How to Clean Pet Hair from Couch

Pets are our best companion. They make us happy, provides us with unlimited fun-time, and much more. Their love and loyalty make them one of our family members who always remain by our side in need. Although they create a small number of messes, that’s nothing compared to the joy they give. As the weather changes, the old fur of cats and dogs starts to shed. That’s where all the struggle begins. The shredded hairs will be seen in every place of your house, and that’s a bit frustrating indeed.
Dog fur has a habit of sticking firmly to upholstery, but with a touch of effort, you can quickly clean them out. You can use a high-quality vacuum cleaner, but honestly, they aren’t much effective for cleaning the hairs from carpet or the couches. So, how to clean pet hair from couch?
Don’t worry; we got your back. You’re gonna provide you with some simple and easy steps to extract the pet hairs from your beautiful couch. So, let’s dive in!
How to Clean Pet Hair from Couch
Honestly, getting rid of pet hair isn’t as hard as you’re thinking. You just have to follow these five quick steps to get through the worst of the furry problem. These are the following.

Tip 1 – Using Sponge

A sponge is a common item of every house, and they are way more effective for cleaning the pet hairs from couches. Simply rub the sponge across the couch’s surface slowly, the furs will stick into its spores! Thus, the problem is solved.

Tip 2 – Rubber Gloves for Pet Hair

Don’t you use rubber gloves to clean your dishes? Well, they’re also great for cleaning pet hairs. Put them on your hand and rub them with the same process. Tension will be created between the surface of the glove and the furniture. As a result, the hairs will roll off and form a hunk so that they can be easily thrown away.

Tip 3 – Using a DIY Lint Roller

Lint rollers are more useful for picking the pet hairs. But the problem is with their replacement sheets. These sheets are costly, and for that, you may have to invest a lot of money every month.
So, how about your own lint roller? Sounds Interesting, right? All you’ve to do is to wrap some packaging tape in a circular form and leave the sticky side open. That’s all, you’ve got your own lint roller.
Okay, now, move your lint roller over the surface of your sofa and see the magic. Hairs will get stuck into the sticky side, and your job will be done with a breeze.

Tip 4 – Pet Hair Pick-up with A Dryer Sheets

You can start solving the problem from the root; it’ll be much helpful. In this case, you can use a fabric softener sheet over the dog to attract the hairs. It’ll attach all the old hairs that are going to shred, and you can get rid of them without needing a brush.

Tip 5 – Using A Vacuum Cleaner

Now, it’s time to use your vacuum cleaner, but in a special way. As we’ve mentioned above, they aren’t going to be effective enough for extracting pet hairs. In this case, you can add some liquid fabric softener to increase their effectiveness.
Take a spoonful of this liquid and then add it with water and shake it properly to mix up. After that, spritz the solvent on the surface of your couch. It’ll make the hair loosen, and you’ll be able to take them out with your vacuum cleaner easily.

How to Clean Pet Hair from Carpet?

How to Clean Pet Hair from Carpet
Pet hair can get anywhere in your house, on your beautiful carpet too.  So, let’s see how you’ll remove the pet hairs from the carpet. 
Well, you’ve to start the cleaning process step by step. Anyway, make sure to start the process from one end to another. It’ll help you to cover the entire area and avoid missing some areas.
Before you start the cleaning process, you use some baking soda and spread it over your carpet. Baking soda is very user-friendly and has a variety of usability. That’s why they will be great for extracting the pet hairs. 
You can also add some fragrance to it if you want to ensure proper cleaning of the carpet. Make sure to keep baking soda on the surface of your carpet for 10-30 minutes, at least. After that, run your vacuum cleaner over it and perform several passes. 
By the way, there are several other ways to clean the pet hairs from your carpet. You can follow the above-discussed methods to make your carpet clean properly. 
Okay, instead of all these things, you can bring high-quality pet hair remover. They’re featured with many user-friendly features and can be used on any items in your house.
And the good thing is that, for acquiring one of the perfect pet hair removers, you won’t search further. You can check out our article on the best pet hair remover and get the ease of cleaning your pet’s hair.

Final Words

Look, there are several other ways to maintain the cleanliness of your furniture. You can use a specific mat on your carpet or the couches, to prevent the pet hairs. On the other hand, you can train your pet not to get on the couches. We’ve covered all the facts, hope they are going to be helpful, and you won’t have to ask, “how to clean pet hair from couch.” But if you’re still confused and need some help, let us know through the comment section below.