chutes.  

The manual chute design should cost you less than an automated chute. So, if you want an affordable snow blower, you can go for that. Though, the initial processes involve far fewer electronic components that vary around. Therefore, it requires a less efficient motor, which allows maintaining the lightweight design.

On the contrary, automated chute provides more simplicity if you’ve got a higher budget. In this case, there remains the chances of system failure increases and with some extra weight too. But the good thing is, instead of continually bent down to catch the crank handle, you only need to press the buttons to adjust the angle of the automatic chute. The controls on the handlebars are also better positioned and convenient to use.

So, make sure to choose the perfect chute style that accurately suits your need when you’re looking for the best single-stage snow blower.

Engine Type

Single-stage snow blowers are generally powered by any two engines: electric motors or gas-powered. Multiple things, including the strength, the weather at your home, and your care for the atmosphere, can influence your choice. 

If you prefer a gas-powered unit, you need to select between a 2-to 4-cycle gas engine. With only a few piston strokes, this first one completes combustion and exhaust cycles. In comparison to that, four-piston strokes are needed in order to complete a cycle. The choice is completely yours. However, no matters what you choose, make sure to pick the best single stage snow blower from the variety. 

Final Words

Snow falls will become much enjoyable if you bring the best single stage snow blower home. There are several types of snow blowers based on their usability. Therefore, make sure to pick one that actually suits your needs and demands. So, sit on the porch with a cup of coffee or relax on your preferable pillow and enjoy the snowfall to the fullest.