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Unique Urns for Human Ashes- " a Beautiful Gift for a Beautiful Soul"

Losing a loved one is the most sorrowful feeling that anyone could ever imagine. Since you’ve already lost them, now you’ve to reserve a comfortable place for the remaining of your love ones. So, it’s necessary to think about what you want to do with your loved one’s ashes. Are you going to spread it on land or sea, or are you going to keep it safe, in an urn, or bury it? Well, if you’ve intended to look after them every day whenever you want, you need to find the best urn for human ashes. The uniqueness of these urns symbolizes the lives and gives a beautiful tribute to them. So, let’s find out some unique urns for human ashes to provide a final resting place for your loved one.

Honestly, we’re not going to waste your valuable time. And this is why we’ve already completed our research and gathered some unique urns for human ashes. The best thing about their design makes them perfectly blend with every house décor. This means you can add some enhancement in your room too. So, let’s dive in without any delay.

Reviews of the Unique Urns for Human Ashes


As we’ve promised to provide you with all the unique urns, this is why we’re starting our list with the Mother of pearl metal cremation urn. The beautiful design of this urn is entirely handcrafted to ensure the uniqueness of this urn. Its handcrafting method follows the ancient sand-casting process to make it more spiritual.

Don’t know why its design has got something special to symbolize the life that remains alive inside of it. In fact, we’re not the only one who found it; several customers have also shown their love because of its elegant design.

The entire construction of this urn comes from metal, which is another good thing about this urn. On the other hand, the urn has perfect lacquer coating on its metal construction to maintain the brilliance. This urn has a top opening that is protected with a threaded lid. And it can fit up to 200 lbs of the remaining easily. However, the sum total of its features has made this one stands out amongst the unique urns for cremation.


The manufacturer of this urn assures that these are as unique as the lives they symbolize. Actually, they’re right because their urn features mystic and heavenly design to make you feel like that. Well, there are three particular designs to choose from, and these are Cosmic Galaxy, Interstellar Nebula, and Milky Way. This means you’re not only ensuring a beautiful resting place for your loved one forever but also adding a beautiful artwork within your home.

The dedicated designer completely handcrafts this urn. And to give their craftwork perfection, they follow the ancient sand-casting process. As a result, you’ll be able to acquire deep, spiritual, and serene feeling every time you’ll see this urn.

Thanks to its solid brass construction, that has made this urn a durable one to cherish your loved one. Moreover, it has a threaded screw-top lid for securing the remaining inside of it. There’s nothing to worry; your loveable person will be completely safe in this urn.


In order to provide you with a unique design, we’ve selected an urn that features a tealight design. Yes, it’s a tea light urn. And for making it more attractive, it has an ocean blue design. The interesting fact about its ocean wave finish is that it has been uniquely done by hand. This is why this urn has a detailed look and perfect finishing from every aspect.

This urn is entirely made from solid metal and has perfect lacquer coating on it. This means its brilliant craftwork will be preserved in the maximum amount of durability. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

The urn comes with a top opening design that is secured with a threaded lid. And inside of it, there’s plenty of space to hold up to 200 cubic inches of cremains. That’s huge! Hopefully, that would be enough to satisfy you. However, in case if you change your mind, you can quickly return it to the manufacturer within three days. So, this one is obviously one of the unique urns for cremation.


Wooden urns can be the art of perfection, and it can provide a more lively feel around your room. This is why we’ve chosen the Intaj tree of life on our list.  This urn is made from the premium Indian Rose Wood, and this specific sort of wood is a renowned one for its optimum quality.

This wood is defined as golden brown to deep brown with dark sections that make the wood look elegant. The wood is tough, with a medium-length, smooth texture. It is well-resistant to decay and is considered a typical Indian wood carving and graving.

The urn is 100% handcrafted and has a unique tree design on it. So, a fitting homage will be given to the person you value most, each time you and your family will see the urn. Thus, you’ll be able to ensure a pleasant place to rest in through this urn.

Another good thing about this adult urn is that it has a sliding bottom opening which is secured by a screw. This means it’ll be a safer one to travel with. So, if you’re looking for one of the best wooden urns for human ashes, you can undoubtedly choose this one.


This particular urn from the Memorials 4U comes with a rounded shape that tends it to look like a Midnight Moon. The diamond engraved look of this urn is completely handcrafted, which gives perfect detailing and unique look. Besides, the moon-shaped design and beautiful craftwork provide a special tribute to the person who rests inside of it. This is why it has been named as the Midnight Moon Sphere of Life.

This urn is completely made of solid metal, and like the previous products, it has lacquer coatings. As a result, its design gets enhanced and remains preserved with superior sturdiness.

The urn has a bottom opening that can be secured with a threaded lid at the bottom. You won’t have to worry about the remaining inside because its lid secures will appropriately secure them. You can even travel with this urn to reach your destination with your loved ones.

The midnight moon color of this urn has an 8” diameter. That’s why it can hold 200 cubic inches of cremation. So, if you are looking for one of the unique urns for human ashes, you can stop right here and try this one out.


This time you’ve got something special for you. And unlike others, it has the teardrop design with the finest details. It’s the M Meilinxu’s cremation urn for human ashes. The unique thing about this urn is that it comes with the ethereal blue finish, and together with its teardrop design provides an extraordinary look that will definitely warm your heart.  Obviously, this one is also handcrafted because only a hand-crafted urn can provide you with such detailing.  

The construction of this urn comes from the thick aluminum. Besides, its robust and durable design features lacquer coating on its surface. This makes sure that the color of this urn will never fade away, even in harsh conditions. Moreover, it makes the urn resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratch for ensuring a longer lifespan.  

In order to secure the ashes inside of this urn, it has a screw bottom lid. It’ll keep the ashes of your loved ones secure even if you drop the urn. So, you can fully rely on this urn. In fact, you’ll also get a satin bag provided by the manufacturer of this urn. That’ll help to carry the urn to your suitable place.


After that, we’ve got another unique urn from the Commemorative Cremations Urns. The unique thing about this urn comes with its Mosaic Cracked Glass design. Actually, its design is originated from the dedicated designers of this company, and they have entirely handcrafted this urn for giving it a detailed and beautiful finish. And for perfection, they use the ancient sand-casting process like the above products.  

This urn provides a beautifully colorful tribute to the person you loved most. A silver finish surrounds its hand-placed glass patterns. This aesthetic of architecture not only offers your loved one with a final resting spot but is also a beautiful piece of art inside your house or columbarium.

The construction of this urn comes from 100% brass. So, it will be durable one to last for a longer time. However, the urn has a felted bottom and includes a velvet bag for creating a protective shield from scratches.  


Well, this is the end of our list, and we’ve chosen the Prime Preferred Choice Seed of Life Cremation Urns as the ending product of our list. The build quality of this particular urn is surely going to amaze you. This durable urn is wholly made of solid brass, and they are individually engraved with a silver finish. For making it more enhanced, it’s featured with a vibrant sacred geometry Seed of Life pattern. All these craftworks together make this urn an elegant one that surely gives you the peace of mind.

So, if you’re going to bring this beautiful urn for the person you loved most, you’ll be able to pay your desired tribute to them. Besides, its design will perfectly blend with your home decors to serve as artwork inside of your home.

The Seed of Life design is actually a universal symbol of protection and blessings. It has been passed through the generations. It means this particular urn is going to allow you to create a deep, spiritual homage with holy meaning.

The urn has a felted bottom and includes a velvet bag. Thus, you’ll be able to carry this urn easily to your suitable place without any scratches. And in case if you change your mind, you can feel free to return the urn. Thankfully, the manufacturer of this urn offers a free return for every cremation urn.


“A beautiful soul deserves a beautiful tribute” therefore; it’s essential for you to choose something elegant and beautiful for the person you loved most. So, pick one of the unique urns for human ashes from the above list and ensure a final resting place for your loved one forever. Besides, every time you’ll look at the urn, its uniqueness will allow you to create a deep and spiritual feeling.