How to Build A Tree Stand Platform

If you’re planning to make your upcoming hunting session more fruitful than the previous one, then it’s time to make a perfect game plan with all the required hunting accessories. Well, there are several tactics for doing that, so what how you’ve planned yours?
Most of the pro hunters climb the trees so that they can acquire a perfect vantage point and shot with a strategic angle. But that doesn’t mean they just climb the tree up and sit on the branches. That can be dangerous, isn’t it? An ideal hunter never risks their life during the hunting session.
Usually, they build their own tree stand that can give them adequate support and wait until the prey come near them. As it’s going to hold your weight, you’ve to pay proper attention while building its base. After all, it’s the main thing that’s going to maintain the entire structure.
Now the question is how to build a tree stand base? That’s a good question, indeed. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We’ve got some simple tactics that will be quite helpful for making a sturdy base.
By the way, there are some ready made tree stands. Although they are a bit costly, they can enable you with enhanced usability. At present, those are one of the favorite items for many successful hunters. You can check them out in our article on the best tree stands. One the other hand, you can save some and prepare one for yourself. So, let’s dive in!

Build A Tree Stand Platform

Having a sturdy and permanent tree stand can increase your chance to take down your prey with a perfect shot. Okay, now, you’re about to make one, you’re gonna need these materials.

The Methods

Got everything? Okay, now follow these simple steps.

Step 1

First of all, you’ve to choose the tree on which you’re going to build your tree stand. Make sure to select one of those trees that don’t have too many branches. If the tree has got more branches, it will be harder to climb.

Another thing you should bear in mind, the tree should be away from the path of the animals. Moreover, the tree should have enough width to take your weight, and that has more than 18 inches of diameter.

Also, ensure adequate leaves to cover you up from the animals. It’ll be ideal if the tree is around 20 yards away from your primary hunting area. Never select it too close to the hunting area, especially when you’re a bowhunter.

Step 2

Have you got that tree? Okay, now; it’s time to build the base. Find out two sturdy branches that are quite parallel with each other. After that, cut two pieces of wood at an accurate dimension of the gap.

Now, start hammering both of the wood pieces with the branch. Continue the process until it gets nailed so that you won’t have any risk of failing. Keep in mind; if you feel from there, it can be dangerous for you. So, secure the attachment as sturdy as possible.

Step 3

Now, take the plywood with the and nail it on the wood boards. You also use additional beams underneath for better support. In this case, the beams of 2*4 inches will be better for securing the platform sturdily.


Your platform is ready. Now, let’s how you can make the ladder.

Building the Ladder

How to Build A Tree Stand Platform

Step 1

First of all, lay the wood beams next to each other so that you can ensure both of them has an accurate length and thickness.

Step 2

Once you’ve prepared them, start cutting the rings for the ladder. Take the additional wood beams and cut it into 14 pieces. Make sure that all of them have the measurement of two feet, not more or less than that.

After that, place the rungs in a vertical position. Ensure 20 inches gap from one another. Now, use screws and screwdriver to fasten the rungs properly.


Okay, you’re done. Now, let’s see how you’re gonna put both of these things together.

Connecting the Platform with Ladder

Take two extra wood beams and nail the platform to the top of your ladder you’ve made. Screw the connection with some wood beams under the platform. And then fasten it by using the plywood. Check every connection once again.

Okay, now place it on your desired tree and start climbing it with a safety harness. Never forget your tree stand safety harness when you’re using your tree stand. It’s because these are the only things which can save you in case of the breakdown of your tree stand.

However, what do you feel, have you made it sturdy enough to take your weight? If you feel it strong, then you’re ready to go. But if any parts seem to be a bit lose, screw or nail them for securing them.

Your tree stand is ready to use. If you want, you can also add some additional features for your safety. You can add the side railings or something to hold while you’re going up.

Final Words

Honestly, DIY making is fun. It gives much pleasure and satisfaction. So, follow the instructions and make one for yourself easily. Hope this article will clear everything, and you won’t have to ask again “How to build a tree stand platform” to anyone. You can also check our guide on how your tree stand should be if you’re facing complications with the accurate height.