How to Put on A Tree Stand Harness

Hunting is literally fun, but only if you can ensure your maximum safety. After all, risking your life in the middle of the jungle wouldn’t be ideal. 
Who doesn’t like bow hunting? In fact, it’s one of the safest activities that can be done from the ground or from up in a tree. But most of the hunter prefers treestands to acquire the perfect vantage point and get a decent shot. When you’re around 20 to 30 feet above from the ground, compromising your safety wouldn’t be ideal. 
That’s where the want of a safety harness comes in. Well, most of the tree stand comes with the safety harnesses, especially the premium brands. But in some cases, you may require to look for one of the perfect treestand harnesses in the market. However, the real struggles start when you’re about to put them on.
So, how to put on a tree stand harness? Come with us, let’s show you the most straight forward tactics of doing that. By the way, you can check our article for the top 5 treestand harness if you’re looking for the best options from the variety. Okay, now; let’s dive in!

How to Put on A Tree Stand Harness!!

Usually, a full-body harness comes with a special tether that secures the bowhunter with the lifeline or tree. You’ll get this tether at the back of your harness, just below the neck. Got it? Yes, that one. 

Wondering what a lifeline is? Well, a lifeline is actually a rope that is needed to be attached at the bottom and the top of the tree. Hunters use a carabiner or a similar item that slides down easily for attaching their tether to this safe line or lifeline, whatever you can call it.

The harness also includes adequate straps around the chest and thigh section to distribute the body pressure accurately. As a result, you won’t feel too much pressure on a particular portion of the body. 

How to Put on A Tree Stand Harness

Always Read the Instructions

Every harness comes with an instruction manual that guides how you should put it on. So, read it first, if you’re about to use the harness for the first time, the instructions might be a bit complicated for you, especially, at the time of preparing everything for hunting. 

Don’t give up, some of the premium harnesses are also available with DVDs so that you can watch them and acquire all the proper information about it. “I don’t need any instruction; I will never fall” stop thinking these if you don’t want to face any fatal situations. 

Okay, if it’s still not clear for you, follow these instructions. 

As we’ve mentioned above, most tree stand comes with a harness; there are more comfortable and handier options out there. You can buy one of the perfect safety harnesses separately. The good thing is that these harnesses are available with some additional features like quick-release buckles, pockets, comfortable padding, and much more. 

Inspect Your Tree Stand and the Safety Harness Properly

When the hunting session starts, each and every day is suitable for hunting. But that doesn’t mean you should hurry. Never do that in a hurry mindset, it can lead you to danger that you never want to face. 

Aren’t you using the harness you’ve bought the previous year? Of course, you’re not going to buy a harness every month, are you? Because of storing it for several months, some tears or rips can naturally happen. 

You can also find some bad rust or missing nuts, which reduces its capability significantly. They aren’t going to keep you safe at the height. Even if you’ve bought a new harness, inspect everything clearly. It’s strongly recommended for your safety. 

Notify Your Presence

In case, if anything happens to you, who’s gonna be there to help you? That’s why it’s good to tell someone else about your location. It’s a pro tip for your safety. So, tell someone else about your exact location and how long you’re going to stay there. 

Yes, you got your cell, but they aren’t always reliable. There is a strong possibility of losing them, so the manual option will be better for you. 

Final Words

Falling from a tree stand is one of the terrifying situations that anyone would like to face. But if you’re wearing a full-body harness, it can protect you from some major injuries. 

Unfortunately, if you fall and facing difficulties in going back to your ladder, don’t waste any time. Make sure to relieve the pressure from your leg as soon as possible. Quickly, release the suspension-relief strap from your harness and ask for help. 

Honestly, that’s only going to happen if you don’t follow the above instructions properly. So, how to put on a tree stand harness? Is it clear now? Hope you’ve got all the essential things. If you still got any questions, feel free to ask us through the comment section below.