Dogs are our best buddies. They always remain by our side with incomparable love and devotion. They create some unwanted mess, but are they really equal to the pleasure they give? The pet hairs are one of those that every pet owner wants to get rid of. You’re also a victim of this problem, aren’t you?
Look, a dog usually sheds their old hair at a particular time of the year. During this time, their hairs are found on your couches, furniture, clothes, cars, and everywhere. No matters how often you brush or spend money on their grooming, their hairs will shed on every piece of stuff.
Well, with some simple and user-friendly steps, you can easily clean the pet hairs from your couches. But pet hairs usually cling with the clothes, thereby removing them from the clothes is quite hard. Most of us throw those clothes into our own laundry or washing machines.
Honestly, a high-quality is really capable of cleaning the pet hairs from the clothes. But what happens to hair? Do they disappear? Naah! They will be stuck in your machine and contribute to different types of malfunctions. Even though you’ve got the best washing machines for doing this kinda stuff, they’re going to lose their youth eventually.
That’s why it’s crucial to clean those pet hairs from your machine soon after taking the clothes out. How you’re gonna do this? How to get rid of dog hair in washing machine? Let’s find out!

How to get rid of dog hair in washing machine

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in Washing Machine
If you’ve got a pet that sheds a lot, then you must ensure proper maintenance of your washing machine. Let the tub of your washing machine air dry. In this case, using the crevice attachment will provide you with enhanced results.
Using the vacuum will be more effective in taking out more hairs from the machine. Once you’ve used the vacuum, give it a perfect cleaning by wiping the entire area. Don’t forget to clean the rubber lip of the machine.
If your machine supports a clean tub cycle, run it while you’re wiping it up. Finish the cleaning process with a mixture of two cups of white vinegar, one cup of baking soda and three cups of hot water. Prepare the mixture and then throw it inside before running a cycle.

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in Dryer?

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in Dryer
Just like your washing machine, your dryer also requires a deep clean. Pet hair can also build up in your dryer and reduce its functionalities. So, you’ve to pay proper attention to maintaining the cleanliness of your dryer.
Anyway, you can clean your dry with the same way we’ve discussed to clean your washing machine. So, the crevice attachment of the vacuum cleaner is going to use once again. Okay, when you’ve taken out all the hairs from you, the dryer and finish it up by wiping it with a wet cloth.
It’s recommended to deep clean your dryer every 6-12 months. That’s going to help you to acquire long-lasting support from it. If you feel any hesitations check the instructions provided by the manufacturer while cleaning your dryer.

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We usually add a specific amount of water at the time of putting the clothes into the machine. Frankly, that’s the reason for clogging in the washing machines. The mixture of pet hairs and water creates clump that sticks alongside the washer drum.
This clump prevents the normal draining system of your washing machine. If you don’t take proper measurements quickly, then it’s going to damage your machine entirely.
That’s why make sure to reduce the number of pet hairs as well as possible every time you put your beddings or clothes into the machine.
The hairs of clothes can be easily cleaned with one of the perfect pet hair removers that are specially made for the clothes. Those are very easy to use and collect every single hair from the clothes.
If you wanna buy one of them, you can check our article on the best pet hair removers for details. Simply, sweep the remover across your clothes, and thus you’ll be able to get rid of the hairs. And then toss them easily into your preferable machine.  
Anyway, large numbers of pet hairs are usually found at the places where your pet sleeps. So, if that place is your bed, then you need to spot clean that particular place. It’ll also be a better idea if you can provide them with their own place of taking place. But if you don’t have provided them with one of them yet then concentrate on the following tips.

Tips On cleaning the Pet Hairs from Your Bedding

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in Washing Machine
It’s quite easy. You can do it simply with the household item around your home. The cleaning process can be done with your rubber glove. Put it on, dampen it into the water and then run your hand across your bed sheet. The tension on the surface will gather all the hairs into one place, and you can throw them away easily. 
Try to remove the pet hairs as much as you can. Once you’ve done that, follow these simple steps:

Final Words

Pet hairs are going to be very annoying if you can’t find a proper way to get rid of it. But if you’re going to follow the above steps, hopefully, you won’t have to ask how to get rid of dog hair in the washing machine to anyone once again? If you got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us through the comment section below.